1. P

    Bug Report Opening OBS causes 10% FPS loss in game, recording with NVENC causes 20% fps loss

    Does this seem normal or should the performance impact from running OBS be less. My hardware isn't great but should be good enough, i5 4670k, 16GB RAM, GTX 960 4GB, running Ubuntu 18.04 and Nvidia driver 430.x (long lived branch). I notice that if I open a game and turn off vsync so the fps...
  2. zepar

    Question / Help Trying to create a window capture for any window except OBS fails with BadAlloc

    My system is Manjaro, with Gnome 3.34 and anytime i want to create a window capture, terminal gives out the error message error: xcompcap: glXCreatePixmap failed: BadAlloc (insufficient resources for operation) for any window that i tried to record, except for OBS itself, which it will happily...
  3. SodaScripter

    Question / Help Error compiling obs-studio-24.0.3 on Gentoo

    soda@ChadTop obs-studio-24.0.3/build » make -j4 [ 1%] Built target obspython_swig_compilation [ 2%] Built target media-playback [ 3%] Built target glad [ 3%] Built target obslua_swig_compilation [ 3%] Built target obs-ffmpeg-mux [ 25%] Built target libobs [ 26%] Built target file-updater [...
  4. V

    Question / Help OBS does not detect windows on Window Capture

    Hello, this is surely a common error, but I only found solutions fixing the problem on Windows. I was using OBS successfully on Linux, but since I had to reset everything to factory settings caused by a crash and re-installed OBS, I have the following problem: The expandable menu to select the...
  5. S

    Why is OBS vers 24.0.0 missing features on Linux?

    I don't get this update. Why release version 24.0.0 of OBS on Linux if you're not giving the same feature sets for all platforms? Where's the Dynamic Bitrate option? Where's Pause Recording option? Where's the dockable Custom Browser Panels that integrates with streaming platforms? Why are these...
  6. universallp

    scrab 1.0

    scrab Screen grab adds a configurable hotkey to quickly select a screen region and add it as an image source to the current scene. The plugin saves all screenshots into your home directory by default. If you wish to change that, open your obs-studio config and edit it: Windows: Open...
  7. B

    Bug Report NVENC: Segmentation fault

    Hello, I am currently trying to get OBS-Studio to use the NVENC encoder instead of x264 on Gentoo Linux. OBS simply crashes without a proper error code or anything when trying to start the stream. I linked both the log from OBS and the obs --verbose terminal output. The stream works when using...
  8. universallp

    Tuna 1.3.1

    Tuna Let's you display information about the currently playing song in obs without running a third-party app. Currently supports three different ways of music sources: Spotify (All song information, including Cover art) MPD (All song information) Window title (additional formatting, like...
  9. R

    Question / Help ffmpeg is ok, OBS still don't show nvenc as a encoder

    Hi guys! I'm having a little problem with OBS in Linux. My ffmpeg already have nvenc working, but still, OBS can't use it as a encoder for streaming/recording. I'm on Ubuntu 19.04, Nvidia Proprietary Drivers installed, CUDA, everything is working fine. I've already tried the official...
  10. N

    Question / Help Video Freezes After 15-30 Sec and Stays Frozen

    Hello everyone. I'm having this bizarre problem where OBS on Linux displays video from my camera, but then the video freezes after 15-30 seconds, and stays frozen. The OBS program itself does not get frozen/unresponsive. Just the video signal. Here are the steps that lead to it... [1] I run OBS...
  11. L

    Question / Help [FIXED] Weird Flickering When Screen Capturing

    I'm using Linux Mint Cinnamon 19.1. Yesterday I rewatched my Twitch livestream and noticed an incredibly ugly flickering bar sweeping across my screen. It is very distracting and I would like to resolve the issue. The issue only happens whenever I...
  12. R

    Question / Help Very Choppy Video

    So I've been fiddle farting around with OBS four a few weeks. When I after I finished recording the video file that's created is very choppy with quite a bit of stuttering. I've lowered my output resolution to 720p and have tried tweaking around with the settings to no avail, understand I'm sure...
  13. L

    Question / Help Linux service integration?

    Is there a thread or bug report or anything where I can follow the progress of the Linux service integration?
  14. sotrh

    Bug Report Black Screen in 2019 (Version 23.1, Linux Mint 19.0, GTX 940M and GTX 1060)

    I've been looking at making some dev streams using OBS, but I haven't been having much luck. I tried on my laptop which is an Acer Aspire with a builtin GEFORCE 940M, and on my desktop which is a TS140 with a GTX 1060. Both computers run Linux Mint 19.0, have up to date Nvidia drivers (390 in...
  15. Q

    Question / Help Audio Issue - Fuzzy and Phase

    Hey All I’m new here and really enjoy the software but I have run into a bit of a problem. Here is my set up PS4 - ClonerAlliance Flint LX - loop out to TV - Flint LX USB 3 to Laptop Laptop : System 76 Pop Os Darter Pro i5 8th Gen, 16GB Ram I have been running tests and it’s been doing...
  16. drpeppercan

    Question / Help How to add a yellow circle to my mouse cursor?

    You know, it's to help the viewer focusing on where the cursor is on the screen. I didn't have much luck searching this :( Thanks
  17. B

    Question / Help OBS Xcomposite source does not follow changes

    Hi All! I have a problem with Xcomposite source. The Xcomposite source does not follow in OBS, what happen in source window, unless If I move the source wndow, OBS will start the following. I made a Youtube video about it, becouse It is hard for me to describe this...
  18. Tuna

    obs-nvfbc 0.0.2

    obs-nvfbc OBS Studio source plugin using NVIDIA's FBC API for Linux. Requirements NVIDIA Linux drivers 410.66 or newer IMPORTANT: This plugin will NOT work with your regular NVIDIA GeForce graphics cards! The following NVIDIA GPUs are supported. This won't change unless NVIDIA releases an...
  19. W

    Question / Help Dell Studio 540 Solus Help Required

    Hey everybody, hope you're all good. I'm having issues opening OBS after switching from Windows 7 64bit to Linux. I'm currently using an old Dell Studio 540 which could run OBS without any issues on Windows, however due to the age of the system and performance issues with other software...
  20. w23

    Experimental zero-copy screen capture on Linux

    I was having performance issues when streaming livecoding heavy GLSL raymarching and pathtracing shaders, so instead of optimizing my shaders I read about libdrm, KMS, DMA-BUF and EGL. As a result, I made a very experimental zero-copy screen capture OBS plugin for Linux based on DMA-BUF fds and...