1. R

    Question / Help Gameplay audio to my headphones and directly to the stream

    I’m having issues when streaming around the audio, I have my tv, and PS4, I use PS4 remote play on my laptop with obs, and have my controller wired in via usb to the laptop, I also have my headphones connected by aux and usb connections, when I stream I can hear the game play audio in my...
  2. A

    Question / Help Elgato HD60S+ Audio Cut-off middle of streaming

    Hello, I have been having an issue with my streaming especially midway through gameplay. The audio seems to be cut-off or the quality drop significantly during my streaming. In order to gain back the audio, i need to stop streaming and closed OBS and re-open back and start my streaming in order...
  3. U

    Question / Help Elgato and Desktop sources playing game audio at same time!

    Hello helpful people, I'm streaming from my pc on Windows 10 using through an Elgato HD60S+ coming from my PS4 Pro. I have no idea what has changed but the audio from the ps4 used to only be coming through the Elgato source in my OBS. Which was perfect. My mic has its own source as well...
  4. D

    Question / Help Need ALL audio from PS4 (gameplay, party chat, voice) sent to my OBS Twitch Stream

    I need help getting all my audio through to my Twitch Stream via OBS. I want all the audio that is in my headset to be a part of my stream for my viewers. I have tried with a USB headset (in PS4 usb port) and found that unsuccessful. Now, I have purchased a wired headset to try. Sending audio...
  5. J

    Question / Help OBS/ElgatoHD60s/OBS link dropping stream audio randomly also zero chat audio

    What’s up everyone new here so bare with me. I just purchased an Elgato hd 60 s to use with my PS4 on OBS to stream my gameplay. After hooking everything up I tested my new setup with a recorded stream, not an actual live stream. When playing the recorded stream back I noticed almost right away...
  6. I

    Question / Help Razer ripsaw obs

    Good evening, I have this problem with the playstation 4, the capture card ripsaw hd and the obs program. Anyone can help me?
  7. T

    Question / Help OBS Window Capture PS4 Remote Play Problem

    Hello Guys! Yesterday I tried using OBS the first time, everything worked as it was supposed to work but unfortunately I couldnt get the OBS to capture/display the PS4 Remote Play Window. I would only see the Window in the Window Capture feature if I checked the "nameless windows" box and even...
  8. T

    Question / Help Help/Any Advice

    Hey there, I am having an issue with setting up my mic for stream. So I use a Blue Yeti and I connect my headphones to the blue yeti to be able to listen to my games on my ps4 and pc. But when I am playing games on my ps4, most of the time my friends are in discord . So I either here the game...
  9. T

    Question / Help Stutter on stream and wilenot streaming.

    Hello, I use OBS.Live to stream. I just recently got a PC and was on a laptop wit a dual-core processor. I'm now on a Quad or Eight pending how you look at it. I'm also using the Elgato HD60 s to stream my game play from my PS4. This wasn't an issue on the ad laptop but now i got something way...
  10. A

    Question / Help Help with Audio capturing. (HD60S and Ps4) Hello, I've been wrestling with this for hours. Didn't want to bother anybody or flood the forum with a novice issue but I am officially at my limit. Should be noted that when recording gameplay strictly from my laptop everything works fine. What...
  11. I

    Question / Help microphone does not work. Need Help!! (OBS, PS4)

    Lets keep this simple as possible for you guys. I record my videos with OBS using my elgato. Everything works except when I am in a party my Microphone has an exclamation mark (!). I can hear them but they cant hear me. I have the A50's plugged in to my pc and nothing else is wrong. Just that...
  12. G

    Question / Help Ps4 audio

    Another basic question I could do with some help with if any one would be kind enough to answer I'm trying to get audio from my ps4 to my xenyx 802 usb mixer then from the mixer in to obs. Problem being is that my mixer is plugged in via usb to the ps4 so i can chat in game and hear audio but...
  13. S

    Question / Help No PS4 Sound

    Hey, I recently bought a subsonic capture card. I plugged it in and I added the source on OBS. My problem is that I can’t get the sound of the PS4 (game audio) on OBS. Can someone help me ? I’m on Mac btw. Thank you, have a great day ! SYNOFF
  14. K

    Question / Help avermedia lgp lite audio problems

    hi guys how can i record my friends voices as well as mine when i use my capture card to record game play on my ps4. also how can i make the sound be recorded from the capture card as well as the sound to come out of my usb headset at the same time. thanks ..
  15. K

    Question / Help AVERMEDIA LGP LITE

  16. T

    Question / Help streaming

    can obs run in raspberry pi? coz im planning to stream on raspberry for ps4 remote.
  17. L

    Question / Help Does Elgato HD60 & PS4 Only Work with 32Bit OBS Studio?

    Hey Everybody, I've been using an Elgato HD60 to video capture gameplay from my PS4 and streaming through 32 bit OBS Studio for about 6 months now. For some reason I cannot get the 64 bit version of OBS to recognize my Elgato and display gameplay.... Anybody else running in to this issue? Any...
  18. O

    Question / Help No Audio In PS4 Remote Play

    I am starting to stream and every time I do, someone in the chat complains that there is no game audio so they can't hear my friends, the game itself , or any of the sound at all. I am a Windows 10 User so the Mac solution doesn't help. I really want to continue streaming but this is a problem...
  19. TheRealDJJY

    Question / Help Minimum suggested spec PC for use with capture card

    Hi All, I'm looking to start streaming as I have a modest following online as @DJJY. I'm looking to buy a tower with the minimum spec in order to stream using an Avermedia lgp lite capture card from my PS4 (FIFA 19) and add overlays to the stream etc using OBS, can anyone tell me what I should...
  20. M

    Question / Help PS4 - Mac streaming options

    Hi all, First time posting here so appreciate any help. I've recently dabbled in streaming and am currently set up on my PS4. I have a Macbook Pro 2017 with the following specs... -2.3GHz dual-core Intel Core i5 -8GB of 2133MHz LPDDR3 onboard memory -Intel Iris Plus Graphics 640 I've...