1. LifeWulf

    Extremely disruptive audio issues

    I have no idea what is causing this, but it started when streaming Bioshock Infinite, and it suddenly cropped up with a game that used to be fine, Tales of Vesperia: Definitive Edition. What's been happening is, audio is "fine" until a new track or process plays, then I lose audio only on my end...
  2. V

    Weird video importing in Sony Vegas Pro 21

    well when i import recordings from obs studio into Sony Vegas Pro 21 it's not importing right well when the length of the record is long in sony vegas it's like 0.2-0.4 milliseconds so how to fix this? here's my settings: pc specs: GIGABYTE AORUS B450 ELITE V2 RYZEN 5 5600G Rx Vega 7 ACER...
  3. P

    Alerts Video and Audio Glitching

    Hello, i dont know why but I have some alerts with Twitch points using TriggerFyre and other alerts with StreamElements, and some videos that i use in TriggerFyre and StreamElements alerts, glitches in Obs. Like, it glitches for some seconds, video and audio, and then it continues til the end. I...
  4. Iseox

    Transition bug

    All my transitions between OBS scenes work, except when I go from one specific scene to another. I only have one that does that... I've tried several ways of resolving this, but none of them work. Can anyone help me? I have a tiny freeze that makes the source I'm going to appear, just before...
  5. S

    Problem with overlapping text whilst it's scrolling.

    G'day. I'm having this problem where if text is too long, then whilst it's scrolling (Using the scroll filter), it'll overlap at a certain point. How do I prevent this from occurring?
  6. IGS

    OBS 30.0.2 Browser Source Artifacting

    Hi I just updated to the latest public version and my browser sources have some graphical artifacts
  7. Ko01

    [BUG] Can't change replay buffer settings using NVENC AV1 Lossless

    When setting NVENC AV1 encode to lossless, the replay buffer options are greyed out, at the bottom it says "cannot estimate memory usage. Please set maximum memory limit." but the memory limit box is greyed out too. The only workaraound i've found has been setting the encoder to CQP, changing...
  8. J

    Hardware (QSV, H.264) encoder not working after OBS update

    The hardware encoder worked perfectly fine before the update and I could stream and record with it just fine. But after I updated OBS it no longer lets me record and this warning pops up: The software (x264) encoder works but is very laggy and is extremely hard on the CPU and I cant stream with...
  9. E

    Black screen when recording and if adding new display source then red square appears

    Black screen when recording and if adding new display source then red square appears help and i can't resize it, i on windows 11 23H2 it looking like this:
  10. M

    Audio Crackle Randomly

    Multiple times (usually 2 or 3) during a 5 hour stream one source of my split audio will start crackling for ~30 seconds and then return to normal, I use Application Audio Capture to split my game, discord and microphone audio into different tracks (as well as music only on stream but not on...
  11. laund

    Bug: "Resize output (source size)" does not respect cropping done by alt+dragging edges of a source and resizing.

    Before "Resize output (source size)", the source is cropped by holding Alt and dragging the edges, and resized by dragging the edges without Alt After "Resize output (source size)" is pressed, it scales the cropped region up to the original source size, and keeps the same aspect ratio: This...
  12. C

    Window size keeps changing

    if i add a source or play a game this window keeps changing sizes https://youtu.be/-EPUVCkStKE
  13. S

    Bug Report: OBS not able to Window Capture LibreOffice drop down menus on Windows 10

    When using the Window capture mode and selecting LibreOffice (x86) , it is not showing drop-menu in recording. Had to use Display Capture instead. Technical Info: OS: Windows Edition Windows 10 Home Single Language Version 22H2 Installed on ‎04/‎08/‎23 OS build 19045.3693...
  14. D

    Hotkey doesn't work while playing game.

    Technically it does work while playing the game, but I must not be clicking any game functions. If I am running with WASD say, I can't click my F9 record replay button, it won't work. The only way it works is if I am completely inactive, not pressing any buttons usable by the game, and press...
  15. T

    Left shift and left control keybind issues.

    so. how do i unbind a key that says it's not bound but when you check it in the hotkeys it says its bound to every single action in the program? its the left shift and left control on my keyboard. whenever I hit them it turns off all my sources and sends me to a random scene.
  16. gewone

    Possible minor Windows bug; "Bad File Path" when target is empty.

    Hiya! I'm running OBS (latest) on a Windows 10 machine. Works a charm but I just noticed one thing, a bit strange. I'm using the infamous ImDisk to engage a snappy RAM drive on my computer. Nota bene, a RAM-disk; in other words, on every reboot this drive is flushed and becomes empty. This is...
  17. mehr32

    "Bug report" keyboard shortcuts do not work on Wayland outside the active window

    Hello ! I'm on Arch distribution of wayland Plasma Desktop. When I'm in obs itself the hotkeys work fine, but when I switch to the presentation window or my browser to start recording (even though obs is open and running) the hotkeys don't work to start recording for example . (I have tried...
  18. H

    OBS Crashing When Opened

    Hello! My name is HiSenero and I am a streamer on Twitch. Over the past week or so, I have been running into an issue where I open OBS and as soon as I see the UI, it closes out immediately. At first, there was no crash log and I assumed all of this was because of my SELive plugin. So, I...
  19. lontage

    OBS not starting on M1 Max / Sonoma 14

    Hello together, I loved using OBS for many years now, but sadly, since I switched to my new M1 Max MacBook Pro, OBS is not starting. It's just jumping in the dock and it says "Application not responding". I tried clearing the library folders and reinstalling the whole application, but nothing...
  20. R

    H265 Youtube Streaming bugs out when 90% of video is still

    Hi there guys! Lately I've been streaming a lot of Rimworld on my second channel on YouTube and I noticed a weird bug. When the game is paused and the only thing moving on a screen is my camera in the corner it bugs out. It starts to look blocky and choppy every second or two for a split second...