OBS Studio Gamecapture Blackscreen


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Hey Guys,

i want to stream. I used the Twitch Studio App and it was perfekt but its just a beta and you cant to that much with it. So i decided to download OBS Studio and now i have a problem if i want to capure a game it just show me a Blackscreen. If i want to caputure my Monitore it works fine. The same problem i have on Streamlabs OBS. I tried everything i now.

1.Updated all drivers.
2.Updated visual c++
3.Installed OBS in C://
4.Start OBS with Admin rights.

If someone know how to fix it it would be nice. And sorry for my bad english iam from Germany but i thought if i would describe my problem in english more people will see it.
Thank you.


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The league of legends lobby/champion select application isn't compatible with game capture. You MUST use window capture on it.
The actual match is what should be game captured.