1. A

    Question / Help Red / Black screen when recording Total War: Rome II Battles

    Hi all, I have a specific game problem here that has never happened before. When recording Total War: Rome II, the campaign map recording is fine, but when recording battles, it becomes red and black as in the picture attached. Any ideas what may be causing this? Cheers.
  2. avrona

    Question / Help Display Capture Doesn't Work! How can I fix this?

    For some reason display capture doesn't work. Whenever I record from that source all that shows up in the final file and the preview is a black screen! However the preview in the properties tab for the display capture is perfectly fine. How do I fix this issue?
  3. avrona

    Question / Help Black Screen When Trying to Use "Display Capture"

    Whenever I try to record my monitor using display capture, all get in the preview and final file are a black screen. However the preview in display capture properties window is correct. Anyone know how to fix tihs?
  4. C

    Question / Help <SOLVED> Some new, different bug of OBS, came from nowhere?

    Hi, i'm usually streaming 1080p 60fps via NVENC with 6000 bitrate, but last weeks i struggle with some new bug, idk how to tell, just because i can't find any info about this issue in the Google, so, what i have: OBS starts eating CPU with time, always increasing "average time of the frame...