1. aquas009

    Why obs cant display a game capture on top of another game capture using a filter?

    Hi,, the problem is obs wont diplay any video from a game capture on top of another game capture of the same game but using a blur fliter, I am using obs- shaderfilter by exeldro, gussian blur in the first game capture, and on top of that i have the second game captuer without blur, but the...
  2. X

    Game capture not working for Valorant

    hello there! I'm having issues with Valorant on game capture on OBS. it works on the loading screen for valorant and recognises the game, but as soon as Ienter a game, it goes to a black screen, only showing parts of the screen. Does anyone else have these issues, found a fix and can help...
  3. L

    Game capture source delay after transition.

    Hi, I have a problem! I have a start scene and a stream scene when i switch from start scene to stream scene using custom transition (small webm file )Game capture source starts with a 2 second delaying.First i see webbrowser sources etc.How fix ? Thanks
  4. Z

    OBS Studio Gamecapture Blackscreen

    Hey Guys, i want to stream. I used the Twitch Studio App and it was perfekt but its just a beta and you cant to that much with it. So i decided to download OBS Studio and now i have a problem if i want to capure a game it just show me a Blackscreen. If i want to caputure my Monitore it works...
  5. I


    Hello, I have the elgato 60s capturer. I have a xeon e5-2620 v3 processor, and rx580 gpu's. the problem is that the capturer does not run, I mean, I put it and the 2sg goes to 1fps and I tried it on another computer that does not have a Chinese processor and have NVIDIA gpu's and it works...
  6. ladro_xd

    Game Capture Black Screen

    I've been trying so hard to fix this problem of getting a black screen if I chose as a source the Game Capture. Tried different settings / also I did run obs 64 as admin and set compatibility to win7 and win8 but still the same problem also made my Graphics settings for obs64 to high and still...
  7. B

    obs game capture not working

    i'm not sure how to fix my problem with obs. my streaming works but my recordings don't work. it starts the recording and when i stop it it saves as an itunes audio file instead of a video and i don't know how to fix it. the force scaling is turned off and i reset my game capture settings. i...
  8. WeeemRCB

    Bug Report OBS Studio 24.0.1(64bit) no longer hooking some games capture

    Hi I was prompted a couple of days ago to update to the latest OBS Studio. I did so, but when I started OBS it wouldn't show my game capture for PUBG. To troubleshoot I tried PUBG in Windowed and Borderless modes as well as my usual FullScreen. but OBS couldn't capture it. In the end I had to...
  9. L

    Question / Help OBS not working with LinkStable Game Capture Card

    Hi everyone. I recently bought a decently powerful PC. On that PC I run Windows 10 home (64 bit I think). The PC has 8GB of Ram installed memory. I bought this PC to start up a Let's Play channel on Youtube. For this I have a Blue Snowball mic which plugs into my PC, a Logitech webcam, and a...
  10. T

    Question / Help Connect Android to Obs WITHOUT VIDEO CAPTURARER?

    How are you? good day A few days ago I bought a cell phone with a USB 3.1 type C input, my question is Can I use OBS if I connect my cell phone with an adapter (NOT VIDEO CAPTURATOR) with HDMI output? I mean, if I use the Obs adapter, will I recognize the signal?
  11. J

    Question / Help Cant Gamecapture Overwatch

    Sometimes i can stream overwatch... sometimes i cant capture the game, and not even a blackscreen. I try HOTKEY Try: Choose overwatch as game Try: Anygame in fullscreen NOTHING! It doesnt work, NOT even Screen Capture! I restarted my pc twice.... Awesome :) OBS Studio (newest version) ╔● PC...
  12. M

    Question / Help OBS Gamecapture blackscreen after Closing/Re-opening Game

    Hey guys, firstly: This is one of my first Posts in any Forums so tryna' keep calm about that. Specs: CPU: Intel Core i7-4790 3.6GHz GPU: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 6GB RAM: 8GB Dual DDR3 Team Group Inc. Mainboard: ASRock H97 Performance Windows 10 64-Bit Newest OBS Version. Everything else also...
  13. H

    Question / Help osu! becomes extremely laggy while OBS gamecapture

    hi (sry my english is bad :3) when i select gamecapture and select osu my game starts to lag. (my fps drops to 20 fps) You can see the FPS and the MS at the bottom right corner without Gamecapture: with Gamecapture: i think you need this...