OBS 29.1.2 on Steam Deck no audio capture from ps4 vivitar capture card

I’ve been using a steam deck ($500 model, 256 gb ssd) for streaming gameplay from my ps4, while having obs open the video comes through clearly and got it to work with minimal/no screen tearing but the issues of audio keeps coming up. Almost every time I go back into obs I need to reconfigure settings to get the audio to be relayed through the capture card all over again. Between running the usb settings through the mic, creating its own audio input capture setting with the usb input, adjusting the advanced audio settings to be sure it’s running through both monitor and output, restarting obs for the umpteenth time, there seems to be no consistent method to my audio being captured and Every time I troubleshoot with a different solution or just try to troubleshoot with my own solutions it somehow manages to come through after hours of messing with settings. My question here is not is there a definitive solution to this audio issue but rather what is it, I figured I must be hitting something right in my attempts to fix the issue but having to redo the settings everytime with no clue as to what I did right the first time (and probably just messing the settings up more through constant trial and error) is becoming more and more frustrating. This is my first time streaming so trying to iron out any smaller issues hasn’t been too much of a burden with how easy the software is to use and adapt to, but this one constant is really starting to bog down my experience when I have to take a couple hours to figure this issue out. Absolutely any and all help I really appreciate and if you stream or produce videos online lmk your name! I love checking out new creators and the least I can do after some assistance is give another sub/viewer!❤️