1. S

    YouNow (April 2019 Update) Not Listed as a Streaming Service Option

    YouNow states to select their company from the list of streaming service providers in OBS, and list an image on their site. But OBS doesn't list them in the latest version of OBS. This is from their site: This is from OBS Studio v23.1.0 (64 bit)
  2. Carto

    OBS NVENC (Turing) vs X264 Medium Side by Side Comparison Using the FF XIV Benchmark

    I know there are quite a few of these out there, but the more info the merrier. I'll be doing more with additional benchmarks as well as various bitrates spanning from 3500 to 8000 for reference. Let me know if there's anything you guys would like to see, I've got the hardware and I'm always...
  3. V

    Question / Help StreamLabs OBS crashes while streaming

    When I start streaming games like Overwatch, R6S, Monster Hunter World, after some min or during the loadings my StreamLabs App crashes (Issue that I dont have with Rocket League) Here the Crash Log that I get by StreamLabs: Crash Log Never had this kind of problems 1 month ago (Not sure about...
  4. W

    Question / Help Can't find box to input my Stream Key

    I wanted to start streaming on twitch, but when I tried to put my stream key into OBS I couldn't find the input box. Did I do something wrong when I was setting up OBS?
  5. V

    Question / Help Gaming pc set up

    hi... I just want to understand an know how this set up will work... I want to start streaming with a duel PC set up. My gaming PC is running on i7-8700k, msi 1080ti, and 16GB Ram. the streaming PC i s a laptop but i know it is capable to run the stream. my issue is with the gaming PC sine i...
  6. A

    Streaming from OBS to OBS

    Hello everybody I'm not sure is this is the correct thread I have set an private RTMP server using nginx ( using windows ) , works fine . I have it installed on a dedicated extreme encoding VPS . The idea is : Stream from my PC , at the highest quality/bit-rate possible from my Gaming PC (...
  7. S

    Question / Help Elgato HD60 Pro Audi Issues

    I have my Elgato HD60 Pro set up in my PC and I have it connected to my Xbox one. In OBS I can see my Xbox One gameplay but the audio my Xbox is producing is not coming through in OBS. I can hear the Xbox audio through my headphones with the use of my mixamp, but it is not registering in OBS. I...
  8. F

    Question / Help Recording and Streaming Glitches

    Whenever I stream or record, i get these wierd visual glitches on the recording, not while I am playing. It shows that i lag back sluightly about every half a second. It looks wierd and buggy. Here is a recording: Please help! Thanks!
  9. S

    Question / Help Ryzen 7 1700x vs 2600x for streaming and recording

    Hey everybody! I’m buying a new CPU soon, and I’ll be upgrading from my 4 core 3.5 GHZ ryzen 3 2200g. I’m looking at the difference between the 1700x and the 2600x, and it’s very close. The 1700x offers more threads and cores, but the 2600x has a much higher boost clock. What would affect...
  10. B

    Question / Help Multiple IPads on OBS

    Hello, I don't have the capability to test this out right now but I was wondering if it is possible to use multiple instances of the quicktime screen record usage for more than one ipad at a time. This is what I am talking about: connect Ipads to your Mac via the Lightning cable. Then open...
  11. Manthan2001

    Question / Help Failed to start streaming - Starting the output failed

    Please help me with this issue ASAP!!! I tried all the solution on internet but still not working My nvidia drivers are also up to date OBS is also up to date But still stuck with this issue
  12. M

    Question / Help No Desktop Audio Being Streamed?

    Hi there everyone, I have an ongoing issue with OBS where I am unable to stream Desktop Audio even though it is detected in the OBS program itself. I have my microphone connected which works and streams fine, however the desktop audio is never picked up. I have attached some screenshots of my...
  13. Zsomac

    Question / Help Change frame rate from variable frame rate to constant frame rate

    is there any way i can do that? If i download twitch vods they are always in variable frame rate and the audio messes up. i have the freshest version. Any idea what can i do? thanks a lot
  14. J

    Question / Help Streaming problems with obs

    Hello, everyone! I have problem. I want to stream with obs, but I'm getting low fps in game (CS:GO). No matter what I tried. I have tried to use the nvenc encoder, downscale it to 720p, turn off 2 pass encoding. But nothing seems to help. I'm wondering if I even can stream on my pc. Isn't my CPU...
  15. S

    Question / Help Upgraded hardware w/worse streaming results

    Hi all. I'm back again with issues regarding streaming and settings. I recently upgraded my MOBO to Strix z390 Gaming with i5 9600k, and 16gb 2133mhz RAM. I also picked up a second 24", 144hz, monitor. I'll touch on this a little later. And of course a fresh install of Win 10. I should mention I...
  16. C

    Question / Help Steaming using and external PC webcam

    Hi there, Just a quick question, can you use a webcam on an external pc from the pc you are streaming from.? So say I have a friend on another PC at one end of the office and I want to use is Webcam in my stream, is there a way for me to remotely put his live video feed from his webcam to my PC...
  17. O

    Question / Help What camera should i get to start streaming

    what budget camera witch is good but not too exspensive so if anyone could send me a link to one or reccomend one that would be amazing.
  18. Z

    Question / Help No game audio when livestreaming (YouTube)

    So, I tried my hand at Livestreaming from my main PC last night. I had the bitrate all configured for my network connection, video and audio sources working and balanced, and I even offset my PC audio to get the picture in sync. I tinkered with it until around 10:30PM getting it just perfect...
  19. X

    Question / Help OBS streams on YouTube at 480p and 614p on Twitch, far from 1080p 60fps?

    I was just wondering if there was any way for me to stream on Youtube and Twitch at 1080p at 60fps? Would it be some settings that I would have to change? I have a GTX 1060 6GB, so it should be able to run things nicely? Streaming at 480p and 614p is just something that I don't want to do...
  20. R

    Question / Help Can someone explain to me why everyone uses CBR for STREAMING with NVENC encoder and not CQP?

    I find a lot of threads about recording with CQP but nothing about streaming to Twitch with it. Twitch itself also recommends CBR but isn't CQP better quality?