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  1. L

    washed colors or too dark colors.

    I'm new on recording on my own PC while playing games, and I have this color problem despite I tried different enconders, color space and range. This is how it looks like on my screen: On Rec601 and Full range: And on partial range: I'm using AMD hw h.265 (hevc) encoder but I tried too with...
  2. D

    OBS poor video quality under Linux

    OS: Manjaro kernel 5.19.11 Hardware: 5900X (PBO 170W) 32GB RAM 3600 1:1 5500XT 8GB 120Hz 1080p screen I have been experiencing poor video quality (recorded or streamed) for more than a year and regardless of the settings. Things i have tried so far: -KDE compositor settings. -Changing the...
  3. V

    How to record with RGB color format?

    I am trying to record videos losslessly. I've seen this reddit post and the solution seems to be to use I444 or RGB color format (combined with the obvious CRF=0 option). Using I444 puts too much strain on the GPU so I decided to go with RGB. As one comment says, this requires the x264rgb...
  4. Y

    Question / Help ELI5 - YUV color settings for streaming to twitch

    I have been getting into streaming again and am currently setting up OBS to stream to Twitch and have been looking for some info on the color settings in OBS for streaming to Twitch specifically. I have googled and read alot of the threads about it but i still dont understand it, so i was...
  5. EposVox

    CAPTURE CARD DOCUMENTATION - Latency, Decode Modes, Formats, & MORE!

    TABLE OF CONTENTS Intro/Overview Decode Mode Support Notes on RGB Color Space Format Support Notes on Scaler Support Input Latency Testing Notes on “Bitrate” support Testing Methodology Limitations & Future Improvement How to submit capture cards for testing Intro/Overview IN THIS RESOURCE...