1. J

    Crash OBS after sleep mode

    radeon RX 570, amd driver 24.3.1, OBS 30.0.2 After sleep mode, when starting OBS, the program does not start - it gives an error. In this case, launching the program knocks out the AMD driver - a black screen and standard symptoms plus a message in the driver itself. This is in the logs The...
  2. J

    I would like to ask for your help with EOI Warning and Overread Error.

    Hello everyone, just running the OBS program causes Warning, Error logs. Also, I'm worried that it won't stop during the broadcast and keep logging, so it won't be a problem with streaming. I'm sharing that log below, so I'd really appreciate it if you could let me know how to fix it. [log]...
  3. S

    Can't apply a round mask to a webcam video

    Good afternoon. Tried to apply a circle mask to a webcam video today. Judging by the tutorials, everything is very simple, but nothing happens to me. The video remains the same shape. I have HDR disabled in the Windows settings and in the settings of the monitor itself. I am attaching the OBS...
  4. S

    Help! Open VST Interface button is missing!

    Hello, I am on Windows 11 and I tried to setup my audio filters as I used to in my old device, but now I can't because the button to open the vst interface is missing. I cannot set up my vst filters because I can't access the vst interface. Checking Open interface when active does nothing. It...
  5. V

    Green screen error

    So i was recording lethal company with my friend for roughly 1 hour 43 minutes in 1920x1080 base canvas, resulting in 12 GB file video. and somehow for the first 34 minutes in the video, only green screen appeared with normal audio and it turned normal afterward.
  6. X

    Closing the app

    Unexpectedly, the app was closed and when I run it again, this dialog box appears. Does anyone know how to solve this problem?
  7. S

    Fallos de audio en stream!

    Buenas, llevo haciendo streams mas de 2 años y hace no mucho de diciembre a la fecha he tenido problemas de audio en la transmision, lo que sucede es lo siguiente: Los audios llamese juegos, discord, musica, etc, agenos a mi microfono despues de un tiempo de stream petardean o suenan con...
  8. L

    Failed to connect error

    I tried to stream and received the error: "Could not access the specific channel or stream key, please double-check your stream key. If it is correct, there may be a problem connecting to the server." I'm logged in with Twitch. I tried the following: Run OBS with administrator rights Bind to...
  9. M

    I need help | Necesito ayuda

    I need help, I have a NVIDIA GTX 1650 on a laptop, and not long ago, obs started sending me this problem: Nvenc error get_encoded_packet: nv.nvEncLockBitstream(s,&lock) failed:8 (NV_ENV_ERR_INVALID_PARAM) WHAT CAN I DO? Necesito ayuda, tengo una NVIDIA GTX 1650 en una laptop, y hace no mucho...
  10. I

    Chat Dock isnt working!

    Hey my problem is, that the Chat dock isnt really working correctly while im streaming DayZ. The Chat is delayed sometimes for a few minutes so that i can see the messages they wrote a few minutes ago. Also is it turning Black sometimes so that i cant see the chat anymore. Where comes this...
  11. M

    H264 Encoder Error

    Need Help I Can't streaming
  12. M

    Help! I don't know why OBS won't launch. Keep getting 3 Error codes

    I'm not sure what happened, I was able to launch OBS a few days ago, I don't remember changing anything since then except for maybe downloading a new game. These error windows open as soon as I try to launch OBS, in the order of their attachment numbers. Would greatly appreciate help! And as a...
  13. emp_zealoth

    AMD HW AV1 + HDR = nonsensical errors

    With sdr settings everything works fine (I've already been recording in SDR AV1 for a while), however, when I tried to setup HDR recording (P010 colour format, Rec.2100(PQ) colour space) I fail to start recording with a weird error I'm already on latest AMD driver and OBS version...
  14. A

    "OBS did not shut down properly during your last session" MAC

    it keeps popping up when I try to start OBS, but that's not ture, I did shot down everything properly last time I used it and now I dont know how to fix it. Anyone any idea?
  15. foxed

    Starting the output failed. - Can't Record on Hardware Video Encoder.

    So I always use the Hardware Video Encoder for recording because my Software encoder lags, I have never had a problem with the Hardware Encoder until now I get this error: My GPU is NVIDIA GT 630M, and my drivers are updated. Logs:
  16. wolmanxd

    Unable to write/Failed to start recording (2023)

    So for a couple of hours I was getting frustrated with why I couldn't record on OBS I had plenty of space in my Hard Drive, but it would give me the error of " Failed to start recording, Unable to write to H:/OBS recording/ ( the date) .mp4 ( the OBS recordings is where I wanted my videos to go...
  17. P

    OBS 30.0.2 Crash in Sonoma 14.2

    After I updated my Mac to Sonoma 14.2, my OBS 30.0.2 no longer opens. It even opens for 3 seconds and closes. I have already tried previous versions of obs but the problem persists. Someone with the same problem?
  18. G

    Starting the output fail. Please check the logs for details. Note: If you are using the NVENC or AMD encoders, make sure your video drivers are utd

    I have this constant issue and I've tried about all output settings and there is nothing to do, it keeps popping up The weirdest part is that I can record my screen just fine, I'll just have this issue which won't allow me to start/stop the recording, but when I close it, it will be fine (I'll...
  19. MBS

    Quick Sync Video Encoder throws an error when trying to stream

    Hi, I usually stream on twitch and I've always used Quick Sync H.264 hardware encoder with my computer to run my livestream. Last week I updated my OBS and from that point, my Quick Sync configuration won't work. It throws the following error message: Starting the output failed. Please check...
  20. adaendra

    Error "Attempted to insert context with duplicate name"

    Hi, I have a script which automatically change scene in Python, but when I change the scene collection and come back to the one with my script, I have the following error : Here is my script Do you have any idea about what can generate this ? or a way to clear the context please? Thanks...