1. R

    OBS Crashing and Deleting Sources

    In recent days, my OBS has been crashing randomly. In doing so, it cause various sources to be completely deleted, where I need to then take the time to reset/recreate them. I'm unsure what is needed to fix this. The crash log is below:
  2. iggy12345

    OBS 29.1.3 crashes on second launch

    I just installed OBS on ubuntu 22.04, but for some reason it launches successfully the first time, then crashes from a seg fault every time after that. Here's the log output: debug: Found portal inhibitor debug: Attempted path: share/obs/obs-studio/locale/en-US.ini debug: Attempted path...
  3. R

    My PC completely freezes when streaming with OBS Studio

    I got a brand new PC and keep having an issue with my pc freezing up completely when I am streaming, it happened yesterday after 30 minutes of being live I restarted my PC went live again and didnt have another issue for the rest of my stream (4hours) now again today It has frozen up my pc 3...
  4. T

    OBS Crash after exit & on stream

    I my obs crash but i don't know why. maybe because of the update for 29.1.3 ? or something else. This is the first time that happen in two years i used it. The crash generaly happen after the exit and on a livestream I have three text crash data. Maybe the solution is inside. Thks for your help
  5. R

    OBS Crashing on Startup and I need help

    This just started happening today it worked a few days ago, and as soon as obs launches it crashes, im not sure why so please help me.
  6. Elian05

    Video capture device crashes OBS

    Hello, I would like to share my problem. When I add a video capture device, obs does not respond and crashes. I tried to reinstall the program, but it didn't help. Please help me! Logs attached below. log file
  7. M

    Scene collection crashing OBS :-(

    I wish I'd never found it now :-( I came across scene collections today and it's absolutely what I've been looking for however now I've lost everything I've done as trying to switch back to the first scene I created says : There was a problem while changing scene collections and some sources...
  8. M

    Strange OBS Error, Disconnect and stops working

    Hi, for quite a time now i have this strange problem while streaming. First of all, everything is up to date and no settings or whatsoever were changed, tried reinstalls and everything multiple times. The problem is this: At some point ( few minutes, some hours, doesnt matter) my obs bitrate...
  9. K

    Error when running the program

    Good afternoon. I have an error when the program is running. The error appears differently every 1-2 hours. Sometimes it occurs a little later. I attach the files, tell me how to solve the problem
  10. S

    Stops obs image on transmissions

    Since 7 days ago I updated to the latest version of OBS, every time I go to connect to the stream pages it hangs, the image of the pages freezes and does not show video... Has this happened to anyone else? any solution? Should I go back to the previous version?
  11. servie

    OBS 29.1.1 se cierra

    Al intentar cambiar de Escena en Colección de Escenas, arroja el mensaje Source Cleanup Error tras lo cual no brinda una información detallada de lo que ocurre y el programa se cierra.. OBS no detecta que plugin esta desactualizado o corrupto. ¿Alguien tiene la lista de Plugins actualizados para...
  12. M

    OBS 29.1.1 crashes right after recording

    Dear all i just installed the new update for OBS 29.1.1 and everything went well. since this update when i press record, 3 seconds after pressing OBS simply crashes without reason. I tried updating the Tuna plugin and accepted OBS by my firewell but nothing works unfortunately. does someone...
  13. K

    OBS Random Crashes

    Hi, I actually created an account because I have no idea how to fix this. My obs has been crashing randomly while streaming, the image itself would move but it would stop all mic activity and if I try to click on it, it does the standard windows crashing. I redownloaded obs and did a clean...
  14. K

    My obs crash, and i don't know why, can you help me?

    Hello, i'm having some problems with obs, he crashed a lot, maybe on all my streams... it's been crashing for about 2 months and i don't know why. By looking at the forums, i saw that there was crash files in the obs documents, here they are. I found only 5, dont' know why there aren't more...
  15. T

    Repeatable crash on W11

    I've updated to the latest 29.1.1 and it has the same issue as previous versions and is a confirmed problem on two different computers with completely different hardware sets. On current Windows 11 machines, if I open the Multiview Windowed 9 box option, a windowed preview box, a windowed...
  16. Wiisporter

    OBS crashes on open (Error 0xc0000022)

    When opened, obs64.exe produces this error message I have tried scannow, some permissions going as far as running the media creator for windows 10 to basically reset any corrupted windows files. Process monitor identifies many failed processes related to opening obs studio, mostly reparse...
  17. U

    OBS Crash on Start up

    Hello, im having issues with OBS, everytime it opens up, it keeps crashing i've updated all my drivers uninstalled an reinstall the app deleted all my plugins and it still doesn't work here is the Crash Report
  18. funwithfondue

    Crash when trying to switch Scene Collections

    About 95% of the time whenever I try to switch Scene Collections, I get a crash. This makes it quite hard to work with different Scene Collections and I have to spend a long time just trying to get to that 5% where the Scene Collection switch works. OS: Win10 22H2 OBS version: 29.0.2 Crash...
  19. Tric

    OBS Crash on Launch

    Not sure what is causing the issue, any feedback would be great. I had noticed that OBS was running VERY slow when trying to do anything the last two weeks or so, adding any source or changing scenes would cause OBS to not respond. Though the stream, audio, video, ect; Would all still work...
  20. A

    GPU crash mid-recording, could not restart

    Where's the log file analyzer? I've been there before, but I can't find it now. I've restarted and closed OBS again since this problem, so even "Upload previous log" doesn't catch the relevant one, but I did find it in the config folder. As important as it is, can a direct link be added to...