1. T

    Second recording from single stream not recording all video

    TLDR: Only on 29.0.2 (has not been a problem on 28), doing more than one recording while streaming [to Twitch] makes the second recording have "sync" issues. While streaming to Twitch, I often simultaneously record gameplay at a higher bitrate to throw on YouTube, typically using the Pause...
  2. S

    OBS Not Recording Microphone Audio

    Hi, I have been streaming for well over a year now using OBS. I got a new USB microphone for Christmas, and it is a good old plug in and use which I have been using for little over a month with no issues. However as I went live yesterday, the audio input for the microphone is REALLY choppy with...
  3. K

    Live Youtube chat showing up as dots

    I came across this issue while live streaming on Youtube where the live chat appears as dots and only become messages again when the element is refreshed. I use the Browser element to display the live chat and I have a custom CSS code to customize it. I am using the latest version of OBS (OBS...
  4. A

    Cannot separate audio tracks on Streaming PC

    Good afternoon! I had purchased a GoXLR mini and had it setup up for my dual PC streaming. The setup is: LINE IN of GoXLR into LINE OUT of gaming PC. Then, Line OUT of GoXLR into LINE IN of my streaming PC. So, everything is set up correctly, according to the instructions and the dozens of...
  5. H

    NVENC and AMD encoders

    It has been running fine until tonight then it suddenly said: Note: If you are using NVENC or AMD encoders, make sure your video drivers are up to date. I don't know what it means or how to update them. The attached image is what it says for my encoders and doesn't give me an option to...
  6. PerfectGaming

    How do I stream to a Virtual machine

    I have a Windows virtual machine which I want to use to stream on Twitch since the laptop I use is pretty bad. Is there anyway I can stream my games to the virtual machine first so that it can then stream it to Twitch? They are not on the same network so NDI doesn't work :(.
  7. Trunkz

    Rodecaster Pro 2 Duel PC Stream Setup Help?

    Nobody on youtube has a setup for this using Elgato 4K60 Mk2 Capture Card and then OBS to Stream on Twitch. I'm having problems from mic hiss, then no mic hiss but double sounds, just one problem solved only for another to appear... I'm hoping someone out there has theirs set up and can post...
  8. F

    Streaming in HDR

    OBS 28 finally gave me the feature to stream in HDR on YouTube as now it supports P010 color format and Rec 2100 color spaces. I was streaming privately testing this feature while watching it on two phones: one with HDR support and another one, an older one, without HDR. While on HDR screen on...
  9. T

    How Can I Get Better Quality?

    Hi folks. I like to stream stock market related content to my Youtube Channel. As it stands, I'm currently using a 49" monitor with a 32:9 aspect ratio. For archiving purposes, I also stream in a 32:9 ratio. However, when I stream to YouTube VS record the stream offline, the quality is...
  10. Cheddare

    Workarounds for not fading monitored audio

    Hi, this might be a bit of an unusual problem - some time ago I found out that OBS has all the functionality that I need to mix audio for my RPG sessions (private "at home with friends" kind of sessions): Custom Scenes Looping Audio Smooth Transitions Remote Control etc. I've tried to play my...
  11. L

    Device Manager / USB Issues when I "Start Streaming"

    Hi all, I'm on Windows 10 and use OBS to stream DJ sets. I notice my DJ mixer (USB Device) will stop working when I hit the Start Streaming button in OBS about 30-40% of the time. When I look at Device Manager when it happens, the device is still listed as connected even after I unplug it. If...
  12. A

    Auslastung GPU Encodierung Streaming

    Hi OBS Forum, ich wollte mal fragen ob meine Auslastung zu hoch ist? Encodierung erfolgt wie im Titel steht über Grafikkarte. Ich bin bei ca. 25 bis 40 % und das ohne ein Spiel zu spielen. Mir ist das heute mal wieder richtig aufgefallen und ich bin mir nicht sicher ob das jetzt durch das neue...
  13. S

    Why can't I stream Twitch from OBS? My internet connection is fine, but it always says this:

    I made sure that my stream key is the latest one. I checked my firewall and it was OFF, so no firewall is blocking the connection. However, OBS is not letting me stream. What does it mean by "a valid streaming service" ??? Can someone please help ?
  14. E

    my OBS connection dies as soon as i open certain games, but it is okay in others

    So I mainly stream minecraft java and there is never a connection error, even when there is, it gets fixed almost immediately or it is directly caused by my internet, but when i try to stream other games that don't require connection like Fnaf Pizzeria simulator or Terraria, my connection...
  15. S


    I have two gaming desktop computers in front of me. One I want to be dedicated for gaming, and the other I want to be dedicated for streaming the games displayed on the gaming computer. The only possible way I can get video from one computer to the other right now is through the OBS Studio NDI...
  16. G

    bug report: obs 28.0.3 stops/jams while streaming to twitch

    the twitch stream goes offline, the obs shows 0kb/s, then when "stop streaming" is pressed it will not stop (tries to stop), then when exiting the program from "x" it asks if you want to stop streaming, yes leads to program hang-up and forced exit. no local recording was on while doing this (hw...
  17. A

    Stream lags but recording not

    Hi, I have a pretty good pc actually and it should be capable of streaming. When i stream, i only stream and im not recording simultaneously. Now the weird part is, that the recording is smooth af but the stream lags. I got the same settings on the recording and streaming tab (check picture). My...
  18. L

    Obs Studio mic Audio issue while streaming

    So when i record a video me speaking gets picked up with my mic but when i stream to witch my voice gets picked up in obs but you cant hear me on stream talking
  19. arlenham

    Streaming to OBS, but Twitch saying offline.

    I have been searching the web for fixes, but they won't work. Including resetting stream key. I also tested this on my second account, and it still says offline when streaming. I also searched the Twitch settings, and nothing. Really need help! Log files...
  20. J

    OBS Crashing on Launch since updating to 28.x version

    Hello I usually ignore the prompt to update OBS to the newest version hence why I've found this issue so late after the release of 28.0. I updated OBS roughly 10 days ago having had no crashes leading up to that point since installing a few months back. However in the last 7 days or so my OBS...