1. F

    Recordings and streams dont look smooth at all and I'm loosing my mind trying to figure out why

    I've been recording footage in Valorant for about a week before I noticed it's practically unusable due to said footage looking choppy and lacking smoothness. I don't understand why it looks the way it does but no matter what settings I do, it ends up looking more or less the same while others...
  2. C

    Keep Youtube Stream When OBS Disconnect/Reconnect

    Greetings everyone! How to keep Youtube streaming stay online when OBS disconnect and reconnecting?
  3. A

    Youtube Stream not loading

    I start my stream, everything in the green zone, but when i go on youtube to watch the stream id doesnt load. or even if it did it will be only for a short moment then start to load again... plus... the stream quality its also not great and i really dont know why because i have over 40mbits...
  4. A

    OBS Toggle Messages Plz Read

    I am a new streamer, I design my own overlays and alerts, to finish my overlay, I am looking to create custom toggle message in obs like overlay expert. For example: OBS have hotkeys for their toggle messages, which only allow for one key to be a toggle message unless you do a combination with...
  5. J

    Stream is always lagging but not because of my pc

    so recently i have started streaming and never use to have a problem till i reset my pc and now when i go to stream it just lags badly but only the stream ik its not my pc as ik my pc can stream no problem at all but ive tried so many things and just cant get it to stream well at all my pc has...
  6. E

    OBS and Oculus Mirror

    Hi! A month ago I was stream VR games from Oculus Mirror, but today Im back and OBS captures just a pic from Oculus Mirror, looks like freeze although can see mouse cursor when I move above Oculus Mirror window, what is happening? On Oculus Mirror window can see the game propertly
  7. R

    Deep Voice and HORRIBLE Desktop Audio

    I have been using Blackhole 16h to stream on my Macbook M1 for a year now and it has always worked extremely well. Suddenly the desktop audio did not work well at all and my voice would sound extremely deep without a voice changer. The background music I was trying to play in the background of...
  8. SychosisPatient

    F-Zero 99

    Can anyone tell me why a game like F-Zero 99 at 6000 can't be streamed in good quality 1080 60fps? Quality I get is very poor. I can stream Diablo IV at true 1080 and get a great picture quality.
  9. G

    Low Gain in YouTube?

    Hello community! I've been using OBS for professional streaming for many years. I'm quite happy with it, great tool! (I made my donation thou haha) Nevertheless, I do find an issue while streaming to YouTube from OBS. I have the feeling that the audio is quite low in the streaming compared to...
  10. Arahor

    Fullscreen Projector (Preview) Not Moving To System Tray Along With OBS

    Hello! I do apologise if this has already been asked or If I'm just blind not finding the option, I found some similar topics but not one that was about this. I'm currently running a dual pc setup with Fullscreen Projector (Preview) on Gaming PC to clone the screen to my Capture Card on my...
  11. A

    bitrate decreases 0kb/s and rises 20,000kb/s - game capture black screen

    Hi everyone , I am facing a strange problem that I have never seen before with anyone I have very fast internet with up to 500 uploads and downloads I don't face any problems with streaming in general with "just chatting" in twitch , I streaming via Restream In some games, or almost most of...
  12. K

    Livestreaming with OBS and nintendo switch

    Hey, I have a question. I want to try out live streaming for the first time on my switch with my PC (windows 10) but everytime I try to add a new video capture device, the screen is black or it shows me the game footage but like just the picture as if the game footage freezes instanly :/ I...
  13. D

    OBS multi-key operation

    Hi, I’ve used OBS for single streaming events; now I plan to launch a series of parallel or one-after-another sessions that use different stream keys (all coming from same computer though). What would be the most efficient way to use OBS; can it support multi-key settings or I need to manually...
  14. MMLTech

    Free Streaming random Quotes carousel 2023-09-11

    RANDOM QUOTE FOR STREAMING >> Configure your own Random Quote Widget << With OBS Countdown - Random Quote, you can effortlessly uplift your audience with words of wisdom, positivity, and inspiration. Whether you're a streamer, presenter, educator, or simply want to engage your audience in a...
  15. MMLTech

    Free Live Polls, let your audience participate in your decisions 2023-09-11

    INTEGRATE YOUR POLL WITH OBS STUDIO >> Configure your own streaming poll << Seamlessly create, customize, and distribute polls and surveys to gather valuable insights from your audience. Unlock deeper understanding, drive engagement, and make informed choices based on real-time data. With...
  16. F

    Record & Stream Output and Setup Presets

    Sometimes I record. Sometimes I stream. I need different audio settings for each and would love to save presets for both the Output settings and general Source settings. Example: When I RECORD, I like to have my three audio sources recorded to three separate tracks so I can mix them as I see...
  17. Stryhn

    Will OBS be downgraded if I cap my FPS to 30 for background apps in the Nvidia Control Panel?

    Just a little question for the quick ones! I was wondering if OBS would be deprioritized if I changed background apps to only run 30 fps in the Nvidia Control Panel? Wondering if the cap of 30 FPS would improve my streaming experience through the lowered GPU and CPU consumption? Thanks for...
  18. CobaltDragon

    Free OBS-HUD 0.8.5

    OBS-HUD is a standalone software utility that provides customizable, on-screen status icons to indicate OBS streaming and recording activity. Monitoring these OBS functions no longer requires looking to the system tray icon or main window. Instead, users have complete control and freedom to...
  19. I

    Problem with drivers and streaming [Traktor3pro+S2 MK3+Behringer UMC404HD + turntable]

    Hi, all i broke my dj mixer and decide to try a controller for the first time but i would like to continue use my audio interface and not the S2 one (i consider my audio interface has superior sound fidelity) On the room sound and cue is always fine (i monitor with headphones connected to the...
  20. D

    OBS Freezes/Not Responding putting out 0 bitrate

    Whenever I am streaming diablo IV my obs tends to ouput 0 bitrate and freezes and I can only close it out by task manager "end task". I will include screenshots of my obs settings and my pc is currently running the nvidia 4070ti. Playing diablo on ultra settings on a 2k monitor while streaming...