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win-capture-audio v2.2.3-beta

Supported Bit Versions
  1. 64-bit
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Supported Platforms
  1. Windows
An OBS plugin similar to OBS's win-capture/game-capture that allows for audio capture from a specific application, rather than the system's audio as a whole. This eliminates the need for third-party software or hardware audio mixing tools that introduce complexity, and in the case of software tools, introduce mandatory latency.

Internally it uses ActivateAudioInterfaceAsync with AUDIOCLIENT_PROCESS_LOOPBACK_PARAMS. This initialization structure is only officially available on Windows 11, however it appears to work additionally on relatively recent versions of Windows 10.

This plugin is in a BETA state, expect issues - for support and updates.
An updated version of Windows 10 2004 (released 2020-05-27) or later is required.

See the for installation instructions.
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4.63 star(s) 38 ratings

Latest updates

  1. win-capture-audio v2.2.3-beta

    For OBS versions 27.2.4 and newer, on (an updated) Windows 10 2004 (released 2020-05-27) or...
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Latest reviews

With the early issues now ironed out, this plugin is a must-have. OBS 28 introduces a similar feature, but doesn't do it nearly as well as this plugin. Incredible work bozbez, thank you for this!
Has worked flawlessly so far!
ok i think i figured it out why this happens. seems like warzone has 2 channels for ingame audio and ingame communication so the plugin picks up only one, the ingame audio. so yeah i think thats what it is.
This plugin is actually a godsend compared to having to use voicemeeter. Yes, my OBS does crash maybe once a week but its a quick restart and it never happens when I'm live or recording. Totally worth it as it's only a beta.

The only gripe I have is that the audio sources show up in the source window as sources. If there could be a way to make this work cross scene without having to use duplicates or make it work inside the audio mixer window the plugin would be essentially perfect and something I would have expected to be in base OBS.

I recommend this plugin to absolutely everyone. Voicemeeter is just waaay too intrusive especially when I'm not using OBS and this plugin completely fixes that for me.
Perfect if it didnt bug occasionally. FInding audio cuts out randomly on long streams but does come back. Not sure how to diagnose or fix. Working on making an asio link pro mix and just monitor everything through obs which is unfortunate
Thank you so much! This should be included in OBS by default please keep it up!
The latest beta made exiting OBS Studio fine. Working great for me with Discord, Pretzel Rocks and Lionboard to seperate audio and set all different audio levels.
Good tool, but I have some problems with it.

Regularly when I try to capture audio from Teams conference my video drive do something like restarting and then I have to restart OBS. It happens only during the start of capturing, in first 10-30 minutes. After crashing and restarting OBS capturing works good 1-2-3 hours (I didn't use it more time at once). And after some time, in next day for example, all of it repeats.

I'm not sure, but i think, some craches also I had when I tried to capture something with this plug-in when RTSS was turned on.
Without this plugin I have no one of this problems.
This Plugin is Godtier, BUT it comes with big problems.
My OBS keeps crashing when closing while this is installed.
One time my OBS did crash so badly that it nearly destroyed half of my scenes BUT I can't tell if it was this Plugin fault 100%.
But it was after a closing cra
Another BIG problem is: Games Like Valorant Voicechat will NOT be recorded EVEN if I have Valorants Ingame Sounds.
I think this is because voip in Valorant do not work directly over the Game.
So in all my recordings the voicechat is not recorded and I can't find any solution to fix that.
Just what I've searching for a long time.
Just work like a charm.
Love it !!