1. T

    Monitors going black temporarily and preview is frozen forever when running OBS

    This is going to be a long post but going to do my best to describe what's been happening. It's been happening for weeks and it's driving me nuts. I've done hours of research and tried to fix this including completely wiping/reinstalling windows and OBS. To preface, as odd as it sounds, this...
  2. D

    Could not find locale.ini path

    When I am trying to open settings I have an error "Could not find loacale.ini path" and the program is closing. Analyzer can't find any critical issues or warnings. logs
  3. E

    "Failed to create aac streaming encoder (simple output)" error

    Hello! I've been having trouble launching OBS Studio. Whenever I try, there is a moment of nothing happening, and then I get an error message which reads "Failed to create aac streaming encoder (simple output)". The application never actually opens, so I can't access the Help or Tools tab; I've...
  4. O

    Using Nvidia AV1 encoder throws a "starting the output failed" error.

    I recently purchased an RTX 40-series GPU, and am trying to use the Nvidia AV1 encoder for local recordings. It doesn't work, though, and I'm not sure why. It tells me to make sure my GPU drivers are up to date, and they are. If I use Nvidia HVEC, it works fine. I do have the Vertical OBS...
  5. E

    "Failed to create aac streaming encoder (simple output)" error

    Hey! I recently reinstalled OBS after having it a few months ago, but whenever I try to launch the program I get the error "Failed to create aac streaming encoder (simple output)". I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling OBS, and even trying older versions, but nothing seems to work. Log is...
  6. G

    NVENC error

    Since I have uninstalled Geforce Experience a couple of days ago I get this error whenever I want to record in HEVC. Recording in h.264 works fine with the NVENC encoder
  7. B

    OBS-29.02 not responding while choose the webcam

    Dear forum member, I had a problem with my OBS, they can run very well on recording and streaming, However, when I choose the "properties" to attached the webcam always pop up " NOT RESPONDING" can you guys help me out, what should I do? here I attached the problem in 1 fig, thx you for your help
  8. A

    encoder nvidia nvenc h.264 (ffmpeg) is taking too long to encode Hi, I've searched everywhere for something to help me with this error. I'll be streaming and my stream starts freezing and after some time it just shuts down and ends the stream. First it was just stuttering now it went on to fully stopping stream...
  9. Crinlorite

    OBS Crashing randomly every 10-30 minutes

    Good afternoon, I've been trying to solve this using less browser sources, less quality, less framerate, and I don't find a solution, the program doesn't completely crashes, it just goes stuck on preview screen and it stops sending audio and video to the stream on Twitch or any other places I...
  10. A

    Valorant game freeze with OBS

    I want to stream Valorant, when I add it to OBS, I get a black screen. But when I check the "Use an interceptor that is compatible with cheat protection" checkbox, the game freezes for me, obs "clean" set, did not help. In streamlabs the same error. For some reason, Valorant's anti-cheat...
  11. L

    NEVC Error: get_encoded_packet: nv.nvEncLockBitstream

    Log: It seems like I get an encoder error whenever I try to record a game. I'm on windows 11 and the OBS beta branch, I downloaded OBS through steam. Full Error: Settings:
  12. Z

    how do i fix this when trying to record?

    idk what ive done. i just set up a game recording scene, and it has picked up the game, but when itry to record this happens.
  13. Versus

    Please Explain the Error and Guide Me to a Fix(frames missed due to rendering lag/frames skipped due to encoding lag)

    Log File :
  14. A

    OBS recording error

    I was recording a video, which by the time the error happened was 1 hour and 30 minutes long, when out of a sudden, OBS stopped working properly. I wasn't able to switch scenes or hide scene elements, and worst of all, I wasn't able to stop the video or pause it. I had to stop and close the app...
  15. W

    Every time I try to start streaming, it gives me an error.

    Basically the same as what the title says. I click on the start streaming button and it gives me an error. the log file is attached. if anyone could tell me what is wrong or how to fix it that would be helpful thanks in advance
  16. soyfacuh

    OBS - ¿?

    Hello, I've been generating content with OBS for a while, it never gave me errors but these latest updates happen to me that the KB drops to 0, stays at 0 for a few seconds, goes up again and either OBS fails or continues transmitting but canceling the sound. Could you help me? I spoke to my...
  17. SimplySnox

    Failed to connect to server: Connection timed out. Make sure you've configured a valid streaming service and no firewall is blocking the connection.

    Hi, I was trying to stream to twitch and upon clicking the start streaming button, it said connecting for a few seconds and then this error came up. I have OBS Studio allowed through my Windows Defender Firewall on both private and public networks, but still no luck. I have also reinstalled OBS...
  18. N

    Failed to initialize video. Your GPU may not be supported, or your graphics drivers may need to be updated.

    yesterday i used OBS studio for live broadcasts, however, when I logged into the program today, I found the error indicated in the title of the topic. driver just updated, video card - GTX 950 seems not so old, it should be supported ... or is that all? My system is: GPU - GTX 950 RAM - 16G CPU...
  19. M

    My stream is showing rerun instead of my recording live

    My twitch viewers notified me that my stream is showing rerun instead when I'm streaming live. Twitch staff told me to contact you to help me fix this.
  20. A

    getting error when closing OBS code: c0000005

    obs is crashing when i close it after stream . crash reports are attached. need help :(