1. H

    OBS Sometimes Requires Audio Toggle To Record Sound

    I'm running OBS 29.0.2 (via Flatpak on Xubuntu 22.04 with wireplumber 0.4.13 and pipewire 0.3.66), and I find that even when the Desktop Audio and Mic/Aux are set to the correct devices, I sometimes have to "toggle" them (switch them to another audio device, then switch them back) before they...
  2. B

    Teleport add and delete server using API

    Hello team, we have bulk number of servers, is it possible to add all server in teleport dashboard using teleport API??? or is there any other solution to add bulk servers in teleport , if yes please suggest
  3. arf20

    Build ffmpeg for NVENC support in debian

    These are the steps to build a ffmpeg deb package with NVENC support to make hardware acceleration available for OBS Required an nVIDIA card with a reasonably updated driver Install nv encoder headers matching your driver: git clone --branch <version branch>...
  4. Lengran

    qsv/vaapi encoder unavailable in obs

    I just switched from Windows to Linux and find the qsv encoder missing in obs. After some searching I still don't have a clue on how to fix it. Can someone give me some ideas so I can get it working please? Thanks for any help. Screenshot of OBS encoder settings: My hardware setting is Acer...
  5. P

    OBS Crashes Whole PC on Heavy Load

    So over the two years I've been dual booting Linux I've been distro hopping around from arch, debian, and fedora. Every time I try to record gameplay with OBS after about 5 minutes the screens go black and my gpu fans spin to the max. This happens to me no matter the distro, and I can't find a...
  6. 8

    How to configure two separate microphone sources with one usb audio interface?

    Hi folks, I have a behringer 404 hd, a podmic (on Channel 1) and a beyerdynamic headset (on Channel 3). How can I configure OBS to use two different micro inputs? System: Manjaro Linux with pipewire PulseAudio (on PipeWire 0.3.56) Server Version: 15.0.0 Default Sample Specification: float32le...
  7. 1

    Free 1Lt_Jackmute | Toggle and Switch JACK connections (Linux) v0.2

    1Lt_Jackmute is a JACK client which enables you to toggle and switch JACK connections via shortcuts. I developed this application for my live streaming audio setup, to be able to mute my microphone and system audio via my keyboard whenever i need and to redirect my microphone to different ports...
  8. stevenwbuehler

    OBS on Ubuntu 22.04 crashes on startup

    The SNAP version of OBS seems to work okay, but the APT version of OBS crashes on startup. I am also unable to start a stream when trying to use Intel QSV hardware encoding: 16:26:31.782: CPU Name: 11th Gen Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-1165G7 @ 2.80GHz 16:26:31.782: CPU Speed: 2800.000MHz...
  9. kdeepak1996blore

    Would you tell me that will obs64v28 supports JioOS 2.0

    First, I Said the person on the Quora : "Is JioOS AOSP, Linux or the alternative to Windows?" and, The First Person Said : "It depends on user needs" But the Another Person Told that : "Linux power. A good little Debian and it works." These were their Answers to My Question. Is there any way...
  10. D

    OBS poor video quality under Linux

    OS: Manjaro kernel 5.19.11 Hardware: 5900X (PBO 170W) 32GB RAM 3600 1:1 5500XT 8GB 120Hz 1080p screen I have been experiencing poor video quality (recorded or streamed) for more than a year and regardless of the settings. Things i have tried so far: -KDE compositor settings. -Changing the...
  11. T

    Pipewire screen and window capture lag to single digit fps

    I'm running flatpak obs on fedora 36 with an nvidia card on wayland. I have also tried the unofficial fedora release and have had the same results. For some reason pipewire capture is incredibly laggy. Without even starting a stream or recording obs lags down to single digit fps. I tried the...
  12. Tuna

    VAAPI Encoder 0.4.1

    GStreamer based VAAPI encoder implementation. Taken out of the GStreamer OBS plugin as a standalone plugin. Simply because the FFMPEG VAAPI implementation shows performance bottlenecks on some AMD hardware.
  13. reisscake

    OBS Capturing is broken

    I wanted to try and stream a game (Clone Hero) for my small group of friends, however OBS runs into an issue. I am using window capture on Xcomposite, and while doing this, the preview on OBS is like this: This doesnt happen when I stream my desktop screen, but i'd...
  14. rob215x

    OBS on Manjaro Linux - Best Solution So Far!!

    Hi, I've only been streaming a few weeks but I love OBS. I'm also on Manjaro Linux and it's been my primary OS for over 3 years. This post is for anyone having trouble with OBS on Manjaro Linux, especially the missing "browser" source. I just spent 3 days installing and uninstalling various...
  15. Ursulo

    my video player plays back blurred recordings

    Hello I will be very brief so that I can understand I am using Pop OS and was doing some tests with the OBS and when I finish recording and play the recordings with VLC or the player that comes by default the video looks a little bad as if it had some stripes and a little blurry I thought it was...
  16. E

    Does platform affect NVENC quality? (Ampere/Turing)

    I couldn't find any comparison videos/screenshots if NVENC on windows and linux produce the same quality at the same settings. Is there any technical differences?
  17. O

    Building obs-rtspserver on jetson

    Hi everyone! I am trying to build obs-rtspserver plugin for my jetson with linux. I got an error "Could NOT find obs-frontend-api (missing: OBS_FRONTEND_API_INCLUDE_DIR)" Here are my steps: 1. Cloning the repository and changing the current folder...
  18. A

    NVENC not working on OBS flatpak (27.2.4)

    When running flatpak list --runtime: Output: Name Application ID Version Branch Installation Studio translations com.obsproject.Studio.Locale stable...
  19. M

    cant find AMD encoder

    i have use dual OS windows and linux , inside linux i cant find any encoder except (software 264 ) but in windows i found the AMD and another encoder my system is good and i install mesa and all opencl Operating System: Kali GNU/Linux 2022.2 KDE Plasma Version: 5.24.4 KDE Frameworks Version...
  20. N

    What is Linux?

    Linux is an open-source, community-developed Unix-like operating system (OS) for computers, servers, mainframes, mobile devices, and embedded devices. It is one of the most widely supported operating systems, with support for almost every major computer platform, including x86, ARM, and SPARC...