1. O

    Bonjour, problème de stream

    Bonjour, j'ai un petit problème mon stream double a des pixel . Flux PC : I7 10700k - Gpu 3060 ti - avermedia live gamer 4K - 32 go de ram Jeux sur PC : I9 10900K - Rx 6900 RX - 32 Go de RAM J'ai essayer toute les résolution toujours les même pixel , 1080p - 960p - 720p Obs studio pour...
  2. S

    Would like to have both a YouTube and Video Outputs

    We use OBS to steam and record our church services. At times, there is need to have the service viewed in an "overflow" room. While this can be done through have the monitor set to view YouTube, the room is adjacent to the church proper and the 15 second delay is problematic. Is there a way...
  3. C

    OBS not streaming

    I want to make a stream on YouTube, but OBS wont let me. It claims that I "Live streaming is not enmabled on the selected YouTube channel". At first that was indeed true, but after activating that, OBS still does not let me Stream on YouTube. What can I do to fix this?
  4. I

    Chat Dock isnt working!

    Hey my problem is, that the Chat dock isnt really working correctly while im streaming DayZ. The Chat is delayed sometimes for a few minutes so that i can see the messages they wrote a few minutes ago. Also is it turning Black sometimes so that i cant see the chat anymore. Where comes this...
  5. S

    help with adding game source under sources window and how to configure it for streaming

    hi everyone, im gonna b trying to play my computer game on my gaming pc within obs and need some help in trying to add it under sources menu so i can open the game and start it up as when i try to stream with it i kinda tried it before but it didnt turn out too well. and any settings i should...
  6. Z

    OBS Hardware disconnect

    Hello dear forum, I'm new here. When streaming and clipping, I have the problem that all of my hardware stops (black display, controller goes out, camera goes out and microphone goes out). After everything breaks down briefly, everything starts up again and connects again. Unfortunately the...
  7. R

    the animations of the donations do not have time to load, which is why they are shown with lags

    I use donationalerts, but I think the problem is obs. when I make a test alert for donations, the task manager shows a network load of 15 mbps and it does not rise higher. if you wait until the animations are uploaded to the cache, and this download disappears, the animations will play...
  8. V

    Camera keeps flickering and glitching ONLY while streaming

    So my camera works pretty normal in every application other than OBS, even in Streamlabs! Whenever I press record my camera starts having these glitched frames like every now and then, but it's pretty frequently... is there something I can do about it? I even tried changing the Hz from 60 to...
  9. S

    Stream Constantly fluctuating from 0kbps to stable

    About 6 months ago, my streams have become completely unstable. I streamed with the exact same settings, on the exact same system, for almost 4 years with very few issues. While I'm not ruling out my ISP just being crappy, it's the same ISP I've had the whole time. They can't/won't do anything...
  10. G

    Noise in my encoder sound.

    I have an encoder Kiloview N60 and I'm streaming Fifa with Ps5. there is a problem with sound. there appears a static noise. when I'm listening to my stream in obs with monitor and stream option on there isn't any noise. The Noise appears on twitch or other streaming resources.
  11. Viviku

    OBS Stream Bitrate Drops Heavily After Last Update

    I've been streaming for a few years now and ever since the last update (running OBS Studio 30.0.2) I've noticed significant bitrate drops that occur basically every 30ish seconds and it's just making my streams unwatchable. It will drop down to the 3000s then back up to 6000. I also talked to...
  12. Rumdel

    Streaming two audio tracks over udp

    Hi guys. I need your help. I have a video with two audio tracks: English and Spanish. In the recording settings (FFMpeg) there are checkboxes for two audio tracks. When broadcast via UDP, the stream contains two audio tracks, but they are the same (English). How to stream UDP with different...
  13. Rumdel

    Streaming two audio tracks over udp

    Hi guys. I need your help. I have a video with two audio tracks: English and Spanish. In the recording settings (FFMpeg) there are checkboxes for two audio tracks. When broadcast via UDP, the stream contains two audio tracks, but they are the same (English). How to stream UDP with different...
  14. E

    OBS Streaminformation und Chat

    Hallo! Ich habe begonnen über OBS auf Twitch zu streamen. Nun ist gestern mein OBS abgestürzt und die Streaminfo sowie der Streamchat welchen ich bei mir als Creator sah ist nicht mehr im OBS ersichtlich. Wenn ich dies über den Tab Docks einfügen will sind diese aber nicht mehr da. Mein Twitch...
  15. S

    Noise suppresion not working on stream.

    I have noise suppresion set to my mic in OBS (RNNoise) and it works for recording and on Monitor and Output my mouse and keyboard are slient, yet when testing my stream today I noticed that even though the mic never activates when I click or type. When listening to the live stream the clicks...
  16. Luchito

    Different profiles

    Hello! I want to have two profiles, one to stream. And another to record videos for TikTok. For example, in the main one that is for streaming, I use 1920x1080. And to record videos (tiktok) I use 1080x1920. But when I change it, sometimes everything goes out of order, when I finish streaming...
  17. I

    YouTube Streaming choose account?

    When setting up YouTube streaming in OBS, it "recommends" to connect account. When I do that, however, it just shows my primary account. How do I "switch accounts" to a different account that I am a manger of? I'm trying to stream to the company account, not my personal one. Or do I just need...
  18. KingKong77

    Free OBS Virtual Deck 1.0.1

    Who have never dreamed of a Virtual Deck to control your OBS Streaming? The Virtual Deck offers the possibility to switch remotely (from iPhone or iPad) all the scenes in OBS. Very easy to run (just 2 steps) VS the other apps which require tons of installs or setup. 1 - Install the App 2 -...
  19. W

    Any idea how to make my Apex Stream not turn into Roblox!?

    Been trying all sorts of settings to stream apex on kick and I'm just not having any luck anytime I get into gun fights my stream becomes pixelated and unbearable to watch. PC is AMD Ryzen 7 8 core, RTX2070, 16gb RAM. Attached are a few logs from some streams if someone could please guide me in...
  20. MBS

    Quick Sync Video Encoder throws an error when trying to stream

    Hi, I usually stream on twitch and I've always used Quick Sync H.264 hardware encoder with my computer to run my livestream. Last week I updated my OBS and from that point, my Quick Sync configuration won't work. It throws the following error message: Starting the output failed. Please check...