1. P

    Unhandled exception: 80000003 OBS 30.1.2 crash while streaming Warzone

    Hi guys ! I've never had the issue before the last Geforce driver version 552.44 ( currently reinstalling as I write the post ) . Each time I quit obs it crashes or it just crashes after couple minute ( I can feel a lil stutter just before it happends ) Note : When I stream , My live preview is...
  2. qualabs

    OBS AMD AMA Plugin 0.0.1

    About This plugin enables Hardware Acceleration encoding in AVC/H.264, HEVC/H.265 and AV1 using the AMD Alveo™️ MA35D. Pre Requisites In order to use the plugin it is necessary to have the following requirements on your PC: Linux Ubuntu 22.04 OS with Kernel version 5.15.0-92 or greater At...
  3. satalight

    OBS Python Shitrate!! - Decreases the bitrate of a recording / stream as audio increases. v1.0.0

    A Python 3.6 script that reduces the bitrate of the stream / recording as audio increases. Includes two versions of the script, one that looks for specific jumps in volume and another that proportionally relates high volume amounts with bitrate count. Full Description and Instructions...
  4. T

    lines on screen (stuttering?)

    I'm really new to OBS, but I've spent hours trying to figure out what's going on and I've followed all the steps I can find. I'll post all the specs I can think of. Video of it happening. My OBS log, computer specs, and capture card specs are attached. The only issue I know for sure is that...
  5. R

    Obs lags während des streams trotz guter Hardware.

    Hallo zusammen ich probiere seit einigen Tagen haufenweise Obs Einstellungen durch um zu streamen leider bleibt das Problem immer das selbe wie in Abständen kommt der stream nicht hinterher, laggt ganz kurz als wenn die Fps auf 30 dropen und beruhigt sich in einigen Sekunden wieder. Auch bei zu...
  6. fixbnkz

    Does anyone know what this problem could be?

    I always used the old version of OBS (OBS and I didn't go online for a few days, when I came back the image started to look like this ( even using the same settings every always, this is strange because OBS apparently is normal, without drops...
  7. M

    Random huge amounts of dropped frames after a month of streaming fine at 6000 kbps

    For about a month I've been using OBS to stream a variety of things. Up until now, I have had no problems with bitrate. My internet upload and download speeds are well over the amount it needs to be to stream at 6000 kbps, and I have been able to easily... until today. I am connected to my...
  8. V

    Help with Lag in the Video

    Hi Everyone, I am pretty new to the streaming community and wanted to stream some trading lessons on You tube. However, when I start streaming and performing a check in my mobile phone, I am able to see a lag of 15-20 seconds. I have checked all the videos on You tube but nothing is working. Can...
  9. Bradenriggs

    SEI timecodes in OBS

    Hi All, I'm interested in encoding SEI timecodes into my RTMP streams when broadcasting from OBS similar to how the Magewell Ultra Encode SDI supports this feature. I haven't found a way to do this in the standard version of OBS (maybe a custom x264 parameter?) and am looking for some pointers...
  10. Im_Al3x

    OBS keep crushing

    I'm trying to stream something on YouTube and Twitch (not at the same time) using OBS on my Windows 11 PC. The stream start and all seems ok, but about 5 minutes later of the starting of the stream OBS keep crush. It doesn't give me error, but on YT/Twitch gives me player error, and while...
  11. P

    Wifi Capable of streaming but OBS isn't utilizing my upload speed completely

  12. RP-Dizzle

    [Frames Instantly Drop - Bitrate fluctuates from 0 to 3000kbps] Twitch works; Youtube does not

    Hello OBS community, After a six month hiatus, I wanted to begin streaming on my YouTube (YT) channel again. However, a week ago ago, I encountered a stubborn issue that has stopped me dead in my tracks. The issue is that from the moment I begin the YT stream, my frames immediately drop due to...
  13. T

    Gigcaster 8/general mixer audio input and windows guidance

    Hello all, I rebuilt my PC recently so I could game and stream. My old 3080 and 10900K weren't cutting it. Went all out and got a 4090/11900K combo and bought a Shure Mic with a Boss Gigcaster 8 mixer. I'm having a h*ll of a time figuring out the way Windows 11 reads the audio input form this...
  14. L

    OBS Stream Settings

    I recently got a new laptop and I never tried streaming before, so I wanted to ask the forum what settings I should have. I wanted to try and stream a few games on Twitch, primarily "Space Engineers." I don't think it matters, but I am currently running Arch Linux. If I am missing any...
  15. C

    GPU High percentage usage consistent (95%)

    Hi everyone! My OBS has been using max GPU usage consistently with around a 65-75c temp with CPU at around 50%. Is this okay to stream at? I've been looking for solutions to bring down my GPU usage but nothing has been working. Game framerate has been consistent so I don't think that's the...
  16. M

    Skipping some frames every second, why is that, is there a fix?

    so right now I am very okay with the quality of my stream, no pixels no anything, for 864p it looks good imo and I can stream with constant performance and bitrate, but i noticed that the 60fps look a bit like 50fps and i also noticed when opening videostatistics in the VOD (in twitch) that I...
  17. D

    My stream is dropping frames

    Hello. I am trying to stream on twitch lately and the first couple of streams whent okay with no dropped frames, the last couple of streams i have been experiencing about 63% dropped frames, at first it happened in the first 15 minutes of the stream after which is magically juped to the normal...
  18. cama

    [URGENT] OBS Randomly Dropping Frames

    (Copied from Reddit) Hello everyone! I am new to the subreddit here but I joined because I am desperate for answers. I have been streaming using for the past few months and I have run into no issues whatsoever. I stream at a resolution of 3440x1440 with a bitrate of 13500 on YouTube...
  19. M

    YouTube live streaming bitrate issues

    New to livestreaming/ bitrate issues Hello, ive been trying to begin livestreaming to youtube but have been having bitrate issues. Verizon 1 gig internet 900 down and 800 up on ethernet cable so i dont understand where the issues are coming from. On OBS ive tried different CBR ranging between...
  20. P

    Simple HTML code for my localhost webpage to stream my obs rtmp live video feed on windows 10 and latest browsers??

    I am looking for a Simple HTML code for my localhost webpage to stream my obs rtmp live video feed on windows 10 and latest browsers??