[BUG + FIX] Black preview embed window on Linux w/ HiDPI monitors


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Hi all,

I'm posting this here in case anybody else finds it helpful. I was running into an issue with OBS (both the 25.x.x and 26.x.x series) where the embedded preview widow would always be black, no matter which sources I added. The windowed and fullscreen previews worked just fine, however. I'm running OBS on a slightly customized Ubuntu 20.04:

* Two 4K HiDPI monitors
* i3wm instead of the default DE
* A custom .Xresources that includes an Xft.dpi setting

In my case, the fix was to set QT_AUTO_SCREEN_SCALE_FACTOR=0 in the environment before running OBS. Once I did that, my preview embed worked as expected.

As a full invocation (in bash or whatever shell you use):