1. C

    "Cannot start the output due to encoder" error

    Helping a friend with a new setup of obs, everythign should be good to go, but when we click live we are met with an error telling us there is an issue with the encoders (which are properly set as far as i can see), and to see log file. Here's the log file, halp! ~CC...
  2. R

    "Error Opening File for Writing" Error when installing OBS

    This Happens All the time when I try to install on this computer
  3. S

    "Failed to open NVENC codec: Unkown error occoured" Debian 12

    Hello! I am trying to record a video with modest settings and an issue came up regarding my NVENC codec. I'm not entirely sure what caused this issue because just two days before this, I recorded a video without a hitch. I attached the logs, if you need anymore information I'll gladly provide...
  4. neuromask

    Nvenc error Nvidia 4080. Worked before.

    Hi, OBS worked like a charm with Envenc encoding, but someday it stopped. I'm getting this kind of error on recording/streaming: 08:57:59.402: [jim-nvenc] get_encoded_packet: nv.nvEncLockBitstream(s, &lock) failed: 4 (NV_ENC_ERR_INVALID_DEVICE): Device passed to the API is invalid. It happens...
  5. A

    OBS Studio Game Capture not working on certain games?

    My PC is a Windows 11 64bit. I use OBS 64bit version 29.1.3. OBS Studio Game Capture just shows a black screen trying to capture ROBLOX: ROBLOX pic But... It seems to work with TF2: TF2 pic Solutions I tried: Ran it with Admin permissions. Disabled HDR Updated my drivers. Set its...
  6. YouLousyKids

    "Overread 8" error causes sound to cut out, stream lag/freeze.

    Hi. I need to fix this because it has been going on for the last five days of my stream, requiring me to stop streaming, restart OBS (or even reboot the laptop and then restart) and then resume my stream. I've had to do this an average of seven times in the two-hour streams for the last week...
  7. D

    OBS Randonly Making me Go Offline in Streams

    So I've been experiencing an issue for a few weeks where my stream randomly goes offline. This has happened on both of my laptops. The most recent log is attached.
  8. Krahazik

    OBS Crashes when closed.

    On my Macmini, OBS crashes every single time I close the program without fail which produces a crash alert to be sent to Apple with the option to reopen the crashed program. Attached is the most recent log file.
  9. Krahazik

    OBS Error - Stream Failed to Start

    Spontaneous error. My main desktop has developed a complete inability to stream. I cannot figure out what is wrong, and the logs are useless to me. I get the exact same error 100% of the time. NOTE - I have an NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1660 Super video card. My Video Drivers are the current...
  10. T

    OBS.exe - Entry Point Not Found ( Error )

    OBS Studio not working
  11. R

    OBS Crashing and Deleting Sources

    In recent days, my OBS has been crashing randomly. In doing so, it cause various sources to be completely deleted, where I need to then take the time to reset/recreate them. I'm unsure what is needed to fix this. The crash log is below:
  12. K

    Failed to Start streaming

    Everytime i try to start streaming i get the message "Starting the output failed. Please check the log for details Note: If you are using the NVENC or AMD encoders, make sure your video drivers are up to date" But all my drivers are updated and im running in admin mode and i dont know what to...
  13. TXA_VLOG


    ### Thông tin hệ điều hành cửa sổ 11 ### Hệ điều hành khác _Không phản hồi_ ### Phiên bản OBS Studio 29.1.3 ### Phiên bản OBS Studio (Khác) _Không phản hồi_ ### URL nhật ký OBS Studio ### URL nhật ký sự cố của OBS Studio _Không phản hồi_...
  14. D

    The RTMP server sent an invalid SSL certificate

    Hello, I have a problem with OBS... I installed it last night and now I want to make a transmission and I get this error, I already changed the advanced settings from Network to Default and the problem still persists. I also tried to connect manually with the Facebook URL and the transmission...
  15. servie

    OBS 29.1.1 se cierra

    Al intentar cambiar de Escena en Colección de Escenas, arroja el mensaje Source Cleanup Error tras lo cual no brinda una información detallada de lo que ocurre y el programa se cierra.. OBS no detecta que plugin esta desactualizado o corrupto. ¿Alguien tiene la lista de Plugins actualizados para...
  16. Wiisporter

    OBS crashes on open (Error 0xc0000022)

    When opened, obs64.exe produces this error message I have tried scannow, some permissions going as far as running the media creator for windows 10 to basically reset any corrupted windows files. Process monitor identifies many failed processes related to opening obs studio, mostly reparse...
  17. I

    OBS friert ein wenn ich ein Spiel schließe / OBS freezes when I close a game

    Deutsch: Hi, mein OBS-Studio (29.0.0 u. 29.0.2) friert ein wenn ich ein Spiel schließe ansonsten läuft es komplett stabil. Wenn ich am streamen bin und ein Game schließe ruckelt es kurz und nach ca. 20 sek friert ganz OBS ein und ich muss en Manuel im Taskmanager schließen, das ganze passierte...
  18. I

    compile error: "Neither Qt5 or Qt6 were found" although Qt6.5 is installed

    Hello, I tried on my Fedora 38 machine to compile OBS because I need the libobs for the plugin to compile it. I tried to compile Obs and installed all dependencies from the error messages. But after installing qt 6 it shows still the message...
  19. C

    OBS Encoder Overloaded ERROR on Good PC PROBLEM.

    Hello everyone, thank you for coming here to try and help me. I do Youtube as a hobby and used to own a PC with the following specs - CPU: I5 7400 -GPU: GTX 1060 6GB - 16 gb ram 2400 mhz Obs was fine, could record on 1920x1080 or even 3840x1080 ( to get the separate webcam and gameplay footage...
  20. P

    Problem With Sound on Livestream!

    Hey there, guys! I hope some of you, with a lot of experience, could help me with some problems I'm having here. I am using a SSL2 as audio interface for a while, and I was thinking about upgrading to a Babyface for a better stability. I don't have a LOT of problems with the SSL2, but I did had...