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My stream freezes every 5 seconds. I can see everything perfect but then after 10 seconds it freezes again. Only while streaming. When I close streaming and it is uploaded, I can see the video perfectly.

Please help!


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  1. Base resolution is your monitor resolution. You've set 1080p but the game is at 2k. Output resolution is the desired resolution to be streamed. Twitch max is 1080p
  2. Twitch max kbps for partners is 8000kbps, affiliate 6000kbps.
  3. You should lock your game to 60fps or 120fps at most, but as you're playing at 2k, is kind of killing it.
The game you're using isn't well optimized.

Make sure your GPU driver is up to date.
Check your home network or your ISP network. May be an issue on the connection.
To test your intenert connection against twitch servers use this tool:
Anything bellow 90 quality isn't good.