Bug Report OBS Studio 24.0.1(64bit) no longer hooking some games capture


New Member
I was prompted a couple of days ago to update to the latest OBS Studio.
I did so, but when I started OBS it wouldn't show my game capture for PUBG.

To troubleshoot I tried PUBG in Windowed and Borderless modes as well as my usual FullScreen. but OBS couldn't capture it.
In the end I had to switch on desktop sharing to see the game.
Even that was a bit slow to come up.

I tried CSGO as well and it seemed to be ok and I did get PUBG to come up once, but that's like one in 20 launches of OBS.
It was working perfectly before this version (and I've been using OBS Studio for years)

Log files for reference: https://obsproject.com/logs/ELZURDDp39Eg6sjC