bug report

  1. U

    BUG Report: OBS 29.0 Fullscreen Projector appears Pale

    The preview window shows my capture source just fine. (elgato) but using Fullscreen Projector the image becomes washed out. Like the brightness has been cranked up or the gamma moved way off. Images are the Preview and the Projector. I'll just be rolling back my version for now. I've tested it...
  2. X

    OBS 29.0.0 Beta 1 Quicksync HEVC not working

    As stated in the title it doesn't seem to work. I have my 3090 as the primary GPU and the iGPU enabled in the BIOS. I have attached the log file.
  3. FranckB

    bug at 60 fps

    Hello, little problem. OBS crash if I choose 60 or 59.94 fps. At 30fps, same settings, no problem - For recording (no streaming) 4K 60 or 59.94fps / 60000 kbps ---> OBS crash after stop recording - see log 4K 30 fps / 36000 kbps --- > no problem If someone knows how to interpret the attached...

    "Video Capture Device" source not working.

    As the titel is telling, I can't setup my video capture devices. When I try to open the Properties of my devices OBS is opening the window but this windows is crashing all the time, before I can setup everything. I tried to delete the devices and made new sources but it still keeps all the time...
  5. G

    bug report: obs 28.0.3 stops/jams while streaming to twitch

    the twitch stream goes offline, the obs shows 0kb/s, then when "stop streaming" is pressed it will not stop (tries to stop), then when exiting the program from "x" it asks if you want to stop streaming, yes leads to program hang-up and forced exit. no local recording was on while doing this (hw...
  6. soyfacuh


    A few days ago, out of nowhere obs starts coming out and doesn't respond. Then I saw that there was an update, when I updated to the latest version that "Not responding" became a loss of kb, that is, from 3000kb assigned it went to 0kb (with the green box). I waited a few seconds, everything...
  7. C

    Menus cut off after 28.0.3 update when Windows text scale is 125% or 150% for secondary monitors

    On my secondary monitors where the Scale and layout setting (Change the size of text, apps, and other items) in Display is set to 125% or 150%, some of the menus get cut off, such as the context menu for Sources not showing the Filters or Properties options. Changing the scale to 100% and...
  8. Z

    MKV Remuxing

    So I actually brought this issue up over a year ago in the discord and thought I'd post it here. OBS remuxing messes up MKV files when remuxing. Changes it from CFR to VFR. Causes issues on editing. You can use mediainfo to verify if ya think I'm lying. Only happens to MKV file types.
  9. A

    Bug report: Control Audio via OBS and/or Application Audio Capture beta causes app Not Responding

    Problem: OBS28.0.1 and OBS20.0.0 is freezing and showing as "not responding" for 5-8min when I do any of the following: -Launch app or close app -Switch scene collections -Press start recording/stop recording button -Returning to the base/default screen of OBS -Add or make changes to sources...
  10. T

    OBS 28.0.1 Virtual Camera fails to initialize in GoToMeeting

    I thought I'd post something here in case the information becomes helpful. Here's my log link: https://obsproject.com/logs/Arb7jmPU5ymYANXf So what's happening, as far as I can tell, is GoTo's client tries to initialize the OBS Virtual Camera and fails. This seems special because the web site...
  11. Lojalfan

    Recording in RGB color space broken

    The recording is totally broken when using RGB color space and libx264rgb. The whole screen is green basically. The same settings worked fine on OBS 27 and the only thing I did was upgrade to 28, there was some other guy who had the same problem on a Mac. I didn't test using "lossless" in simple...
  12. yatt

    Bug report?: Updating to the latest version results in non-working install if driver is not supported.

    Good day. I've identified an issue with the update process to the latest version that I consider a bug. I do not require support to resolve an issue, but thought I should provide the feedback in case you would like to do something about it. Thanks. Issue: ------------------ I recently...
  13. T

    Microphone audio cracking when using ENC-enabled USB Headset mic.

    I use a Jabra Evolve 30 II ms USB headset for all my video meetings on almost every application. When I tried using it as my default mic for OBS, I discovered that OBS is not fully compatible with the environmental noise cancellation protocol built into the headset mic. Every time I record a...
  14. T

    Open Camera Configure Video Properties window prevents recording

    Twice this has bitten me: 1. Go to a webcam in Sources 2. Open Properties 3. Click Configure Video. Note that a seemingly independent camera properties window opens and you can leave it open while using OBS. 4. Change to a different scene and then try to Start Recording. Note that the...
  15. L

    High memory usage even when doing "nothing"

    Since 16/06/2022, most likely due to a Windows 10 update, OBS started eating up 1 MB of RAM every 5-10 seconds. This occurs even when i simply open it, with no active streaming nor recording. Tried searching issues on GitHub but found nothing. The logs analyzer reports nothing wrong...
  16. GrumpyDog

    Filters added to Nested Scenes

    I noticed that if a Filter is added to a "Nested Scene" (Using a scene as a source) it also adds the filter to the actual scene. Is this how it is intended to be? I assumed "Nested Scenes" should be like a standalone source?
  17. shipiloff69

    OBS vertical stream in Youtube is not working properly!

    The latest version of OBS (mac or windows) is not streaming YouTube videos correctly! In the OBS settings, video tab I set all the necessary values for vertical streaming. If you go to youtube broadcast, it becomes a horizontal stream for some reason. If necessary, I can shoot a video with...
  18. L

    VLC Media Source breaks off too soon at the end

    I have a Problem with VLC Media Source in OBS, it breaks off too soon at the end with certain files. I have Windows 11 as Operating-System with 32GB RAM and AMD CPU Ryzen 9 3900X. If I downgrade the VLC-Installation-Version to a lower Version-Number, then i have the same bug. If I play the...
  19. E

    Scene with game captures as source broken

    Hello, Here to report a bug: I have created a Scene filled with Game Captures of specific games - Let's call it Scene A. Scene A on itself works just fine, but if i try to add Scene A as a source in other scenes, whenever I add it, the Game Captures inside Scene A stop working (shows as black)...
  20. M

    OBS stops responding indefinitely when trying to access the properties of a new or existing video capture device

    Hi there, I'm at a loss with this, every time I try to add a new video capture device source or edit the properties of an existing one OBS freezes (not responding app) and I have to force close it with task manager. I'm running windows 10 21H2 and the latest version of OBS, this has persisted...