1. L


    My obs simply when opening it locks my entire PC and becomes unusable, having to restart it forcefully using the button, without a crash or anything like that, it doesn't last more than 1 second open.
  2. D

    Obs crashing randomly, I don't know why

    Here the log file I use all the obs functionalities (not at the same time), recording, streaming, virtual camera, and Until know I din't recognize any pattern. Sometimes obs get stucked, and need to be closed (no crash report is created), other...
  3. sharadagg

    OBS 29.1.3 - Crashing immediately after loading

    Hi Today suddenly OBS 29.1.3 has started crashing immediately upon loading. This is happening on both my local laptop and my cloud OBS server. Here is link to crash log - I wonder if there is an update check causing this crash...
  4. C

    OBS 29.1.3 64-bit crash using Audio Monitor. Mac OS

    I am running OBS Studio on a Mac Pro 5,1 running Mac OS Monterey 12.6.5 installed using OCLP (Open Core Legacy Patcher). OBS Studio 29.1.3 has crashed a few times, I have attached the latest crash log at the end. I haven't seen a particular pattern to the earlier crashes, but this one happened...
  5. D

    Entire PC crashes when using Intel QuickSync encoding.

    Hello, I have the Problem that my entire PC crashes, or in some cases my games just close without error, when i am using Intel QuickSync encoding for Livestreaming. The System is brand new (i5 13600k, 4070ti, 32gb ddr4 3600 cl14). i am using OBS 29.1.3 NVENC encoding works fine without crashes...
  6. Ariakan972

    OBS VirtualCam is crashing my browsers (Edge, Chrome, Opera)

    Hi, I have an issue when OBS VirtualCam is installed and I try to access to my webcams within a browser (It does the same with Edge, Chrome and Opera). When I'm using a website that ask for a webcam (this one for example : ), the moment the browser is...
  7. S

    Black screens and stream cut | EncodeAPI internal error

    Hello everyone, I build a new PC for my friend back in January. Ever since completing it she has been having an issue that out of nowhere her screens go black. By this we mean actual black is shown on the screens, so not lost input nor loss of backlight. After a few seconds they come back on...
  8. B

    HELP! - OBS Crashes after about an hour of recording (Do you want to allow this app to make changes to your device)

    Hello everyone, I've been having a major issue with OBS that has made me switch to Streamlabs for the past 5 months. Whenever I stream/record, after about an hour or so, OBS starts stuttering/freezing (it's always been after about an hour). It caused one of my recorded videos to have...
  9. D

    OBS Randonly Making me Go Offline in Streams

    So I've been experiencing an issue for a few weeks where my stream randomly goes offline. This has happened on both of my laptops. The most recent log is attached.
  10. S

    Dead by Daylight freezes OBS when streaming

    I have a very weird problem with DBD on OBS. I can stream any game for hours and nothing happens, not even small lags. But when I stream Dead by Daylight, after 10 or 15 minutes, the display freezes and the Twitch stream goes offline automatically but everything else works on OBS. I can see the...
  11. D

    OBS Crash on start and crashes on closup...

    Hi So my issue is quite usual but I don't know what to do. I checked my drivers, compatibility, reinstalling... But I cannot understand the crash info. Can someone help me ? Thanks a lot !
  12. K


    When I run obs it says that there was a crash but at the same time obs remains running in the task manager without a way to run it
  13. Krahazik

    OBS Crashes when closed.

    On my Macmini, OBS crashes every single time I close the program without fail which produces a crash alert to be sent to Apple with the option to reopen the crashed program. Attached is the most recent log file.
  14. Y

    OBS Crashing Immediately On Startup

    Hello i have not touched my pc since yesterday when i streamed everything was okay then i got back on today and obs would load in and immediately crash i don't even get enough time to export my scenes and settings here are the log files please help ;-;
  15. B

    Plugins not working after being deleted then reinstalled

    Hello, I have a strong problem and I don't know what to do about it. Basically, I tried to install some cools plugins, some of them works, but others were not working or partially. I tried to uninstall Advanced Scene Switcher 1.23.1 because it was crashing when I was trying to set up Macros. I...
  16. Cuctus

    Whats causing this crash.

    Hey I cannot for the life of me find the problem with this crash anyone able to assist me? Here are the log and crash reports.
  17. G

    Any versison of OBS past version 29.0 crashes on startup.

    I've tried manual installs, auto updates and I've even checked my logs but I haven't noticed anything that could be causing it. It just loads up, then instantly closes before I can do anything. I don't even notice anything weird in the log files.
  18. X

    Help! Obs crash when I call ResetVideo()

    I want to update the video resolution(from 1280x720 to 720x1280) in the middle of streaming, so I call: obs_output_stop() ObsBase->ResetVideo() obs_output_start() But it crashes.
  19. G

    Why am I crashing?

    OBS is crashing for me randomly when it is just sitting there. It does not crash during recording or during streaming, but if it is just sitting there or usually after i finish a recording, it will crash. Here is the crash log
  20. maybeToby

    OBS Crashes (German Support Possible?)

    Hey zusammen, ich hoffe, dass man auch auf Deutsch posten darf und Support erhalten kann, da ich nicht gut Englisch kann und es da vllt. dann zu Missverständnissen kommt. Wenn nicht löscht den Eintrag einfach und ich versuche irgendwie mich mit dem Google Übersetzer durchzukämpfen. Es geht um...