bug report

  1. T

    OBS is badly broken on Mac

    I wish I hadn't upgraded to OBS 30.1.2. It has so many more bugs now, the stuttering video is the least of the problems. I'm constantly getting the "OBS Quit Unexpectedly" window every single time I shut the app down, even if I start it in Safe Mode. When the app is open, none of the buttons...
  2. K

    Hide Transition don't work when you disable the group

    If you make a group in the scene and put a few elements in, then you can set Show and Hide transition effects for each the element. When you enable the group, each the element will play its Show Transition. They can be different, ex, one element slides left and the other slides right. However...
  3. Roy Takashi

    OBS menu's broken when on secondary monitors

    Hello, I've discovered a new bug since last updates where if OBS is not on the "primary" monitor that the right click menu's do not spawn, and the tool drop down menu's at the top require multiple clicks to appear correctly. this prevents the use of any of the right click menu's functions such...
  4. P

    My Stream and Game crashing

    Hey guys, I just wanted to find any help and advice for an issue I had for almost a year. When Im streaming, sometimes it crashes, resulting in a black screen and the game im streaming getting frozen (And i cant interact with the game, but its still running). A few seconds later (3-5 seconds)...
  5. M

    OBS freezing my pc . i have to hold down the power button

    Hey guys iv been using obs for years now . but now when i have obs open after a little while it will crash my pc to where it just freezes i cant do nothing other then hold the pcs power button in order for the pc to restart Any help would be highly appreciated iv looked at a crash log but its...
  6. A

    Bug: Image Slide Show with Different File Types

    Windows 10 64-bit OBS 30.0.2 - newest release at the time of post I am trying to create an image slide show with a GIF animation image as the first file then normal PNG files to follow. I found that if the GIF file is ordered #1 to play in the slideshow, the image slide show only plays the GIF...
  7. laund

    Bug: "Resize output (source size)" does not respect cropping done by alt+dragging edges of a source and resizing.

    Before "Resize output (source size)", the source is cropped by holding Alt and dragging the edges, and resized by dragging the edges without Alt After "Resize output (source size)" is pressed, it scales the cropped region up to the original source size, and keeps the same aspect ratio: This...
  8. wolmanxd

    Unable to write/Failed to start recording (2023)

    So for a couple of hours I was getting frustrated with why I couldn't record on OBS I had plenty of space in my Hard Drive, but it would give me the error of " Failed to start recording, Unable to write to H:/OBS recording/ ( the date) .mp4 ( the OBS recordings is where I wanted my videos to go...
  9. S

    Hardware Accelerated Graphics Scheduler (HAGS) Breaks Obs

    It seems when exiting certain applications such as games (baldur's gate and CS2 in my case) obs will freeze shortly after. In that the application will be usable but the stream preview is frozen and bitrate drops to zero. Attempts at closing the application freeze it entirely, closing with task...
  10. S

    Bug Report: OBS not able to Window Capture LibreOffice drop down menus on Windows 10

    When using the Window capture mode and selecting LibreOffice (x86) , it is not showing drop-menu in recording. Had to use Display Capture instead. Technical Info: OS: Windows Edition Windows 10 Home Single Language Version 22H2 Installed on ‎04/‎08/‎23 OS build 19045.3693...
  11. J

    OBS Crashes while using Waves StudioRack and adding a Plug in

    Hello all I'm using OBS version 30.0.0 on windows 10 When I add Waves Rack Studio to an audio source, StudioRack loads fine but when I add a plug in, OBS Crashes Im attaching an image and a copy of the log. Waves Central version 14.4.3 Waves Gold Bundle 10.0.0 Any help would be appreciated
  12. mehr32

    "Bug report" keyboard shortcuts do not work on Wayland outside the active window

    Hello ! I'm on Arch distribution of wayland Plasma Desktop. When I'm in obs itself the hotkeys work fine, but when I switch to the presentation window or my browser to start recording (even though obs is open and running) the hotkeys don't work to start recording for example . (I have tried...
  13. HarrisonBorbarrison

    Mac Desktop Zoom Recording Bug

    Using the zoom assessability function in macOS works fine with the desktop capture unless you have deselected "show cursor". Then the recording will glitch out when zooming.
  14. C

    OBS 29.1.3 64-bit crash using Audio Monitor. Mac OS

    I am running OBS Studio on a Mac Pro 5,1 running Mac OS Monterey 12.6.5 installed using OCLP (Open Core Legacy Patcher). OBS Studio 29.1.3 has crashed a few times, I have attached the latest crash log at the end. I haven't seen a particular pattern to the earlier crashes, but this one happened...
  15. G

    Report bug that crashes/loss of live frames due to the webcam

    Olá, não sei se é aqui que posso relatar bugs a serem resolvidos. Mas vim mostrar um bug que vem me incomodando desde a versão 28 do OBS. O bug em questão tem a ver com a webcam e a borda que uso (borda animada em .webm). Quando eu uso minha webcam com este bardo animado (eu uso streamelements...
  16. iggy12345

    OBS 29.1.3 crashes on second launch

    I just installed OBS on ubuntu 22.04, but for some reason it launches successfully the first time, then crashes from a seg fault every time after that. Here's the log output: debug: Found portal inhibitor debug: Attempted path: share/obs/obs-studio/locale/en-US.ini debug: Attempted path...
  17. A

    Error message when typing resolution into video settings page.

    Hello, I have been using OBS to record 9:16 videos without any problems on my MacBook pro. Today I installed it on my Windows Machine, but the video settings panel does not allow me to type in any resolutions that are outside of the 16:9 aspect ratio into the video settings page. For instance...
  18. M

    Obs doesn’t capture mouse while recording Minecraft bedrock on windows pc with game capture.

    So basically the problem is that if I use game capture to record Minecraft Bedrock Edition on windows, for some reason, the pc mouse is not captured even if capture mouse is on. Please fix this issue or let me know about a solution to this problem.
  19. WhtMst

    Dock-panels size after re-open

    Hey guys, I need help with an issue. Has anyone encountered this problem before? I have two dock panels on the side of my viewing window, which I adjust to the size I need, see screenshot 1. However, after I exit OBS and log back in, these two panels revert back to their original size, as shown...
  20. tris212

    Bug report 08.0423

    There's a messive amount of issues which needs fixing. to much i need to put them in bullet points. Windows wont show. (you need to click on the obs icon in the taskbar to get the window to show.) output dropdown option grayed out. (closing obs and opening fixes issue) sources struggle to...