Problem with window capture when the window is not focused


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Just an observation: im not a Native American so my english can be... very curious.

So, the problem is,im trying to make a record while i do other stuff, but, the screen that is recording (a youtube video) freezes when is not focused, example, Edge if focused and recording, if i get back to OBS (maximized) the preview and the record freezes and just the audio can be heard, idk what happened this problem was not appearing the first time i used OBS

just to complement, here's a screenshot of what i'm trying to say: (Also attached), its just recording the top part from the video, and if i minimize the entire page the record preview just stop, I haven't had this problem before.

some pages that i saw said about it so i'm just saying
The option "hardware acceleration" is disabled, both from Microsoft Edge and OBS



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with chrome its works on my machine but when you minimize the window its stop this is normal and cant be changed
its the same when you minimized the windows in the windows window preview the video stops also


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and my tuning for your system
16:48:29.761: Game Bar: On
16:48:29.761: Game DVR: On
Disable it

16:48:29.761: Windows Version: 10.0 Build 18363 (release: 1909; revision: 1139; 64-bit)
Update Windows

16:48:29.776: Norton 360: enabled (AV)
deinstall faster you can
look here

16:48:35.730: [CoreAudio encoder]: CoreAudio AAC encoder not installed on the system or couldn't be loaded