1. P

    Dummy Video - Great! Now, how about audio?

    Got OBS 27 up and running on Mint 20 with the dummy video sink for Teams/Skype/etc... Is there a way to configure an audio sink (as it were) the same as the video sink so I can mix the audio to these meeting services in OBS? The challenge I'm running into right now is that the "Mic In" in...
  2. Gathsara

    Window Capture Option Missing..?

    I am Using ArchCarf Linux(Based - ArchLinux) But Window Capture and Screen Chapter Options are Missing.. This is my install cmd - yay -S obs-studio how can I fix this..?
  3. matteodev

    Failed to start recording

    Hello. I wanted to record something on OBS but then I got his Error: Starting the output failed. Please check the log for details. Note: If you are using the NVENC or AMD encoders, make sure your video drivers are up to date. I use Software based encoding. Here is the log...
  4. B

    XFCE4 window size with two monitors

    I'm using XFCE4 on Arch Linux. The program works fine, but the minimum width for the window is larger than a single screen so the application is always split across monitors. I believe it's stretching itself to match the resolution of both monitors. I can resize it, but still not enough to fit...
  5. A

    VLC Video source, no properties available!

    Hi, I'm using the official obs studio pma or something like this. At the start it didn't even have vlc Video source after I installed the libvlc the vlc Video source was there but when I want to add properties there's nothing! Only a text view with "No properties available". I really need help
  6. N

    Linux Vulkan/OpenGL game capture 1.1.1

    Linux Vulkan/OpenGL game capture OBS plugin for Vulkan game capture on Linux. Requires OBS with EGL support (>=27.0). On X11 you need to explicitly enable EGL: OBS_USE_EGL=1 obs. Usage Add Game Capture to your OBS scene. Start the game with capture enabled Vulkan obs-vkcapture game OpenGL...
  7. MurdoMaclachlan

    No audio track in output recording (Slackware Current)

    Kind of as the title says. Recording/streaming with OBS 26.1.1 on Slackware Current, the audio in the mixer shows like it's working and I can monitor it and everything, but in the output file there is no audio, and when I imported it into a video editor, it shows I don't just have silent audio...
  8. SLINIcraftet204

    CPU Auslastung sehr Hoch obwohl nur OBS offen ist

    Hey ich habe seit einem Update, das OBS meint wortwörtlich meine CPU aufzufressen obwohl ich nur OBS offen habe und nichts anderes. Vorher war das noch nicht so, ich habe es auch schon deinstalliert und erneut installiert und eingestellt. Selbst wenn nur OBS offen ist und ich in die...
  9. D

    Transition place

    I'm using linux, learning OBS-Studio, i download, from "ttps://", obviously it is a transition, but i don't know where must i place it in ubuntu. 20.10. Where is the folder for it?... F1 please...
  10. MurdoMaclachlan

    Cannot start stream: "rtmp_output" not found, failed to create "adv_stream"

    I'm using Slackware Current, which I recently installed. I was using OBS with Slackware 14.2 and it worked for a long time - that was version 21, the current version is 26.1.1. I get the following console log when trying to start the stream (I'm using the x264 encoder). 03:39:12 PM.455: Output...
  11. M

    Weird UI artifact / glitch after installing OBS on Linux Mint

    Hello, I've just followed these instructions to install OBS (v26.1.1) on Mint (v20.1 - Cinnamon). After opening, my UI looks like it's glitched (see screenshot below). I'm not able to access the main menu or click on any buttons for the scene transitions / controls (nor anything that weird...
  12. cmccandless

    (Ubuntu 20.04) Virtual Camera will not start

    When I click "Start Virtual Camera", the button no longer changes to "Stop Virtual Camera", and the virtual camera is not started (not visible in system or other applications). The only thing in the logs is "Failed to start virtual camera". Logfile:
  13. joelgraff

    Playing movies during livestreams causes major issues

    I'm currently using OBS to broadcast live performances which sometimes require playing movie clips. The performances are both recorded locally and livestreamed. The main system is a Win10 box which takes a external feeds from a PTZ camera and a Presonus mixer. The Win10 system runs...
  14. C

    Ubuntu : OBS not detecting vaapi encoders

    Hi Developers, I have installed vaapi , following is output of vapinfo : libva info: VA-API version 1.1.0 libva info: va_getDriverName() returns 0 libva info: User requested driver 'i965' libva info: Trying to open /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/dri/ libva info: Found init function...
  15. F

    Xcomposite Window Capture is frozen / does not update

    Xcomposite shows 1 frame, but never updates, remaining frozen. If I change one of the window capture settings, it renders a new frame, and stays frozen there again. It updates while I'm moving the window around, but not when left in one place. It captures my cursor over the window, but not...
  16. N

    Hardware Recommendation

    I'm looking into starting to play around with capturing HDMI streams (4k and 1080p); currently for later uploading to Youtube, but not for live streaming. I have a Linux server here with a couple of VMs that I might want to try using for capturing (not sure how well this will work without GPU...
  17. Azarox

    Game Capture

    Hello, I am currently on Fedora 33, I would like to use OBS to stream games, but I can only use window capture and screenshot modes, is it possible to have game captures? Sorry for my English, I'm French. Thank you !
  18. C

    High Average Time to Render

    I'm using OBS 26.0.2 on Ubuntu 20.04. My desktop resolution is 2560x1440 and I am noticing that when I use the Screen Capture (XSHM) source, my "Average time to render frame" jumps up to around 4.0ms, and I'm not sure if this is normal for linux or not. I know that in windows, with Display...
  19. yossarian

    [BUG + FIX] Black preview embed window on Linux w/ HiDPI monitors

    Hi all, I'm posting this here in case anybody else finds it helpful. I was running into an issue with OBS (both the 25.x.x and 26.x.x series) where the embedded preview widow would always be black, no matter which sources I added. The windowed and fullscreen previews worked just fine, however...
  20. D

    OBS crashes when i apply noise reduction filter

    Hi. When i apply noise reduction filter, OBS crashes OS: Kali Linux 2020.4 amd64 OBS Version: 26.0.2 Log: As you can see the log, no crash reference is reported in the log. It show only "User added filter "Noise reduction". Any help?