1. Burna

    Stream Audio Good, Headset Audio Low

    Hi everyone! I am a mobile gaming streamer and have just figured out how to listen to game sounds through my Now that I have the monitor and output on, my game volume is very low. I don't want to mess with the settings because all my settings are good for streaming. I also got...
  2. P

    1 MONITOR AND SEE FOLLOWERS AND DONATIONS on the screen!!!(solved partially)

    Hi , i was searching for a tool or some thing to add to OBS to see followers and donation in my screen that i was using to play and stream from it ( 1monitor )i couldnt find any thing that i can use but i searched soo much,i finally find a way to see all widgets on my monitor from one link...
  3. E

    Stream lagging not sure why.

    Hi guys, I've been enthusiastic about streaming for a while now and I have the PC and internet for it, however even after following guides from people like eposvox I'm running into the problem of my stream being laggy as hell and I don't know why. I'll post as much possible information about my...
  4. Q

    How to route game audio into Discord when using OBS as a webcam?

    I am currently using headphones with a modmic through a soundcard and speakers through on board audio to keep my discord and gameplay audio separate. I'll try to keep this relatively short, but considering the issue I am facing I don't know if that is possible. I have been trying to fix up OBS...
  5. T

    Game Chat not coming through to Twitch

    Very new to this so forgive me ahead of time but when I was streaming Squad on Twitch my friend told me he couldn’t hear my teammates talking to me. He could hear the game sounds no problem just not the people talking to me. I’m not sure how to fix this.
  6. Clem_ant

    Crash OBS when running any game (80000003)

    Hi, I’ve been Stream for 5 months, and I’ve never had any problems with Stream until recently. When i have obs openned, even if i dont stream, when i open a game (Hades, Minecraft, WoW, Rocket league), OBS and the game crash. I already try to reinstall OBS, that's worked for Hades off stream...
  7. U

    Choppy/Laggy stream

    Hello all, I've recently started streaming and I can't help but notice a lot of lag and choppiness in my stream and in the videos that are saved after I'm done and was wondering what the issue is? My PC Specs are: -ASUS B85M-G -Intel i7 4790 non-k -16GB DDR3 1600MHz -RX 570 -500w PSU My OBS...
  8. L

    Best quality per bit encoder?

    I have mediocre internet, so I struggle to get a good image. I stream to YouTube 720p60 with x264 faster preset, and it's had the best looking image so far. I get 4.6 MB/s upload speed. I set my bitrate to 4,300 kbps to leave some headroom for if I play an online game. I have a 3700X and a...
  9. D

    Help choosing Laptop for Serato and OBS to stream.

    I have been streaming DJing as well (as a little gameplay via an elegato capture card) lately and my 5 year old macbook pro is hard pressed to run both serato (dj program connected to a dj controller) as well as OBS while also streaming to twitch. it works, but it needs low settings and if i do...
  10. S

    OBS crashed even when running as administrator

    I was streaming a 4 hour stream today on Twitch when it crashed exactly halfway through at 2 hours. Yes I did run OBS as administrator, and when I do this it has never crashed before. By "crash", I mean it ended my stream and froze, so I had to end it on task manager and opened it up again...
  11. J

    Experiencing frequent choppy moments on my test stream even when it's consistent 60FPS

    Log File: I've been test streaming two games Rainbow Six Siege and Valorant. So far I have no problems at all with Rainbow Six Siege since I was trying to see the difference of Image Quality I would get when streaming on 1080p/60fps even with a...
  12. TeVeN

    Blue screen after 30 to 50 minute stream

    Hi everyone I got blue screen after 30 or 50 minuter stream. I updated windows and drivers all time. my pc setup: Motherboard: Asus x570 - F CPU: ryzen 9 3900x GPU: MSI 2080ti Xtrio Ram: 32 GB tridentZ neo Webcam: logitech c920 Headset: logitech g633 Keyboard: logitech g512 mouse : logitech...
  13. J

    OBS & YouTube

    Appologies if this is the wrong section... Been streaming from OBS to YouTube Live regularly for about a year. Recently, I've been having to create a new Stream Key every time I go live. I've even checked the Stream Key. It stays the same in OBS settings. It matches what YouTube Studio shows...
  14. A

    streaming IP camera

    I managed to stream my IP camera with OBS. (by using 'rtsp://admin:password@IP:554/stream1' in MEDIA SOURCES). Now I'm looking for a way for someone to stream my IP camera from their place. Would that be even possible?
  15. N

    Obs Settings

    I have a gtx 1050 2gb a Ryzen 5 2600 and an 11 uploads speed Which obs settings should I set I only stream Minecraft on Youtube
  16. N

    Need help with stream optimization

    Hello! Recently, I've begun taking an interest in streaming and would like to optimize it for the best quality possible (1080p with uninterrupted 60fps). I've been trying to correct an issue where the stream will lag a bit or fps will be inconsistent by adjusting settings. I've been making...
  17. C

    Stream quality drops a lot while playing games

    Hello, I was wondering if anyone could tell me a way to increase my stream quality. I dropped the resolution down to 720p and adjusted the bitrate a little bit, but I was wondering if there is something I am missing. My upload speed is around 12 or 13 mb/s. My hardware is: -GPU: Nvidia GeForce...
  18. P

    is the output scaling with filter or not?

    hey, so ive set up my Base Resolution to 1920x1080, but i want to record also in 1080p, so therefore isthe scaled resolution also 1920x1080. My question: If i output the Stream in 1664x936 , what scaling filter does obs use to scale it ? should you ask why 936p, its cause its a ''real'' 16:9...
  19. K

    Audio/video sync

    Hello i have a problem with audio and video sync in OBS. I set delay right before the stream but during the stream the audio and video slowly go out of sync. Can anyone help me with this?
  20. N

    Weird Game frame time issue when streaming.

    Hi! first time in the forums, so sorry if i make a mistake. I have a problem when streaming, my game start looking bad (like less fps) when streaming. BUT (important) the fps shown is the same (high fps even when streaming). Stream looks super smooth and perfect. Feels like weird frame time...