audio anomaly

  1. C

    'Monitor Audio' Function not Working

    The 'monitor' part of 'monitor and output' in OBS is doing absolutely nothing for any of my audio-producing sources. I've been trouble shooting to no avail. Uninstalling things, reinstalling things. Rebooting. I have updated my copy of OBS to the latest version, updated my audio drivers, updated...
  2. E

    Problemas con el audio/audio problems

    Hola a todos. Hace tiempo tengo un problema y no encontré solución en YouTube y en ningún lado. Cuando separo el audio por aplicaciones(el juego,la música,el Discord)aproximadamente a la hora de stream el audio me hace un ruido feo y trabado por unos segundos o algunos minutos y luego vuelve a...
  3. H

    Distorted Audio in Middle of Recording

    I have a recording with some distorted game audio in the middle. Not sure how long it lasts for but it does recover and game audio is fine for the rest of the recording. Video and voice tracks are unaffected. What happened and how can I prevent it from happening in the future? Log file attached.
  4. C

    Capture Card with no audio

    I'm using a small capture card and after a while it's sound just disappeared. I thought that the problem was the card itself, since it's a cheap one, but I tried it on my sister's laptop and it worked just fine, so it's something in my laptop I tried the most obvious options, like changing the...
  5. J

    Low audio quality when recording screen (no other source of sound)

    Hello good samaritans, I am trying to record some classes without success on audio. Since I am recording the audio directly from the PC and with no other device connected like microphone or headset. Isn't OBS supposed to capture the audio with no variations? I am hearing the speaker with sort...
  6. E

    Capture card audio sounds perfect on my end, but randomly dips in volume on the stream feed

    Hi everyone, I'm streaming a PS4 Pro through an Elgato HD60 S on a ROG Zephyrus in Windows 11. As the title says, the game audio sounds perfect for me, but the stream feed's game audio fades in and out, and I can't tell if it's random or when the game audio gets soft and loud. I've tried so...
  7. C

    OBS wants to make my ears bleed

    Anytime a sound is produced by my PC while i have OBS open It makes a VERY NASTY screech. I can mute OBS from the sound mixer, but that means I nor my viewers can't hear my alerts and other stuff that goes trough the program. I've got to warn again about the volume and awful sensation before...
  8. D

    OBS Settings and RTSP

    This is a bit of a dual thing - I need some advice on the best quality settings for OBS. I have been using the Nvidia HVEC encoder simply because of name-recognition. However, since my streaming PC is quite powerful (i5 12600K CPU with GTX 1660ti GPU), i would like to run the optimum (ie best)...
  9. MurdoMaclachlan

    Game audio stutters/crackles only when streaming

    I've been having a problem with some games where my game audio will stutter/crackle only when I'm streaming. This affects some games but not all, and no game audio crackle is observed when I'm not streaming. I can hear the crackle straight from the game when I'm streaming, so it doesn't seem to...
  10. T

    After roughly 1h40 minutes of streaming, OBS stops recognizing audio I/O / soft-locks

    Hi folks, I am on Ubuntu 22.04.2 LTS and using the Flatpak for OBS 29.0.2. My system is configured to use pulseaudio. After roughly 1h40 (can be 1h38, 1h49), sound stops coming through OBS (all the meters go dead), and the fastest way I've found to "fix" it is to hit the X to close out of OBS...
  11. v.L.A.D

    Audio Output Capture becomes inactive in studio mode

    Audio Output Capture becomes inactive when in studio mode. Reproduction steps: Open OBS and switch out of "Studio Mode". Make new scene. Add a Audio Output Capture to the scene Notice that it appears in the Audio Mixer Switch to "Studio Mode" Notice that the Audio Output Capture is no longer in...
  12. S

    Audio help

    I ran into a problem. My sound is either ahead of my video, or vice versa is delayed. No sync. This problem is present on absolutely any OBS settings. So I don't think it's the OBS. I have reinstalled Windows. The problem hasn't gone away. Please tell me. What can be wrong? Before that...
  13. N

    I can`t to add Audiobox USB as audio input

    I want to add my interface Audiobox USB Presonus as audio input but It´s not in the list Please, i need to use this interface for Live streaming How can i do?
  14. T

    Audio Cutting Out

    Forgive me if this is covered somewhere but I have search around and tried everything I've come across and nothing has helped. About 8-10 minutes to the recording, or even on standby, my internal audio crackles and fizzes out without warning leaving the rest absent of audio. The video is...
  15. H

    Audio issues with Audio Capture

    First post, sorry if I'm in the wrong place Ok, so I have a couple of issues with OBS that I'm struggling with. The main one over my last 2 streams have been audio based. I have the Application Audio Capture beta plug-in,and it worked for the previous month. Suddenly, I'm having issues with...
  16. P

    OBS Browser Audio Choppy when Window not in Focus

    Geforce 4090 intel i9 13900KF 64gb ram fresh windows install when audio comes from obs browser all sounds well....until the obs window is minimized and no longer in focus (using notepad for example) audio becomes choppy and has distortion until window is clicked on and back in focus heres a...
  17. S

    Audio Issues

    I have upgraded to a new computer for my streaming and I am now having audio cutting out. This strange part if the issues is the fact that it is intermittent and only seems to happen when the congregation is singing or when I have music of any kind. I know that it is not being blocked my...
  18. B

    Audio recorded/streamed with OBS heavily distorted

    Hi, I have an issue with audio when using OBS. My setup is really simple, just using WaveLink software and a Elgato Wave:3 for my audio processing/mixing and then sending it straight into OBS. When I go live or record a clip the audio coming from my voice is fine, but every other source is...
  19. G

    Elgato HD60 S+ on OBS not streaming audio

    Pretty much the title. The video feed stream goes well, no stuttering. And the audio track appears in the mixer it just... Doesn't play any. I've tried the licensed Elgato Software, the 4k Capture and it appears there, in bad quality, but it does. Tried all my (3.0) USB ports and to no avail...
  20. Fenderas

    OBS Studio literally disrupts and filters my Computer Audio

    Hello, I have been experiencing a technical issue with OBS Studio and other programs related to OBS Studio about a Windows 11 problem that completely disrupts, filter, and destroy my computer audio. I have tried to search a solution in google but whenever it searches, it shows up how to make...