1. O

    OBS зависает при записи.

    При записи игр в полноэкранном режиме или окне без рамки ОБС зависает. Останавливается таймер записи и висит от 5 до 30 минут, потом может развиснуть и продолжить запись, но скорее всего не сможет её завершить. Если во время зависания попытаться каким либо образом закрыт программу или просто с...
  2. S

    PC freezing while streaming games

    Hi! I have had this issue for a few months and only today I have ready about the old 27.2 update (which I believe I had) I only reinstalled OBS today. Is that a common issue that would get resolved when reinstalled and using a most recent update? I have seen a few people using versionas past...
  3. F

    Bitrate dropping to 0 kb/s and OBS freezing at random

    Here's my last log file I'm having this problem for several months/OBS updates now. At random, my OBS will freeze and Bitrate will drop to 0 requiring me to kill OBS in task manager in order to restart the stream. It can happen with 10 minutes of stream or 10 hours, it can happen every day or...
  4. LoveTheBlobfish

    OBS causes my laptop to do a full system freeze

    This started a while ago where whenever I had obs open it would freeze my laptop and I would have to shut it down and turn it back on. This was very annoying because it would not save any of the previous recordings. I saw in the bug fixes that they fixed a problem that would cause a full system...
  5. L

    OBS freezing while streaming+recording

    For the past 3 days (23/02, 24/02, 25/02) my OBS will freeze randomly while I am simultaneously streaming to Twitch and recording. I've tried switching from mkv to mp4 but nothing changed. I'll attach a zip file with the logs, tell me if you need more info. Thank you in advance
  6. A

    Stream freezing every 3 seconds

    Recently I've been going through big problems streaming on Twitch using OBS. I've been doing live for 1 year and a half and all of a sudden since the beginning of February, all the games I usually stream have become impossible because the stream crashes every 2 seconds. The screen freezes as if...
  7. S

    Elgato keeps freezing whether streaming or not.

    elgato hd60S+ keeps freezing, both game video and audio no longer continue when it happens, it will randomly happen, sometimes two minutes in or 2 hours or somewhere in between. have tried updating drivers, plugged into a 3.0 usb. moved from SLOBS to OBS thinking maybe its a usage issue, nope...
  8. S

    Livestream Freezes Often When I Switch Scenes

    Our livestream freezes every time we switch to one particular scene. It features our normal live video but with text, an image, and two color sources. I tried following some advice I found online and used scene sources better, but I got the same outcome. All help is greatly appreciated...
  9. chomps

    Help with OBS crashing during livestreams.

    So I am helping my friend out with their stream issues and I have the logs will attach below. But what they describe to me happening is before it crashes it will drop all of its frames, lag / buffer and then freeze. They usually end up having to press the end stream button. They can still see...
  10. A

    Obs makes the video buggy/freezey

    so I only run into the issue after I finish recording and go view the video. the video has around 1 second long freeze periods then it goes back to normal for around 3-6 seconds then it freezes again. i have had this issue on and off as i change things but I've tried a bunch of different forums...
  11. L

    OBS with El Gato Capture Card Freezing

    I used to stream, but I stopped for a while. I booted up OBS online to find out that OBS wasn't capturing the ElGato. To be exact, the program was capturing the console (ps5 to be exact) for a few moments, only to suddenly freeze. When I tried to fix it by either deactivating and reactivating...
  12. M

    Camera keeps freezing during streaming

    Hello guys, I'm sure it has been mentioned here more than once but I just want to share this so hopefully OBS will get an update with bugfix soon. Like the title says my camera keeps freezing every few minutes during streaming. This has been going on since udate 26.1.1. We use OBS for church...
  13. M

    Browser sources freezing after some time

    Hi all, I've had a recurring issue with browser sources (chat, alerts, etc) freezing up after some time. I have OBS running on a dedicated PC, which I control with Input Director from my main system. Essentially, all browser sources will lock up after an hour or so. If left alone, they'll...
  14. G

    Razer Ripsaw randomly freezing in OBS

    Hello everyone, So since a few weeks I'm experiencing random video capture card freezes. This started around the time i got my cam (razer kiyo pro). Both of them are USB 3 Plugged directly into my mainboard. Have read a lot of things on the web already and made sure both of devices are plugged...
  15. alex.ui

    Auto-resize all objects on a scene after changing canvas size with the same aspect ratio

    My internet is too poor to stream in 1080p (it completely freezes the livestream), but I can record with that resolution. 720p and 1080p are both 16:9, so I would like to know if there's a way to change the resolution and auto-resize the elements so I don't have to do it manually.
  16. Nwoob

    Frozen frames,but clear audio, while recording valorant in 1080p60

    The recording works fine for the first few minutes, but all the frames are frozen and not moving after the 4 minute mark, and I can only hear the audio, log file is attached, I really don't know what went wrong, I think my configuration is very much capable on recording this, thanks in advance.
  17. R

    Frozen OBS Video Capture when streaming

    Hi Guys, I hope you're all well, I never usually turn to these forums for help but believe me... i'm desperate at this point. When steaming on OBS things will be going smoothly with no problems until all of a sudden the video capture will just freeze, when this happens my stream keeps on going...
  18. M

    HD60 Pro causing system lag/freezes on main rig

    I am not certain that this issue has anything to do with OBS, but I figured this would be a good place to ask this question First, my routing - gaming rig > hdmi cable > streaming rig (HD60 Pro). I then have my main display and my capture card cloned, not using the passthrough method. My...
  19. Jam Swoosh

    OBS video recording stuttering and freezing

    Hello! Please could somebody help me with this issue. Basically I've been trying to record games recently at 1080p 60fps, however, I notice when I go back in the recording that the video seems to stutter (basically it looks like the frame rate decreases for a couple of seconds) and at some point...
  20. G

    Game Capture Freezing and only showing a single frame

    Hello there. I've been using game capture for OBS when im recording my gaming footage, and recently my screen freezes on obs. No matter what i do it doesn't unfreeze; i've looked up a lot of tutorials but can't find a specific one for this issue, so i'm posting here. Here's a gif of the issue if...