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    Question / Help Remote Play captured as black screen

    I'd been using OBS to stream my PS4 using Remote Play streamed to my Windows 10 PC, and it worked perfectly fine for weeks. Then one day, out of nowhere, whenever I try to capture the Remote Play window, it's a black screen. I've reinstalled OBS and Remote Play multiple times but nothing is...
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    Question / Help No sound/audio?

    Hey guys, first time poster/user here! My boyfriend is trying to stream onto twitch using OBS, PS4 and an Elgato HD60 (and Elgato Chat Link). It was working fine, and then he updated OBS to 22.0.1 and now there is no sound being picked up at all. We've set all audio to the Elgato Line, and made...
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    Question / Help Window Capture is Extremely Laggy When Using PS4 Remote Play

    So when i run ps4 remote play everything is perfect, it runs smoothly and without any issues. Then I look at the preview in OBS and it is insanely choppy and laggy without streaming or recording. When i streamed it was also laggy on my screen as well as my friends trying to watch the stream. I...
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    Question / Help Is an Intel Core i3-7100U 7th Generation enough for streaming watchable quality console gameplay to twitch?

    So I'm at a bit of a standstill as far as my twitch streaming goes. My current pc is an old dell inspiron 545 with a dang Pentium dual core, and it cannot run obs at any watchable quality. As a result I'm looking to invest in a new computer for streaming console gameplay via capture card. So I...
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    Question / Help set up issue

    Hello OBS n00b I apologize if this is a repeat thread, if it is, please point me in the right direction, i tried searching but nothing came up to answer my issue or clarification. I'd like to know if I have this right or if it is one or the other. I'm trying to use the Blue Snowball ICE for...
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    Bug Report ps4 lag through OBS

    When i stream my play on youtube the stream laggs alot, The game is all good but the stream isn't. Can someone please react to this? i posted it like 4 days ago and had no reaction?
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    Question / Help PS4 Stream on Youtube and twitch lag when streaming

    Hi i want to stream through my elgato HD60 with OBS onto Youtube when i try to stream the stream lags my OBS or ps4 do not. Can someone please tell me what it is? is it my PC is it my internet connection please help! My log is: 17:42:28.250: CPU Name: AMD A10-7300 Radeon R6, 10 Compute Cores...
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    Question / Help Cant here party chat

    I am currently using OBS to capture my PS4 remote play on my computer and when I stream, you can not here anyone in my PlayStation party's voices and I am not sure why
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    Question / Help Having serious troubles with audio

    So I have been having endless issues with trying to get local recordings working. For some reason, I have absolutely no issues broadcasting. However, when I do only local recording, I have been having issue after issue, even using the exact same settings I had with Twitch. I tried setting all of...
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    Question / Help Too Much CPU Usage

    Yesterday I completely reset my PC using the reset option in the control panel. Before I did this, I was able to and had been streaming and recording using OBS and OBS Streamlabs. But now, after I wiped almost everything, when I'm not even streaming, I just have the OBS tab open, it tells me I'm...
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    Question / Help 720p Encoding seems to work better on PS4 Share service?

    Hi i'm trying to optimize my stream and wanted to get down to results which might are compressed as the PS4s Streams. I noticed very little to none lag when using the share service with almost no frame drops at 720p, 30 fps with my 1.85 Mbp/s ethernet connection. So what's going on their is it...
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    Question / Help Is this laptop good enough?

    Gonna be streaming mostly FPS on PS4 through obs. Is this laptop strong enough to handle that?