1. bozbez

    win-capture-audio v2.0.0-beta.3

    An OBS plugin similar to OBS's win-capture/game-capture that allows for audio capture from a specific application, rather than the system's audio as a whole. This eliminates the need for third-party software or hardware audio mixing tools that introduce complexity, and in the case of software...
  2. A

    Overlays interfere OBS from Game Capture RPCS3 emulator (How to Fix)

    I was having this issue where I couldn't use "Game Capture" to capture the game I was playing on RPSC3. I found the problem to be the overlays running on my computer that were interfering with OBS being able to 'hook' the game. I went to Registry Editor and into this directory...
  3. WeeemRCB

    Bug Report OBS Studio 24.0.1(64bit) no longer hooking some games capture

    Hi I was prompted a couple of days ago to update to the latest OBS Studio. I did so, but when I started OBS it wouldn't show my game capture for PUBG. To troubleshoot I tried PUBG in Windowed and Borderless modes as well as my usual FullScreen. but OBS couldn't capture it. In the end I had to...
  4. S

    Question / Help Black screen with faceit anty cheat and massive FPS drops

    Hi I have a problem , Recently I put new system on my PC ( Windows 7 PRO ) when I am trying to stream with faceit anty cheat no video is going to OBS or STREAMLABSobs during the game when I am moveing my mouse FPS drops from 300 down to 30 which and its really hard to aim or even move around ...