Audio Output Capture becomes inactive in studio mode


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Audio Output Capture becomes inactive when in studio mode.
Reproduction steps:
  1. Open OBS and switch out of "Studio Mode".
  2. Make new scene.
  3. Add a Audio Output Capture to the scene
  4. Notice that it appears in the Audio Mixer
  5. Switch to "Studio Mode"
  6. Notice that the Audio Output Capture is no longer in the Audio Mixer
  7. Result persists even after "transitioning to live scene".



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Ever find anything for this? I'm on OBS 30.0.2 and having this issue intermittently. I was just in studio mode and the NDI audio was in an inactive state. Switched out of studio mode, it appears however when I went back to studio mode it was still there.

MacOS 13.6.3.


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Just happened to me today on OBS 3.1.2. No audio sources were shown in the vu-metter dock and (when going to advanced audio properties all were inactive) I tried almost everything to be able to see the line-in (including restarting OBS and restarting Computer) but it just started to show after exiting studio mode and entering again (after finding this thread that helped to solve it ;). And now it stays there even after restarting OBS.
Don't know if it has anything to do l but I have been playing with enabling and disabling the Duplicate scenes and duplicate sources (on the transition menu) and also tested the move plugin in the transition effect but had aleready switched back to fade.
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