1. B

    help, to configure my obs is the best way, without pixelation, constant bitrate, very HD and Very Fluid

    Hello, can someone please provide me with some obs settings for streaming, I have 2 pc I want the stream to be seen both HD, as well as the past broadcasts in case I want to download the live stream. I want some settings that are not pixelated and obviously that they go well with performance...
  2. C

    When I start streaming a game the esc button to go to the game menu does not work.

    I've been having a problem for a while now where when I start a stream of any game the esc button stops working.
  3. Q

    My Mic has a noticable buzzing sound only when I'm Streaming, using Noise Suppresion filter makes it weird.

    I'm new to streaming and got my first proper mic with a ghost power supply and everything, I've tested it before streaming by recording myself and it sounded fine. But, I noticed after watching a few of my vods back that my mic has this noticeable buzzing sound only when I'm streaming, but when...
  4. R

    In game lag while streaming

    Hello everybody! Made an account for this problem. I always lag when I stream but no problems with recording. I stream on youtube and wanted to stream Apex but my ping spikes up to 600-800. Is there a way I can fix this? This happens to every game and I'm kinda getting annoyed about it. Thank...
  5. F

    im so f'ing mad rn

    i legit put in my stream key and it said "stream key is invalid" auto config wizard dosent work. stream starts and stops for no reason. screen black but i have display and game capture. i dont get it. please help. i disabled my twitch account i am so mad. also i have the best setting and still...
  6. D

    60fps stream drops to 30fps at random times

    Hello, I was streaming a game of Apex yesterday when my stream started to look like it was lagging without dropping frames on my PC or on the network, CPU usage sat around 2-3% and I can't find anything myself, but I have the included log file here. Thank you for reading!
  7. R

    Echo from Mic Only When Streaming (Not Recording) - Multiple Mic Setup

    Afternoon all, So I've scoured Google and noticed numerous others with the same issue but theirs appears to be pertaining to a different monitoring issue. I've attached screenshots of my entire setup/settings and even when removing various things from the audio devices and adding them...
  8. P

    OBS stops streaming at random (Twitch)

    So I've been having this issue for awhile now, I have tried trouble shooting and looking for answers and I just have never found anything. Anytime I stream to Twitch my stream will stop at random with no warning no matter what I am doing or playing. This caused me to stop streaming for awhile...
  9. N

    Preview and Stream is Laggy using NVENC Encoder when playing Minecraft despite excellent OBS stats

    First and foremost, I have tried everything I can think of. My issue surpasses what the stats in OBS can tell me. Stream/Setup Info: I stream Minecraft on twitch using a GTX 1650 and Ryzen 5 4600H. I play on a 144hz 1920x1080p monitor and stream at 1920x1080 60fps. I stream with a bitrate of...
  10. D

    If anything Else please tell me!

    I have been streaming and my dropped frames has went down much less thanks to a user. I wanted to know if theirs anything else i can do to increase the display of my stream.
  11. E

    Closing OBS without ending 24/7 Stream?

    Hi I have a music stream that goes on 24/7 on youtube. I realized I wanted to include a time transition so I need to download the advance automatic scene changer plug-in. I've downloaded it, but in order for it to go into effect, I need to restart OBS thus ending my 24/7 stream. If I close obs...
  12. J

    Obs Speed Up Audio

    Is there any way with a plug in to speed up the audio in obs? Like in youtube that you can put the audio in 2x or something like that
  13. sammieko

    NDI HX capture || help settings

    Helloo fellasss i need some help with my NDI screen capture. I’ve recently purchased this application: And i have to say it works Great in compare with every other app i tryed. got only one question now. Does someone knows how to lower the resolution and ive possible maybe the fps. Like when...
  14. Y

    Obs detiene transmision

    Hola, tengo un pequeño problema. Hace poco hice un cambio de equipo, instalé obs (ver. 27.0.0), configure todo como lo tenía anteriormente. Cuando quiero transmitir se detiene después de 30 segundos. :/ Si alguien pudiera ayudarme se los agradecería mucho.
  15. J

    Network Lag with Good internet?? since OBS update

    Hello all, I am a new streamer but ever since the OBS update before this recent one that just came out I have been having very very VERY bad network dropped frames. Before the update, I was using 60 fps, 1280x720, and bitrate of about 3500. Additionally, my internet download and upload speeds...
  16. K

    Heeelp!!! My Stream Isn’t Showing on My website

    So long story short our tech guy decided to quit and here I am trying to learn OBS in 1 night. It’s all good though. So I have everything set up; scenes, sources, stream settings, outputs, audio, I mean EVERYTHING. It all looks and sounds excellent in studio mode. But I must have done something...
  17. M

    Can't stream, what's causing it?

    I started using OBS around december last year and never had a problem with it, but recently it became almost impossible for me to stream on youtube. It doesn't matter what framerate or bitrate i use, i always drop frames until the stream dies. I've tried uninstalling OBS and downloading a newer...
  18. T

    Memory Leak while streaming

    Hello everyone, I've been trying to fix this issue myself for about a month with zero success! Right around the three hour mark of each of my streams, my computer runs out of RAM. My computer isn't exactly the newest, but here's my system specs: Intel i7-7700K @ 4.20GHz 16GB of RAM Nvidia...
  19. J

    stream in pixely and frame freezes

    So im streaming on twitch at 1080p 60fps with Lanczos , im using x264 as if i use nvenc ts just super laggy, CBR at 6000 bitrate, 2 keyframe intervals and the faster preset the quality isnt too bad its smooth however every like 5 mins till just randomly freeze frame for secound or two everything...
  20. J

    Stream is pixely and freeze frames but doesn't rly lag

    So im streaming on twitch at 1080p 60fps with Lanczos , im using x264 as if i use nvenc ts just super laggy, CBR at 6000 bitrate, 2 keyframe intervals and the faster preset the quality isnt too bad its smooth however every like 5 mins till just randomly freeze frame for secound or two everything...