1. S

    Is it possible to record and stream simultaneously?

    Hello there, I want to reccord my live stream. It's possible with OBS ? Thanks
  2. L

    Separate audio

    So I separated my audio before in OBS Studio however when playing Warzone or even Call of Duty games on my PC that I ALSO stream and record from and when I kill someone and they give me a "death comm" where I can hear what they said once I kill them I can hear it BUT my stream or the recording...
  3. M

    How can I mirror my phone audio to OBS without my Microphone?

    I want to stream Stardew Valley on Twitch from my phone. I don't want to stream it from my pc as I started it on my phone and would have to start from the beginning if I wanted to play it on PC. I have found two Mirror Apps that work for me (AirCast and LetsView). The problem with both of them...
  4. S

    Advanced output no longer allows me to stream due to Driver Update

    A few months back, I decided to randomly update my Nvidia Graphics drivers which I haven't updated in at least 2 years or more. after that update I was no longer able to use Advanced output mode to stream because I would get this error: Before then I was able to use Advanced output mode to...
  5. L

    No sound on stream below 480p

    Hello i have a problem. If someone watch stream at 360/240 or below they dont hear a stream sound, its just gone on 720/480 or any higher sound is fine This is my output/audio settings
  6. G

    OBS freeze / Lag / Stops but no crash report - 10 times a day

    Hi! i will attach a log. OBS doesnt work since 2 weeks. After a while the sound gets very laggy and crunchy. than it freeze. Every day every stream. sometimes after 10 min - sometimes after 4 hours. i have to restart it 10 times a day. Not good for a full time streamer. Any Ideas? I have none...
  7. J

    3 verschiedenen Streams gleichzeitig ins Internet?

    Hi, wir haben hier einen MacMini und dort läuft schon OBS einwandfrei und es wird 1 Stream erfolgreich ins Internet gestreamt nun wollen wir aber 3 verschiedenen Streams gleichzeit ins Internet stellen. Wird das funktionieren? Denn wir streamen einen Bildschirmaufnahme und das soll so weiter...
  8. ZDMD

    No OBS Audio when using headphones on my iPad

    This sounds very confusing when I explain it. I will try my best I stream using a MacBook Pro which takes my input through my iPad Pro. Without headphones, the audio from my iPad to OBS is completely fine, as soon as I connect my AirPods to my iPad, I can hear the audio but it no longer works...
  9. D

    Multiple audio streams

    I would like to hear in my headphones the playlist of my account without the others listening to it, I would like him to hear this or another kind hlofi hiphop no copyright
  10. B

    Skype Video (guest) lagging

    Hey there, would love any ideas/suggestions for help... I use OBS to bring in guests for interviews via Skype. Over the past few weeks, every guest I've had has experienced glitchy video feeds within OBS. Their video will stall for 3-6 seconds (audio remains unaffected), and then eventually...
  11. M

    Stream/Preview lagging when in game

    Okay so how do I explain this best.. whenever I tab into Apex while OBS is running or my stream is on the preview and stream become insanely laggy, almost like a slideshow at times. I just got a new CPU (i7-9700k) as my old (i5-8600k) died. I am using the same OBS settings as with my old CPU...
  12. T

    How to prioritize game data rather than stream Data

    Hello, i have about 24mb upload I stream at 6000kbps and this isn't usually a problem as I usually will just play games that are single player, but I want to play multiplayer games and when I do i get crazy ping times like 150 minimum to upwards of 700 sometimes. Im wondering if there is anyway...
  13. Telling Or Something Like

    Help with laggy OBS

    I have been trying to film a video in obs for a while now. I have two problems: 1. OBS' framerate is terrible, and it was never bad like this. 2. Whenever I start recording it starts streaming - How do I fix that? It says "Encoding overload!" or something like that, and tells me to lower the...
  14. M

    stream freezes but audio continues

    my stream freezes randomly, it never did that before. i dont know what log it is so i put both
  15. C

    Is there a tool to stream games from a diffrent HDMI port?

    Hi, i would like to stream my gameplay from my ps 3 on my computer screen but i can't. I dosen't show the game in OBS and Discord in only show my desktop. So anyone knows how to fix that?
  16. M

    OBS Stops streaming randomly

    So i've been trying to stream on youtube for 21 days, OBS will be streaming, then when i quit streaming and go back to check the VOD it only streamed 15-30 minutes instead of the full session. I've streamed for 2 years on twitch before this with absolutely no issue, switched to youtube to keep...
  17. P

    Audio interruption when recording screen

    Hello! Please help with the problem. When adding source "window rec" or "game rec" everything works fine. But as soon as I add a screen recording source, the audio on the broadcast starts to break. Everything works fine on the record. This issue occurs both when using standard Windows speakers...
  18. F

    VAC won't actually split

    I'm using a VAC in OBS to play just specifically spotify out of but no matter what i do its still playing out of the desktop audio? so its playing out of both the VAC and desktop audio. I have gone into both windows and OBS and switched every default audio i could, i've tried desktop audio 2...
  19. D

    Problem withe the cue channel during live streaming /recording od DJ sets.

    Hi there, i´m using a Hercules inpulse 500 deck and like to stream using obs and DJUCED software. As the setup is fine i have the issue that whenever i cue a track it will be send out in the live stream and in the recorded file. The cue channel ist not present/hearable at the master output on...
  20. Sheeplip

    Free PyCarto 2.1.0

    PyCarto A small software to get your last followers of his Picarto channel. Download PycartoFollowers How to get my permissions ? First of all, to use the software, you will need to authorize your account to access the Picarto server. To do this: 1. Go to the API tab in the "setting" page...