1. L

    Sudden drop to 0 kb/s, OBS becomes background process

    Been experiencing an issue every day for over a week, where after roughly 2 hours of streaming, OBS reports 0 kb/s bitrate despite the internet still working fine (I checked). It functions for a few minutes before encountering the same issue after a full restart of the program. Upon opening...
  2. F

    Crash after switching scene collection

    If I switch a scene collection, OBS will crash before it is switched (with no crash report just "not responding"). This time I tried a bit with creating a new scene collection, which works fine, and then switching back and forth and got this crash log. Maybe it helps...
  3. F

    Media Source problem

    A media source with a local file... "Play the source" and cut the scene before the media ends when i cut to this scene again, for a moment, its streamed the last frame showed, before he restarted
  4. sxiii

    Bug Report Text area does not correctly display UTF-8 symbols from file

    ## Platform Operating system and version: Manjaro 19 OBS Studio version: 25.0.8-1 ## Expected Behavior Show "☮" and other UTF-8 and 16 symbols. ## Current Behavior Does not show the UTF-8 symbols correctly even with font that has the symbols. ## Steps to Reproduce 1. Type-in the UTF-8 symbol...
  5. W

    Question / Help iMac Pro High Sierra 10.13 - OBS has suddenly stopped working

    Cheers, We were supposed to have a session this saturday, got to run with a laptop now. I tried to run OBS from terminal. I have rebooted Mac couple of times, removed and downloaded OBS again. Help appreciated. Thank you!
  6. M

    Bug Report Can't Record Screen (Black Screen)

    My problem seems to be simple, when trying to record the screen, everything is black, however none of the solutions in the first 10 pages of google have worked for me. what i have tried without results is the following: - Start in compatibility mode with windows 7 - Start as Administrator -...
  7. D

    Bug Report Not working at all with Fireface RME 802 soundcard

    Hello, I'm coming since I can't use OBS with my fireface RME 802, nor by firewire nor by USB, on Mac OS X. No sound is captured whereas the soundcard is recognized. It works perfectly with other softwares... In the logs : Fireface 802 (23675986)' initialized [input_callback]:[device 'Fireface...
  8. S

    Question / Help Pas de son Windows / No sound on Windows

    Bonjour, j'utilise la version 25.0.8 de OBS Studio et je n'ai aucun son sur le bureau. Merci English : Hello, I use version 25.0.8 of OBS Studio and I have no sound on the desktop. Thank you
  9. Y

    Question / Help OBS for Mac receives NDI signal from windows laptop but not iOS devices.

    Hello, I'm using latest OBS on iMac 5K, 2019 at my church. When I added NDI input, it shows NDI signal from laptop running windows 10. Both NDI scan converter and PPT NDI worked well. But when I choose NDI signals from iPad or iPhone using NDI HX Camera/Capture apps, it only received audio not...
  10. jamesjam101

    Question / Help OBS 25.0.8 opens then disappears and but webcam is still on

    I am running 13inch MacBook-Pro with Catalina 10.15.4 when I try to open OBS 25.0.8 it opens then disappears and but the webcam is still on. I have tried a fresh reinstall and using an older version as it had previously worked for me.
  11. DichterNebel

    Bug Report OBS crashes when using two monitors with two graphic cards

    Hi, my setup uses an AMD RX graphic card for the main monitor and an Intel HD on-board GPU for the second monitor. This way I am able to reduce the load for the AMD card when playing FPS while having some programs running on the second monitor. I'm capturing my game on the first monitor that...
  12. Z

    Question / Help Obs recording video stuck

  13. A

    Bug Report Advance Audio Gain issue

    Hello If a line in from a sound mixer is a bit low due to cable losses etc then you have the ability in OBS to set the 0db gain level to something else. For example if you open the advanced audio property window then you can set the line in to be at +3db gain which in my case makes up for the...
  14. Bagny89

    Question / Help OBS Studio does not minimize to tray

    Hi, everybody. As the title says, although I have activated the checkpoints, OBS does not minimize itself to an icon. I also set the compatibility with Windows 7. And nothing, the icon remains on the taskbar (and also in the tray). If there's a way to solve this problem/bug, I'd really...
  15. D

    Bug Report Output Timer - Potential bug?

    Using OBS 25.0.1 (64bit, windows) I have observed the following "feature" when using the Output Timer tool to terminate a recording session: - The FIRST recording after launching OBS works as expected. Recording stops after exactly the specified time and is complete and correct. - The SECOND...
  16. D

    Question / Help Desktop Audio stopps after opening OBS

    Hello everyone I recently installed OBS to record something. When I open OBS my entire desktop audio (Spotify, Youtube, Netflix, Games etc.) stops playing resp. gets muted. It's weird because in the Audio Mixer it shows that Desktop Audio is playing.
  17. C

    Question / Help OBS recordings shaking

    Whenever a move my camera in a game the obs recording shakes. It goes forwards then back and so on. Can anyone help me fix this? Log report - https://obsproject.com/logs/nYkjO25pVfHBAE4p
  18. V

    Question / Help OBS delays the sound of certain source

    Hi there! I'm having troubles with my OBS v25.0.1 and my windows 10 64bits, let me explain: I'm streaming since 16 months ago and never had problems. Never restarted the OBS, everything was going well.... Three days ago something started to happen: Since 3 days ago, after 3-4h of being...
  19. X

    Bug Report Audio bug

    LOG: https://obsproject.com/logs/o2DwTTLJwZk_QsZ3 I noticed since version 24 (and now in version 25) that OBS does not output the audio to stream or recording in some cases. - If you go to settings -> Audio, and disable Desktop audio and Mic audio. Then you add a video capture device (teste...
  20. J

    Bug Report OBS Fails to reconnect during connection drop out

    My Interenet occasionally has a hic up and drops out while I am streaming. I'll relaunch my game / refresh my twitch chat and everything comes right back up. OBS however does not. Not only does it simply stay at 0 kb/sec transmission, but when I click "Stop streaming" and confirm I want it to...