1. emp_zealoth

    AMD HW AV1 + HDR = nonsensical errors

    With sdr settings everything works fine (I've already been recording in SDR AV1 for a while), however, when I tried to setup HDR recording (P010 colour format, Rec.2100(PQ) colour space) I fail to start recording with a weird error I'm already on latest AMD driver and OBS version...
  2. A

    "OBS did not shut down properly during your last session" MAC

    it keeps popping up when I try to start OBS, but that's not ture, I did shot down everything properly last time I used it and now I dont know how to fix it. Anyone any idea?
  3. foxed

    Starting the output failed. - Can't Record on Hardware Video Encoder.

    So I always use the Hardware Video Encoder for recording because my Software encoder lags, I have never had a problem with the Hardware Encoder until now I get this error: My GPU is NVIDIA GT 630M, and my drivers are updated. Logs:
  4. wolmanxd

    Unable to write/Failed to start recording (2023)

    So for a couple of hours I was getting frustrated with why I couldn't record on OBS I had plenty of space in my Hard Drive, but it would give me the error of " Failed to start recording, Unable to write to H:/OBS recording/ ( the date) .mp4 ( the OBS recordings is where I wanted my videos to go...
  5. P

    OBS 30.0.2 Crash in Sonoma 14.2

    After I updated my Mac to Sonoma 14.2, my OBS 30.0.2 no longer opens. It even opens for 3 seconds and closes. I have already tried previous versions of obs but the problem persists. Someone with the same problem?
  6. G

    Starting the output fail. Please check the logs for details. Note: If you are using the NVENC or AMD encoders, make sure your video drivers are utd

    I have this constant issue and I've tried about all output settings and there is nothing to do, it keeps popping up The weirdest part is that I can record my screen just fine, I'll just have this issue which won't allow me to start/stop the recording, but when I close it, it will be fine (I'll...
  7. MBS

    Quick Sync Video Encoder throws an error when trying to stream

    Hi, I usually stream on twitch and I've always used Quick Sync H.264 hardware encoder with my computer to run my livestream. Last week I updated my OBS and from that point, my Quick Sync configuration won't work. It throws the following error message: Starting the output failed. Please check...
  8. adaendra

    Error "Attempted to insert context with duplicate name"

    Hi, I have a script which automatically change scene in Python, but when I change the scene collection and come back to the one with my script, I have the following error : Here is my script Do you have any idea about what can generate this ? or a way to clear the context please? Thanks...
  9. D

    output failed, why??

    I've just recorded some 5 hours of screen video, than after couple of days I've updated and started to record the same way again, but got this error. Why? i restarted the app and the PC couple of times but nothing changed.
  10. F

    Unable to install

    Whenever I try to reinstall OBS, I get a pop-up telling me to retry, and when I do, nothing happens. I tried looking through my files and deleted what I thought was it but it made no difference.
  11. O

    Failed to connect to server The connection timed out. Make sure you've configured a valid streaming service and no firewall isblocking the connection

    Please, I need help. Whenever i try to stream, I keep getting a popup that says " Failed to connect to server The connection timed out. Make sure you've configured a valid streaming service and no firewall is blocking the connection " Here is my log URL...
  12. F

    Error message

    Hello, I have a question. I've recently been getting an error message "Connection disconnected" a few seconds later, a new message appears "Connection established successfully" what does that mean? My internet connection is consistently stable. I have already uninstalled OBS but it is still the...
  13. R

    My obs/stream crashes with heavy games "[jim-nvenc] get_encoded_packet: nv.nvEncLockBitstream(s, &lock) failed: 8 (NV_ENC_ERR_INVALID_PARAM)"

    Hello everyone, For months I'm having issues with streaming "heavier" games. Mainly I play Rainbow Six Siege and that always goes without any problems. But when I try to play Warzone for example my OBS/Stream will crash at some point. A few days back I tried to stream "Stray Souls". Because I'm...
  14. C

    "Cannot start the output due to encoder" error

    Helping a friend with a new setup of obs, everythign should be good to go, but when we click live we are met with an error telling us there is an issue with the encoders (which are properly set as far as i can see), and to see log file. Here's the log file, halp! ~CC...
  15. R

    "Error Opening File for Writing" Error when installing OBS

    This Happens All the time when I try to install on this computer
  16. S

    "Failed to open NVENC codec: Unkown error occoured" Debian 12

    Hello! I am trying to record a video with modest settings and an issue came up regarding my NVENC codec. I'm not entirely sure what caused this issue because just two days before this, I recorded a video without a hitch. I attached the logs, if you need anymore information I'll gladly provide...
  17. neuromask

    Nvenc error Nvidia 4080. Worked before.

    Hi, OBS worked like a charm with Envenc encoding, but someday it stopped. I'm getting this kind of error on recording/streaming: 08:57:59.402: [jim-nvenc] get_encoded_packet: nv.nvEncLockBitstream(s, &lock) failed: 4 (NV_ENC_ERR_INVALID_DEVICE): Device passed to the API is invalid. It happens...
  18. A

    OBS Studio Game Capture not working on certain games?

    My PC is a Windows 11 64bit. I use OBS 64bit version 29.1.3. OBS Studio Game Capture just shows a black screen trying to capture ROBLOX: ROBLOX pic But... It seems to work with TF2: TF2 pic Solutions I tried: Ran it with Admin permissions. Disabled HDR Updated my drivers. Set its...
  19. YouLousyKids

    "Overread 8" error causes sound to cut out, stream lag/freeze.

    Hi. I need to fix this because it has been going on for the last five days of my stream, requiring me to stop streaming, restart OBS (or even reboot the laptop and then restart) and then resume my stream. I've had to do this an average of seven times in the two-hour streams for the last week...
  20. D

    OBS Randonly Making me Go Offline in Streams

    So I've been experiencing an issue for a few weeks where my stream randomly goes offline. This has happened on both of my laptops. The most recent log is attached.