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OS: Manjaro kernel 5.19.11
  • 5900X (PBO 170W)
  • 32GB RAM 3600 1:1
  • 5500XT 8GB
  • 120Hz 1080p screen
I have been experiencing poor video quality (recorded or streamed) for more than a year and regardless of the settings.
Things i have tried so far:
-KDE compositor settings.
-Changing the colour format, space and range.
-Different capture method (screen/window)
-Different combinations of resolution and framerate
-Different encoders and parameters for them.

The results are as follows> The overall quality is very poor, worse for moving objects and transparent overlay. The best performing combination for a 1080p60 6000kbps limit is x264, fast, high, threads=21 b_adapt=1 direct-pred=temporal me=tesa trellis=2 bframes=16 ref=1 subme=5 analyse=all rc-lookahead=120 me_range=16 aq-mode=3 partitions=all.
AOM AV1 preset 7, produces worse quality at the same bitrate. VAAPI H.264 (gpu) is broken and outputs 4 pixels in total, not even worth considering as its load on the weak gpu results in missed frames unless the games fps is limited and quality - lowered. The two best ways to produce good quality recordings are to use a constant quality factor (like 19-20 for x264) or to set the bitrate to something insane like 60-100M, both result in huge files.

You can find a few short recordings here: GOOGLE DRIVE (log file included)
What could cause this quality degradation upon movement? Do you have any tips to fix this? Streams with the same game (WOT) appear to have a lot better quality, and preserve detail when panning the camera around.