1. Yunyunny

    PROBLEM - Thread 5D00: libobs: graphics thread (Crashed)

    So i was just streaming awhile ago, about to get started then suddenly i got an error and OBS crashed I don't exactly know what the cause is so i hope this log helps yall help me figure this out :( I hope i don't have to redo any sorts of OBS scenes Log file is attached.
  2. glwx

    Sending Video Stream from Cell Phone Over Cellular Data to OBS Video Source/Browser Source

    Hello everyone, I have sought help on this issue before, but I am a storm chaser attempting to broadcast a quality video stream from my cell phone over a cellular network to an OBS Video/Browser source. By doing this, I can have an overlay during live-streaming that will keep people engaged...
  3. Dwoink

    Switch multiple audio tracks Record or Stream

    Hi everyone, When i record, i use multiple audio tracks (2 or 3). If i want to stream, do i need to switch all my tracks on channel 1? Before launch a stream or OBS autro regroup every tracks on the track one? Thanks for your answer and support, Regards, Dwoink
  4. R

    0 kb/s con cuadrado verde, obs "no responde"

    El dia de hoy estaba haciendo stream, de repente observe que mi chat me comentaba que me quede freeze, entonces procedi a checar mi obs, y me aparecia 0kb/s y con el cuadrado verde, queria esperar a que agarrara la onda y vi que no podia cambiar de escena, ni interactuar con mi obs, crasheo, asi...
  5. Crinlorite

    OBS Crashing randomly every 10-30 minutes

    Good afternoon, I've been trying to solve this using less browser sources, less quality, less framerate, and I don't find a solution, the program doesn't completely crashes, it just goes stuck on preview screen and it stops sending audio and video to the stream on Twitch or any other places I...
  6. P

    Direct Stream to YouTube

    Hello all, I'm sorry to post but I could'nt find the proper answer. I have a stream setup in the future which is a ski competition in 2 runs. The 2nd run is to take place about 50 minutes after the the end of the 1st one. As I will have a 4G+ connection, I might have to stop the stream in order...
  7. H

    Mehrfach Stream

    Hallo " OBS " Team ich hätte eine Große Bitte könntet ihr unter " Stream " einen Mehrfach Einbau von mehren Kanälen bitte ermöglichen, so das mir das Live Streamen als Online Radio möglich ist gleichzeitig auf Verschiedenen Plattformen " On Air " zu gehen , wie z.B. YouTube & TikTok & Triller ...
  8. H

    How to stream and record the game from different sources?

    I have several sources: game, chat, poll and notifications. I'm streaming to Twitch at the same time and recording the game to the hard drive. But I want the stream to show the game, chat, poll, and notifications. And the recording showed only the game, without chat, polling and notifications...
  9. S

    How do I slice a game capture into parts?

    I am trying to stream Marvel SNAP from streamlabs OBS, and if you look at any SNAP stream you'll see they have many parts of the screen in different places for a better viewing experience. The only way I've been able to do this is add a bunch of copies of the existing game capture and crop/move...
  10. P

    Stream İnterrupted

    In the broadcasts I have opened in the last few days, the scene in obs screen capture is white and the flow is cut off, I have to close the obs in the task manager and open the broadcast from the beginning, please help
  11. Spanisch24

    maximize a browser source - webcam video automatically

    I got several scenes where I want to show areas of Majorca where I live, so I show webcams like this one: Alaró (this is how I want it to appear) or that one: Paguera (this happens with most webcams) and many more... but I want just the full screen cam view, not anything around it. Whenever I...
  12. V

    performace Impact when streaming with OBS

    So i use obs at quite some time now, but now, after Formating my pc, a Razer Blade with i7-10875h, 16GB of Ram, RTX 2070 Super, i noticed a perfomance drop when streaming. I stream at 1080p60fps with NVIDIA NVENQ. I attached the log from the stream and screenshots of obs settings. Thanks Guys
  13. glwx

    Streaming over cellular data to OBS on Wi-fi network

    Hello all, I am a storm chaser and I am currently trying to discover some options to send a video stream over cellular data to a Linux computer on a different wireless network. I understand this will require some use of VPN which I also am not very informed in. Does anyone have any suggestions...
  14. E

    Videoaufnahme rückt automatisch in den Hintergrund

    Hallo, habe gestern Obs installiert und versucht auf Twitsch zu streamen. Ich habe mein Spiel ( League of Legends) über Fensteraufnahme gestreamt. Dann wollte ich meine Webcam über Videoaufnahme zeitgleich streamen. Aber die Videoaufnahme rückt automatisch in den Hintergrund und lässt sich nicht...
  15. Trunkz

    Rodecaster Pro 2 Duel PC Stream Setup Help?

    Nobody on youtube has a setup for this using Elgato 4K60 Mk2 Capture Card and then OBS to Stream on Twitch. I'm having problems from mic hiss, then no mic hiss but double sounds, just one problem solved only for another to appear... I'm hoping someone out there has theirs set up and can post...
  16. L

    Stream Visual quality issue

    whenever I stream and move fast in my game, the visuals get distorted, in my vod etc, and idk why. it doesn't happen to others who also use OBS studio. these are all my settings
  17. A

    Blurry Stream

    I have been streaming Disney Dreamlight Valley recently and when I play the game it is completely fine and very clear, but when I check the stream/ recording of the stream, it is quite blurry. I have adjusted bitrates but that doesn't seem to make much of a difference and I am not very good at...
  18. A

    OBS Crashing when I stream

    Haven't had any issues with OBS until recently I started having my game capture completely freeze. This also results in a bit of game lag. Started running in administrator mode and that's when I got this crash.
  19. NikePoWer

    Desktop ONLY sound delay

    Hello! I have no ide what is happening. I was streaming for 6 hours, everything was fine, I started playing CS:GO, everything was fine, when we changed map, the stream sound (only the desktop sound) was started delaying. I thought maybe the Nvidia Broadcast is the issue. I uninstalled, restarted...
  20. G

    Stream shows only a small center portion on YouTube

    We've used OBS and YouTube for quite some time to stream our church's services to our homebound members. JUST RECENTLY, the stream looks fine locally (in preview, and on the monitor in an adjoining room) but YouTube shows just a small center portion of the output. I'm technically capable, but...