Unable to write/Failed to start recording (2023)


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So for a couple of hours I was getting frustrated with why I couldn't record on OBS I had plenty of space in my Hard Drive, but it would give me the error of " Failed to start recording, Unable to write to H:/OBS recording/ ( the date) .mp4 ( the OBS recordings is where I wanted my videos to go to). So I tried setting it to my C:/users/myname/videos drive ( my main storage an m.2) and that worked. I do have 2 accounts on my pc one admin one personal I always use the personal account for obvious reasons. So the solution that fixed this for me was this.

1. Open file explorer
2. choose the storage device you want the recordings to go to that's getting the error
3. Right click that storage device and click properties
4. Go to the Security tab
5. click edit... with the administrator shield. Enter admin password if needed
6.click the "Add..." button.
7. In the " Enter the object names to select (examples) type "authenticated users" Then hit the check names button to the side after typing that in. Then hit ok
8. Now with "Authenticated Users" highlighted blue scroll down and find "Write" and check the box under "Allow"
9. Make sure to apply and then hit ok and when that closes out make sure to apply first and then ok on the properties screen as well. ( In the images my apply button may be grayed out because its already applied)
10. With those closed out now I would close OBS and reopen the application just to be sure it works and test it the recording works for you now.

Side note: The error also says to turn off Windows 10 Ransomware Protection, mine is already off I did turn it on to test thing I had read online and any solution I read with turning it on and allowing OBS though it didn't work for me.

Be sure to follow instructions carefully and if causes any issues I will try to respond to comments as best as I can just leave detailed information please.


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