1. D

    Hotkey doesn't work while playing game.

    Technically it does work while playing the game, but I must not be clicking any game functions. If I am running with WASD say, I can't click my F9 record replay button, it won't work. The only way it works is if I am completely inactive, not pressing any buttons usable by the game, and press...
  2. T

    Left shift and left control keybind issues.

    so. how do i unbind a key that says it's not bound but when you check it in the hotkeys it says its bound to every single action in the program? its the left shift and left control on my keyboard. whenever I hit them it turns off all my sources and sends me to a random scene.
  3. gewone

    Possible minor Windows bug; "Bad File Path" when target is empty.

    Hiya! I'm running OBS (latest) on a Windows 10 machine. Works a charm but I just noticed one thing, a bit strange. I'm using the infamous ImDisk to engage a snappy RAM drive on my computer. Nota bene, a RAM-disk; in other words, on every reboot this drive is flushed and becomes empty. This is...
  4. mehr32

    "Bug report" keyboard shortcuts do not work on Wayland outside the active window

    Hello ! I'm on Arch distribution of wayland Plasma Desktop. When I'm in obs itself the hotkeys work fine, but when I switch to the presentation window or my browser to start recording (even though obs is open and running) the hotkeys don't work to start recording for example . (I have tried...
  5. H

    OBS Crashing When Opened

    Hello! My name is HiSenero and I am a streamer on Twitch. Over the past week or so, I have been running into an issue where I open OBS and as soon as I see the UI, it closes out immediately. At first, there was no crash log and I assumed all of this was because of my SELive plugin. So, I...
  6. lontage

    OBS not starting on M1 Max / Sonoma 14

    Hello together, I loved using OBS for many years now, but sadly, since I switched to my new M1 Max MacBook Pro, OBS is not starting. It's just jumping in the dock and it says "Application not responding". I tried clearing the library folders and reinstalling the whole application, but nothing...
  7. R

    H265 Youtube Streaming bugs out when 90% of video is still

    Hi there guys! Lately I've been streaming a lot of Rimworld on my second channel on YouTube and I noticed a weird bug. When the game is paused and the only thing moving on a screen is my camera in the corner it bugs out. It starts to look blocky and choppy every second or two for a split second...
  8. O

    Black screen when I alt-tab

    So whenever I alt-tab the video goes black for ~5 seconds. This only happens with Geometry Dash when I tab in/out of the game. I don't want to play windowed and it is very annoying. I use display capture on automatic capture method. I have no filters and use my only monitor. Please help.
  9. G

    Fullscreen Optimization Bug

    When i disabled fullscreen optimizations (Game<< Right Click << Compatibility << “Disable Fullscreen Optimizations”) obs not recording the game.When i capture the game and watch it , all i can see is black screen and background audio and this happened on cs2, csgo and valorant. Is there...
  10. L


    My obs simply when opening it locks my entire PC and becomes unusable, having to restart it forcefully using the button, without a crash or anything like that, it doesn't last more than 1 second open.
  11. J

    XComposite cause failure under OBS in Debian (Gnome in XOrg)

    As soon as I do a mouse click in any XComposite component in the Scene, the software crases itself. I tried lot of things, but... Nothing worked. Meanwhile I am using an appimage old version that is stable enough and don't cause me more bugs... But I guess that there is somethign wrong here...
  12. ramoses

    UNICODE for Python Install Path

    I've noticed that OBS won't recognize the path where Python is installed if it has any non-ASCII characters. I've spent almost 2 hours trying to figure out why OBS wouldn't recognize Python, then another 2 hours trying to set my embedded Python with variables and pip. That is totally not user...
  13. A

    Error message when typing resolution into video settings page.

    Hello, I have been using OBS to record 9:16 videos without any problems on my MacBook pro. Today I installed it on my Windows Machine, but the video settings panel does not allow me to type in any resolutions that are outside of the 16:9 aspect ratio into the video settings page. For instance...
  14. keyoy

    sRGB off Blend Method

    Why was that changed and it's not as default? Everything with opacity is displayed different than in design programs and has this weird black outline when white object is on white background. Here you can see comparison of same image, left with - right without
  15. for_the_zero

    Unable to capture screen

  16. A

    Audio Source not removed from OBS after deletion (Group Related)

    Operating system and version: Win10 x64 OBS Studio version: OBS.29.1.3 x64 OBS Audio Settings All available Global Audio Devices have been set to disabled (see attached photo) Expected Behavior after removing all sources, related audio sources should be removed from audio mixer list; after...
  17. gpflpvp

    [BUG] Minimizing to System Tray

    bug: A black screen of obs app is seen during the recording. Conditions: 1. Enable the "Hide OBS window from screen capture" 2. Enable the System Tray 3. Enable the "Always minimize to system tray instead of task bar" Steps: 1. start recording 2. minimize the obs app 3. open the ops app on...
  18. M

    Strange OBS Error, Disconnect and stops working

    Hi, for quite a time now i have this strange problem while streaming. First of all, everything is up to date and no settings or whatsoever were changed, tried reinstalls and everything multiple times. The problem is this: At some point ( few minutes, some hours, doesnt matter) my obs bitrate...
  19. M

    Obs doesn’t capture mouse while recording Minecraft bedrock on windows pc with game capture.

    So basically the problem is that if I use game capture to record Minecraft Bedrock Edition on windows, for some reason, the pc mouse is not captured even if capture mouse is on. Please fix this issue or let me know about a solution to this problem.
  20. H

    My source list keeps disappearing on the latest version and my capture card audio won’t work unless I update

    Hello! As a streamer who frequently plays games off of my capture card, this has been an issue for me for a while. Currently, I’m stuck on version 27.2.4 and my capture card audio wouldn’t work for a while. So, I tried updating my client and the audio works, but the source list won’t show...