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    Question / Help Stream with 2 different Twitch-Profiles at one Chanel

    Hi guys, I have a problem with streaming on my chanel with 2 different twitch-profiles. I am streaming with my Twitch-Account on my Chanel without problems using OBS. But I want to stream with a friend. our plan is that he streams on my Twitch-Chanel while I am offline and I stream at...
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    Question / Help Obs drops down FPS while streaming on twitch

    Lately I've been streaming on Twitch with 60fps. On twitch the frame rate was smooth 60 but at the same time in game the game felt like it was running on 30fps. When streaming at 30 thought, the game runs smoothly. Anyone knows the solution?
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    Question / Help Need help with Windows -> Rekordbox -> VoiceMeeter -> OBS Studio -> Live Streaming (Part 2)

    This thread is the continuation of Part 1 (only 10 images allowed per thread...). Beyond this point, all images are about OBS Studio. As i said earlier, i didn't get this OBS part of the puzzle to work, yet. It seems possible, but something's missing, dunno why. Image 11: The Audio settings in...
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    Question / Help How can I hear stereo game sounds while I streaming?

    I can hear game sounds while streaming with recording my voice. But the sounds I can hear are always mono sounds. If I set up another headset for monitoring, can I play games with hearing stereo sounds with it? Or, is it not good because of the delay of the game sounds? I need your help who has...
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    Question / Help I need help with technical problems o my OBS settings, please guide me?

    I'm trying to do a youtube channel and of course, its video games but mostly retro. I bought component cables from HD retrovision and I could play with better and sharper graphics. I've wanted to record my game footage with a dvd recorder but no player has component input unless its composite...
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    Question / Help Frame skipping on highest x264 presets?

    Hello, I got myself a ryzen 9 3950x for streaming however when i go to stream on the highest presets for cpu i get over 50% of my rendered frames skipped due to encoding lag. When using placebo, very slow or slower presets i get these issues however if i drop it down to the slow preset the issue...
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    Bug Report Bind to IP - Failed to connect to server

    Hello all. I have two separate Internet sources plugged into my desktop. I used to stream daily and would route OBS through a secondary IP as it has better upload speed. I recently wanted to jump back on the stream again, so I updated everything and when I went to stream, I got the "Failed to...
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    Question / Help no game sound

    I have connected my ps4 to my computer via a HD 60 and have a microphone and a webcam on too. When I stream there is picture from the game sound from my microphone and picture from the webcam but not the sound from the game. anyone who knows how to get it? thanks
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    Question / Help How do I change my recording from stop motion to what I actually want?

    Hey guys, I am streaming over OBS studio and I want to produce videos as well. Recording always worked fine, no complications. But since a week or so, as soon as I record a game, the FPS don't stay at 60, they drop to 54-58 and the video afterwards is reminding me of a stop motion movie. I...
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    Question / Help ZOOM Q2n 4K Camera to OBS VIDEO AND AUDIO syncing for Livestream

    Hi guys new to the forum! I need help with the Zoom Q2n 4k camera Im using as a webcam to live stream so I can do drum videos for Facebook live. My objective is to be able to play along to tracks from Spotify and have no issues with delay from audio and video while doing so. Can someone help me...
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    Question / Help False Videobitrate

    German: YouTube empfängt nicht genügend Videodaten, um ein flüssiges Streaming ohne Zwischenspeicherung gewährleisten zu können. English: YouTube does not receive enough video data to ensure smooth streaming without caching. or "Videobitrate isn't good" I tryed like everything.
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    Question / Help Audio quality bad while streaming, recording is good

    Hello! With OBS I want to do a livestream DJ set, but the sound of the livestream is bad (tinny). I just made a recording and that quality is good. I hope someone can help me with this! Hereby my logfile. Thanks in advance.
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    Question / Help LiveStream Setup Recommendations

    Good morning gang! I'm doing some research for my church. We'd like to Livestream to YouTube and possibly Facebook at the same time. Does anyone have any recommended hardware/software setups to make that happen? We are looking into different cameras and hardware but, the main requirement is that...
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    Question / Help Which values are important in OBS?

    Hi, My question is which values are particularly important in order to be able to stream and record on OBS with good quality. I've heard that CUDA cores should be the most important values. Is that correct? Please no answers like -All are important .... My graphics card: RX 580 8GB I thank...
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    Question / Help planning to start streaming soon just wanted to confirmation about OBS NDI do i need gpu for 2nd pc(streaming pc not gaming pc )

    planning to start streaming soon just wanted to confirmation about OBS NDI do i need good gpu and cpu for 2nd pc(streaming pc not gaming pc ) happenly i found out got these items in my house basement i3 2120 gts 450 is this enough for 2nd pc ? if not plsss advise /suggest to me minimum spec...
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    Question / Help Is Rescale Output applied after or before encoding?

    Hi! I would like to use OBS for recording and streaming. Under video tab I have setted up my full resolution (1080p) and then created presets under Output for streaming and recording. The question is: Is Rescale Outpout under Outpout > Streaming applied before or after encoding? I want to stream...
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    Question / Help Help me figure out the best settings/tweaks for my stream please !

    I do not have the best set up nor the best upload speed but not the worst either ! I'd say both at mediocre levels. In term of internet speeds I have 20 down 3 up. Pc specs I have: FX 8350 Octa core black edition, 8 Gb of ram and a GTX 1050TI. I currently stream with a resolution of 1024x576...
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    Question / Help No matter what tutorial I read, my stream comes out pixilated (specially when Im moving)

    Hello all, before I start let me just say I've watched endless of videos and read many tutorials on best stream settings for OBS, but I am starting to wonder is this an issue on YouTubes Streaming Side or something in OBS? Now in my old PC I used to be able to stream not the best quality but...
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    Question / Help Can I record 1080p60? / Can I stream 1080p60?

    I am new to the recording and streaming side of the internet I would really like to try recording and streaming and I was wondering if anyone could help me. My system specs are: OS: Windows 10 pro 64-bit CPU: ryzen 7 2700x @4ghz RAM: 16gb @3200mhz GPU: MSI Armor RX 580 MB: Asus ROG Crosshair VI...
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    FPS Drops for League recordings and streaming

    I'm aware that FPS drops are inevitable, but when it drops from 180fps to 20-30fps, it's kind of concerning. I'm posting that log thing people talk about in these forums, if anyone can help, i'd love that! I don't know what to do. I just want to record or stream League of Legends but it's been...