Question / Help Too Much CPU Usage

Zach Hachey

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Yesterday I completely reset my PC using the reset option in the control panel. Before I did this, I was able to and had been streaming and recording using OBS and OBS Streamlabs. But now, after I wiped almost everything, when I'm not even streaming, I just have the OBS tab open, it tells me I'm using 40-50% CPU, and if i try to Record/Stream it goes all the way up to low 80s and high 70s when before it would only using like 60 Maximum and practically none when idle. My CPU is Intel(R) Core(TM) i7 CPU 920 @ 2.67GHz (4 Core) and my GPU is a GTX 570 (It's not amazing I know but it's all I've got), as well as 4GB of RAM. I had 8, but 4 GBs recently stopped working so now I'm down to only 4. I assume the RAM is probably an issue and i plan on buying more, but I want to know why the CPU usage is different now than it was before I reset.

I feel it's also important to note that i do all my streaming and recording with an Elgato HD60 connected to a PS4. Thanks.


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Your CPU is quite old but at least its a quad core with hyperthreading, so there's hope. But your GPU is too old for NVEnc encoding, so you have to use x264. What preset are you using? Post your OBS log file from a 5 minute or longer attempt using the best settings you've managed on your own. Be sure to close out OBS before grabbing the file so that the log file is completely written to the disk.