OBS with El Gato Capture Card Freezing


New Member
I used to stream, but I stopped for a while. I booted up OBS online to find out that OBS wasn't capturing the ElGato. To be exact, the program was capturing the console (ps5 to be exact) for a few moments, only to suddenly freeze. When I tried to fix it by either deactivating and reactivating the source, or removing it entirely to add it back again, a black screen would show instead. I also keep getting way too many "not responding" errors on the top window (this seems to happen every time I remove a source). I also recently moved all my file to a new hard drive, but decided to uninstall the program from the old hard drive and download it to the new one so there wouldn't be any issues. I tried downgrading to the v26 of OBS thinking it was an issue with the new update, but the same thing happened. I've done all I can think of, plz halp