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    How to lag in OBS

    Hi quick question, I'm using OBS 25.0.8 in Windows 10 x64 and VirtualCam to edit webcam live feed for video calls. I know I can delay the video via the effects panel and reduce the FPS in the output section but I can't get a realistic lagging effect. How can I do so? Thanks everyone for helping!
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    I am experiencing this ghosting / pixelation as seen in the image below. This happens in OBS, using an RTSP stream on a dedicated gigabit network. When I check VLC using the same RTSP URL and the camera "preview" on the camera's own webpage, we do not see the same issue. The camera bitrate...
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    Glitchy video when laptop on power.

    Hello, when my laptop is connect to power using the adapter the video is glitchy. I tried using a different charger but the issue remains. This does not happen on mac. I am using black magic’s atem mini as video card. This set up works fine on mac but not on windows.
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    Delayed/block band at bottom of screen using Sigma FP

    Howdy folks! I'm pretty brand new to OBS Studio, having spent a month using it quite successfully to broadcast pre-recorded vids to Facebook Live. I'm now lookin' to get serious, though, and have got me'sen a Sigma FP so I can have a top quality webcam and stream actual live video. I've just...
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    Question / Help Weird Artifacts on transparent effects with Ezcap 266 capture card

    I recently decided to buy a capture card and decided on the Ezcap 266 due to it's cheap price. It works great. However, I noticed that on some effects the video can get a little wonky. And some of the rounded edges can get pixelated a bit Here's a picture: Here's my...