PC freezing while streaming games


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Hi! I have had this issue for a few months and only today I have ready about the old 27.2 update (which I believe I had) I only reinstalled OBS today. Is that a common issue that would get resolved when reinstalled and using a most recent update? I have seen a few people using versionas past 27.2 with freezing issues thats why I wanted to rasise the question here.
Can I send someone my logs to check weather my obs is running okay?
I got the pc checked recently in case it was a hardware issue but no problems were fund thats why I am uptting it down to OBS now

Please help as I have to send my pc back to pcspecialist on tuesday and I really don't want to as they werent great help.



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v27.2 made significant changes to the OBS browser, which impacts 3rd party plugins. And then, a computationally demanding activity like real-time video encoding, will often be highly impacted by OS and graphics driver changes. So lots of inter-dependencies, which aren't easy to isolate at times. And many folks don't understand, or take the time, to understand hardware resource impact of various OS and OBS settings, driving PC into an overload situation, or use known poorly written plugins (ex. streamelements) then stupidly blame OBS, ex recent drop in FPS threads. /annoyed rant at others over

See my .sig for link to article on posting a log here, and lets see if anything obvious. For quickest turn-around, I'm recommend starting with the OBS Analyzer