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So I have been having endless issues with trying to get local recordings working. For some reason, I have absolutely no issues broadcasting. However, when I do only local recording, I have been having issue after issue, even using the exact same settings I had with Twitch. I tried setting all of my settings to simple and used many tutorials and have been struggling with video quality amongst other things. I have fixed all but one major issue myself, but this last one I am stuck on. I am including a screenshot of the settings I have finally decided on that has fixed the majority of my issues (gives me great video and audio quality while being more than manageable on my system).

The problem I am having now is that about 30-40 minutes into any recording, I am noticing that my game audio goes out of sync with everything else. My mic and video are still synced fine, just the game goes out. I have already attempted to use frame buffers and the setting that makes it use timestamps to no avail. This is not a gradual issue either, I dont lose sync over time, most of the time there is a pop followed by a severe sync delay. I am also including log files in case they help. I'll also give a rundown of all of my equipment at the end of the post in case it might help. Could anyone possibly help me solve this? Incredibly frustrated.

PC - MSI Apache Pro (Intel I7 5700HQ, 16GB DDR3L, GTX 970M, Windows 10)
Recording onto a LaCie 1TB external HDD
PS4 Pro
Magewell HDMI Capture +
Blue Yeti


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