1. P

    OBS Stream Encoding crash after sometime "CPU - Streaming/Ryzen 7 3700x"

    Streaming machine ►CPU - AMD Ryzen 7™ 3700x 3.60 - 4.40GHz ►GPU - EVGA GEFORCE RTX 3070 XC3 ULTRA GAMING 8G ►MOB - ASRock B450 Steel Legend ►PSU - Deepcool DQ750ST ►PC CASE - Deepcool Matrexx 50 ►RAM Kingston HyperX FURY 4x8GB DDR4 3200MHz ►Water Cooler - Deepcool GAMMAXX L240 V2 ►SSD -...
  2. S

    OBS suddenly crashed ("Unable to find locale enUS.ini) - since then OBS no longer works!

    Until today I have no problems with running OBS (24.0.2) on my iMac (early 2009 - OSX 10.11.6). I had just created a new profile and created a window capture source and suddenly OBS crashed. I got 2 error messages. The first message: “Unable to locate locale: enUS.ini”. The second message...
  3. Quilombo3

    OBS Crashing when Closing!

    Hey guys! How have you been. Here's my problem. It started after I bought a new Logitech BRIO cam. Changed my old C920 and start to configure all the scenes and filters and things from almost zero. I noticed that every time I closed OBS it crashed. I could be streaming, recording or doing...
  4. Gianluca Leal

    OBS v27 stopping stream with "Encoding Error"

    TL;DR - OBS v27 stops stream with "encoding error" message. Issue likely caused by FFMPEG encoding an AAC with an error. How do I fix this issue? Hello OBS Forums, Since updating to OBS v27 I've been running into "encoding errors" during my streams. OBS doesn't crash or close; the stream just...
  5. I

    "Encoder Error: An error has occurred while streaming"

    For the past month I've been getting this error while streaming. The only way to resume streaming was to relaunch the program only to happen again. It started happening sometime after updating the OBS and Nvidia Driver. I also try re-installing the older graphic driver, but the problem...
  6. L

    Obs se congela al darle "Salir"

    Hola que tal amigos. Estoy presentando una falla, al terminar una transmisión y darle salir o inclusive, sin haber transmitido ni grabado, simplemente al querer cerrar el programa, se bloquea y tengo que darle repetidamente a la X de cerrar hasta que se cierra y aparece un mensaje.
  7. A

    The regular expression that you entered is invalid

    Hello! I need Automatic Scene Switcher to switch from one scene to another and the program I want to record changes the window name depending if the file it's saved or not, which creates problems to detect it. The name can either be (Saved) PaintTool SAI Ver.2 (64bit) Preview.2020.01.25 -...
  8. A

    Video Glitching Problem - Cannot find problem

    Hi everyone, We're running into problems where everything is working well, but the video glitches from time to time. We've tried restarting, restarting camera, changing USB port of camera, changing resolution of video recording and changing video codec without success. Can someone have a look...
  9. M

    Failed to connect to server

    Hi, when I try to stream to Twitch, I get this error: "Failed to connect to server: Hostname found, but no data of the requested type. This can occur if you have bound to an IPv6 address and your streaming service only has IPv4 addresses (see Settings -> Advanced)." I've done a lot of googling...
  10. A

    NVENC Error, Stream stops randomly. An encoding error occurred while streaming.

    Hello there, Recently after getting rtx3090 i have moved to NVENC encoder for my streaming tasks. Everything seems smooth and fine except one thing. Sometimes, my stream suddenly crashes and I am getting an OBS error: " An encoding error occurred while streaming " Is anyone has any ideas how to...
  11. F

    Cannot stream: error 10053

    In the last few days I was not able to stream due to the error 10053. I tried almost everything, it's not a connection issue (I stream over my phone on the same network. I streamed last month and had no problem, yesterday it didn't work: same hardware, same connection, same everything. Every 2/5...
  12. U

    OBS Minecraft Game Capture Black Screen Error

    When I try to capture Minecraft as a scene under the Game Capture it displays the infamous black screen. I'm not sure what the solution is but I have tried a lot of different things. I have tried: - running as admin - making both minecraft and obs run on high performance (although i have one...
  13. E

    Always getting an encoding error when recording even when constantly turning the settings down?

    Hello! Last month I got a new PC and I installed OBS to record some gameplays, I use it to record my switch games and sometimes PC games except I cannot seem to stop getting "Encoding Overload" and I've tried turning down recording settings, changing to x264 and even lower the output. I'm...
  14. Z

    An encoder error occurred while streaming.

    Hi all, I was streaming Don't Starve Together and all of a sudden the game basically crashed. It also stopped my stream too, so when I clicked the "Start Streaming" button an error window appeared showing "An encoder error occurred while streaming.". I was able to start streaming again after I...
  15. L

    OBS Capture Card PS4 flickering

    Hi guys, it is my first time posting in such forum, so sorry in advance for missing information. To my current setup, which is causing the problem: Streaming PC specs: GeForce RTX 2060, Intel Core i5-10400F Streaming console: PS4 Capture Card: ZasLuke Game Capture Card Before switching to the...
  16. J

    My OBS screen is white

    Basically, when i open my obs, this appear. I reinstalled the program a lots of times, update and this continue appear.
  17. B

    (x264) set encoder to video card. Fault

    I need a little help. My processor is very weak and I want to stream from a video card. Nvidia Quadro 2000 1 GB. The encoder does not detect the video card. All updates are below and maybe all drivers, but not for sure. Half a year later, I was still able to stream any game without overloaded...
  18. whitegod

    can not open obs [Event Viewer log]

    I can't open OBS at all. It just opens and closes right after. Did extensive research and I've found out that I have a log from Win10 Event Viewer about it 오류 있는 응용 프로그램 이름: obs64.exe, 버전:, 타임스탬프: 0x5ea626c5 오류 있는 모듈 이름: obs.dll, 버전:, 타임스탬프: 0x5ea6264f 예외 코드: 0x80000003 오류...
  19. A

    Encoding and Rendering lag?

    Hello, I tried many ways to solve my problem: Updating, Reinstalling, Run as Administrator My problem is that I cannot record or stream... After click I get a message "An encoding error occured while recording" After I view stats and have nothing running, I can see the right collumn in red...
  20. H

    Streaming problem when using OBS

    A couple days ago I tried streaming the dolphin emulator with OBS but as soon as I left the OBS window, it would stop streaming my screen, any help?