1. H

    My source list keeps disappearing on the latest version and my capture card audio won’t work unless I update

    Hello! As a streamer who frequently plays games off of my capture card, this has been an issue for me for a while. Currently, I’m stuck on version 27.2.4 and my capture card audio wouldn’t work for a while. So, I tried updating my client and the audio works, but the source list won’t show...
  2. S

    Could not access specified channel or stream key error

    Hey guys, would love to get some help. I'm desperate at this point. I've tried resetting the streaming key multiple times and reconnecting the account. The usual other trouble shooting stuff (Restarting the program and computer) didn't work either. I've tried selecting a new server manually as...
  3. B

    NV12 color format is not giving me the right colors

    Hello everyone, i actually use a translator to speak with you because iam french so I use obs to make videos only when I use the NV12 format the colors are not the same as my rendered game (uglier) so I use the I444 format which only works well for it when I edit on Sony Vegas I have to export...
  4. F

    OBS make my pc lags when i open it

    OBS make my pc lags when i open it. It started 2 weeks ago. I don't know why but i already tried to reinstall obs. What can i do?
  5. E

    Obs Bug

    I have a gaming laptop with an rtx 3070. I had some really old drivers installed, so i updated them, and my mouse cursor is hidden behind most windows. I noticed this when i started up a game, and my cursor was GONE. i could still click things though, and it also dowsnt record sound anymore, and...
  6. v.L.A.D

    Audio Output Capture becomes inactive in studio mode

    Audio Output Capture becomes inactive when in studio mode. Reproduction steps: Open OBS and switch out of "Studio Mode". Make new scene. Add a Audio Output Capture to the scene Notice that it appears in the Audio Mixer Switch to "Studio Mode" Notice that the Audio Output Capture is no longer in...
  7. S

    Scene filter bug in OBS v29.0.2

    Hi guys, I found a bug using the freeze filter on a scene. I use the freeze filter on a scene that contain a source with my camera. When I open OBS the freeze filter is visible, and the camera on source is not visible. If I hide the freeze filter on scene, the source return visible. But if I...
  8. SpiderOver

    Refresh Rate drop While Streaming

    Hello everyone!! I'm starting to stream and I experencied a little problem. Every time that I am streaming my game has a micro refresh rate drop sometimes (only on my side), while my fps is locked at 60 100% of the time. I don't think that is the hardware fault, as my cpu is working at 20-30% of...
  9. Yasunaii_

    OBS STUDIO 29.0.2 Audio bug

    -----Message en Français----- 'ai ce problème depuis plusieurs version d'OBS STUDIO, En gros sa fait sa : J'ai cut la scène au bon moment et après c'est juste la fin de la vidéo https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dFdKfdGB4-4 Concernant mes paramètre obs vous retrouverais des screen ci-joint ...
  10. U

    OBS stuck on minimized state (Macbook Air 2017 - Monterey 12.6.3 - OBS 29.0.2)

    Hello everyone My OBS suddenly stuck in the minimized state and cannot go back uniminized. The problem is that the app is not even registered as active (it's not shown when you alt+tab, and even not shown when you try to force quit), but it is actually running on the background. Also, it shown...
  11. E

    Skipped frames/Frames missed in OBS

    This is what my OBS stats looks like as soon as I open up a game whilst streaming. I've tried literally everything I can find on the internet (lowering res, changing bitrates, reinstalling OBS, even resetted my entire pc, changed from NVIDIA to x264) nothing works.. anyone out there that's got a...
  12. PeeGeePee

    Game Capture Not Working As Intended

    Whenever I try to resize the game capture size by using transform, the size gets automatically resized to 90001x90001 pixels and the main screen doesn't show anything, it just shows a black screen. The borders work as intended but there is no screen shown so I cannot record anything using game...
  13. henRYANand

    Layout resets everytime I restart

    Hey there everyone, Just recently I came across a really weird bug: Whenever I launch my OBS in admin mode, everything is fine. But when I launch OBS without admin, my entire layout is reset every time I restart obs. Like for instance: If I launch OBS without admin, add an image source, and...
  14. K

    Application Audio Capture not available in sources, tried to reinstall and still nothing

    windows 10, obs 29.0.0
  15. danieleambrosino

    Weird behavior in scheduling callback from script_load

    I've written a stupid-simple Lua script to automate scene switching pseudo-randomly for a live streaming, and I ran into some bizarre behavior. This function schedules the callback for the next scene switch: local function schedule_next_switch() obslua.timer_remove(switch_scene) local...
  16. G

    Trying to record a virtual machine on VMware.

    Hello, today i'm trying to record a virtual machine, but when i try it, the virtual machine loks weird. Someone can help?
  17. CodePixel

    Control audio via OBS - Monitoring not working fix.

    OBS can hear audio but I can't. I can't get OBS to output audio to my monitoring device. Recently ran in to an issue with monitoring browser source audio via OBS, Output works for stream but I can't hear on my end. Make sure your audio devices are set up properly before trying this (bug?) fix...
  18. Vaesive

    OBS 28.1.2 Log File Record Settings are not matching what log file shows.

    Been running into very strange encoding errors lately; I cannot seem to hold 720p 60FPS @ 4k bitrate steady anymore while streaming with a 2080ti, 32gb 3200 RAM and 10900K CPU. It's driving me BONKERS. So, decided to dive into the logs and do some testing with recording and what settings I have...
  19. D

    El chat no se muestra sino hasta después de 1 hora o 2 con el OBS abierto

    Mi problema actual es que al actualizar OBS a la ultima versión 28.1.2 el chat dejó de mostrarse cuando abro OBS, aun cuando estoy mostrando la fuente... El problema no es la pagina donde uso mi chat pues como se muestra en la imagen si lo pruebo desde el navegador esta se muestra sin problemas...
  20. FutureTuber

    Please help me fix the "Stopping Recording..." Bug

    Alright, I've tried everything and I literally have no idea why it isn't fixed but I had two really good recordings gone all because of this stupid bug. I am really close to switching to streamlabs because this is just getting really stupid and don't want to have to deal with this anymore...