bug report

  1. C

    Stopping Stream while attempting to reconnect always freezes OBS

    Stopping Stream While obs is attempting to reconnect stream causes obs studio to hang, almost always freeze, and sometimes even outright crash. This also prevents mp4 output (as well as other formats) from finalizing. This does not cause obs browser to freeze however.
  2. SeanStiny

    OBS 27.1.1 Browser Opacity Broken

    Hi! I have some partially transparent overlays in OBS that no longer work as intended in OBS 27.1.1 Browser transparency appears to be much brighter than it should be since updating. Here is how my overlay looks in Chrome and in OBS 27.0.1 (Working as intended) and here is how it looks in...
  3. S

    after 27.1.1 I can't game capture Celeste

    So i updated to 27.1.1 last night and now game capture isn't working specifically for the game Celeste. I've asked some friends and they're able to game capture celeste just fine... I tried another game and it seems to work for me as well. If it ever does work for celeste, i get one frame and...
  4. H

    Sending double the bitrate when recording and streaming at the same time on Mac.

    When streaming and recording at the same time on my mac OBS sends double the bitrate to my streaming service. I am recording in advanced mode using the stream encoder (Apple VT H264 Hardware Encoder). I have attached screenshots of obs and YouTube (my streaming service) My macs specs: MacOS...
  5. J

    OBS's "Profile" menu only shows four columns, then makes excess profiles inaccessible

    Windows 8.1 x64 OBS 27.0.1 x64 At the top of OBS's window is a 'Profile' menu. I have many profiles created there (please don't respond "delete some", they're all necessary for my work). The menu only displays 4 columns worth of profiles. Any extra profiles are then pushed off-screen and are...
  6. T

    Transparency bug in v27? All transparent sources look slightly different than v26.

    After updating to v27, all my transparent sources look slightly off. This includes image sources with the "color correction" filter that adjusts transparency, text sources with transparency color background, and browser sources with css alpha values (like "rgba(0,0,0,0.8)"). I have not altered...
  7. W

    Cursor still captured when layering screen capture on top of window capture

    I'm in OBS 26.1.1 on Windows 10, but I think the log file would be more specific than me. Log file: https://obsproject.com/logs/Nts1TmDv4PlbKVsY Problem: I have a scene where the Display Capture is ON TOP of the Window Capture. Both have 'capture cursor' unchecked. However, the cursor still...
  8. P

    BUG REPORT image slide show

    Hi. I have an image slide show with 9 images (not large) on loop. I want it to stop playing when its not visible and start from the beginning when its visible. This would seem to need the option 'stop when not visible, restart when visible' selected, however when I use this and have the...
  9. A

    Project64 causing graphical glitches

    I recently updated my drivers and now Project64 is very glitchy in OBS. (I had to down scale this screenshot so it could fit.)
  10. K

    "Ungroup" right-click menu item doesn't appear without first changing scenes.

    Title says it all really. I'm using windows version 26.1.1. After grouping some sources, the right click menu will not show the "Ungroup" item unless the scene is changed, then changed back.
  11. Rider Of Dinosaurs

    Hotkeys doing more than they should.

    I set my 4 scenes with Hotkey "1" - Signal Hotkey "2" - Intro Hotkey "3" - Main Hotkey "4" - Outro Then I setup some sources within "Main" with Hotkey "Shift+1" - Show Webcam Hotkey "Shift+2" - Show Browser Hotkey "Shift+3" - Show VLC When I'm in "Main" and I press "Shift+1" it starts to show...
  12. N

    [BUG REPORT] I444 H.264 recordings no longer work with DaVinci Resolve

    I444 color format (4:4:4 chroma) is already a fickle format and Resolve is one of the few editors that work it with properly. After OBS Studio 26.1 Release Candidate 1, I444 recordings are no longer readable in Resolve: https://github.com/obsproject/obs-studio/releases/tag/26.1.0-rc1 I tried...
  13. Unona

    Cant choose screen in display capture

    Hi, i trying add screen with presentation or browser, but they not available for choose, how i can fix it?
  14. C

    [Bug Report] Removing an Image Slide show wipes the Scene Collection

    Starting from yesterday, if I try to remove an image slide show from a scene, OBS crashes and it completely resets the entire scene collection, deleting everything I had in it.
  15. P

    [Worst BUG] Desktop audio doesn't work when the device disconnect or change

    Worst bug for me, latest obs and even older versions, when I open obs (with desktop audio set on default) with speakers and I connect Bluetooth headphones (and changed on windows volume) it will remain on speakers, even if I try to change manually on obs, I need to restart obs to switch device...
  16. C

    [Bug Report] If nvenc becomes unavailable, the encoder stays as nvenc and it isn't possible to change it.

    So last year I borrowed a friends GTX 750, and on December I decided to give it back and get a GT 1030 for myself. OBS became uncapable of streaming with the typical "Failed to initialize video", but it could record videos. Turns out that the 1030 doesn't have NVENC support. The configuration...
  17. bartuela

    Bug report on scroll filter and text files

    If I apply a vertical scroll to a Text resource pointing a file with more than 33 (behaviour is consistent only with this amount) consecutive line feeds, the text disappears and do not get rendered. OBS 26.0.2 Linux Steps to reproduce: Create a scene with a text resource pointing a text file...
  18. R

    Failed to connect to (any) server. (Twitch issue)

    Hey I'm trying to stream but the OBS are showing this error since last tuesday (8). Things i have tried that didn't worked - Reinstall OBS - Connect to other server - Format pc (Yep i'm desperate) - Contacted ISP we tried for 2 hours - disabled firewall - Updated OBS (12/14) - Tried to change...
  19. B

    OBS Crashes when editing Text Source

    Whenever I edit a the font of a text source, OBS crashes. Literally there is nothing else I do. However I noticed that whenever I try to close the app as well, it crashes instead of actually closing, and doesn't automatically load the scene collection I was working on. It just goes to a default...
  20. R

    CTRL+F1 and F1 shortcuts both trigger F1 (CTRL+F1=F1)

    Hello I'm using move transition plugin with complexe set of shortcuts If you have two move source filters, one triggered by F1 push the other triggered by CTRL+F1, when you press CTRL+F1 shortcut then both move source filters are triggered instead of the CTRL+F1 triggered scene only