1. BillyJBryant

    OBS Crashing when Browsing for an Image

    When I attempt to browse for an Image, OBS crashes, this was not happening yesterday (or days prior). I have rebooted, to no avail. Not entirely sure what to do here as there are no crash logs produced. I took an strace and I'm uploading that, hopefully that helps. I should also note that this...
  2. C

    Can't play SRT stream through media source on OBS Linux. Works on Windows and through ffplay in Linux.

    OS: Ubuntu Server 20.04 SLS version: 1.4.6 SRT version: 1.4.1 OBS Linux version: 25.0.8 Not sure what I am doing wrong here! The SRT server is running smoothly ( I can even add the server as media source in OBS on Windows, and it plays really nicely...
  3. P

    Laptop black screen issues, but on Linux.

    All the guides Ive seen for troubleshooting this have been about the Windows version. If it helps Im running Ubuntu, Xenial, and my DE is LXDE. Im also running the whole thing through Crouton if that helps. It seems like it can take still images for the thumbnail of the file, but the audio...
  4. M

    Question / Help Unable to capture audio from capture card

    Hello, I have a Plugable Nix Capture Card, which works multiplatform (Windows, Mac, *nix). I have been able to configure everything on my Windows partition perfectly, but with Linux (Mint 19.3), I have been unable to capture audio at all with the device. Not sure what I should be doing, I've...
  5. A

    Question / Help Problem installating on Linux

    I have folow all the steps to instal in Linux, but when i enter the code:: apt-get install ffmpeg obs-studio OR apt install obs-studio and diferent variants (being root in the all cases), the terminal always show me this message: No se pudieron instalar algunos paquetes. Esto puede significar...
  6. FalcoGer

    Question / Help Service Integration for Linux?

    I am streaming from my Linux laptop using OBS and I helped a friend to set up OBS for windows and he suddenly has those lovely features such as chat or setting the Stream title from OBS for twitch. So that was new for me and I looked all over my installation without finding anything. When I...
  7. simernes

    Question / Help OBS camera changes permanently modify system camera

    Hi, I've recently installed OBS on my Fedora 31 computer, and I've compiled and installed the obs-v4l2sink plugin as well. This is working fine, however I double clicked on the video source "Video Capture Device" in OBS, and it made my camera very red. These changes automatically persisted even...
  8. Kamil00

    Question / Help Problem with OBS building on raspberry pi3b+

    Hello! I have a problem building OBS on raspberry pi3b +. I'm doing exactly what's in this guide: And during build, the raspberry stutters forever. Can anything be done about it? Maybe there is some...
  9. P

    Question / Help Unable to capture the same window twice on Linux with OBS 25.0.3

    I'm trying to capture separate webcam feeds from a Discord session in order to position them in a scene, but I'm only able to capture the application window once. I've been able to do this on Windows 10 (OBS 25.0.1), but not on Pop!_OS 19.10. I've tested this with an older 23.x.x version, the...
  10. TheMindVirus

    Question / Help OBS Raspberry Pi Build Instructions

    It is possible to build OBS Studio for Linux from source on the Raspberry Pi 3 upwards! Disclaimer: Please make sure you understand what this code does first, then you may run it at your own risk. As versions change, problems may arise. The scripts take a long time, especially on underpowered...
  11. Volfase

    Bug Report Error

    i tryed record game which use vulkan but not record just freeze when i start game using latest obs version OS: Ubuntu 18.04.4 LTS KERNEL: 5.3.0-28-generic CPU: Intel Core i3-7100 @ 3.90GHz GPU: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 960 GPU DRIVER: NVIDIA 435.21 RAM: 12 GB
  12. S

    Question / Help OBS can't connect to pulseaudio server

    Howdy yall, Just downloaded OBS on ubuntu 18.04 and am trying to get my devices set up, but when I go to select audio devices they all appear as disabled. Upon closer inspection, within pavucontrol, I see that OBS isn't even connected to the pulse audio server. running obs from terminal...
  13. gsp

    Question / Help Record DSLR camera in Debian

    Hi, I couldn't find a way to connect my Canon DSLR Camera to Debian and record from there. I tried with gphoto2 but I keep getting an error and I haven't seen any up to date guide on how to do it. Can someone share some guidance on how to record in OBS with a DSLR camera in linux (ideally...
  14. hollowsaibot

    Bug Report Video freezes when recording

    Hi, when I check the video I realize that after some minutes recording is frozen. The audio plays well but the video doesn't. I have set 15000 of bitrate with NVENC codec, "keyframes" 2, Max B-frames 2. I think that it is when the videogame turns into fullscreen. Maybe on windowed mode it works...
  15. M

    Question / Help Is FTL exclusively feature for Windows platform?

    Is FTL exclusively feature for Windows platform? I am asking because FTL not working on my Linux system.
  16. unfa

    Bug Report OBS memory leak randomly taking down my PC

    Last month this happened for the first time - OBS was causing memory leaks filling up all my SWAP (16 GB) and all my RAM (32 GB) and taking down my system twice during a live event. Today I'm doing another stream and the same is happening. It works well for a while, but the suddenly it starts...
  17. J

    Bug Report Fedora 31: Preview window is transparent

    Occurs on both flatpak and repo. Can't use the preview window, it just doesn't exist.
  18. P

    Bug Report Opening OBS causes 10% FPS loss in game, recording with NVENC causes 20% fps loss

    Does this seem normal or should the performance impact from running OBS be less. My hardware isn't great but should be good enough, i5 4670k, 16GB RAM, GTX 960 4GB, running Ubuntu 18.04 and Nvidia driver 430.x (long lived branch). I notice that if I open a game and turn off vsync so the fps...
  19. zepar

    Question / Help Trying to create a window capture for any window except OBS fails with BadAlloc

    My system is Manjaro, with Gnome 3.34 and anytime i want to create a window capture, terminal gives out the error message error: xcompcap: glXCreatePixmap failed: BadAlloc (insufficient resources for operation) for any window that i tried to record, except for OBS itself, which it will happily...
  20. SodaScripter

    Question / Help Error compiling obs-studio-24.0.3 on Gentoo

    soda@ChadTop obs-studio-24.0.3/build » make -j4 [ 1%] Built target obspython_swig_compilation [ 2%] Built target media-playback [ 3%] Built target glad [ 3%] Built target obslua_swig_compilation [ 3%] Built target obs-ffmpeg-mux [ 25%] Built target libobs [ 26%] Built target file-updater [...