1. SnappyTeam

    Free Snap - Grab Current Song From Media Players

    Ever noticed how sadly Snip by dlrudie doesn't support Winamp, FooBar2000, or even VLC Media Player? What if you wanted to use these media players instead? Well this is where Snap comes into play. Inspired by Snip (but doesn't use any source-code from them!) we created a program to do just...
  2. 700hours

    Free Audio Over IP 1.0

    INTRO AOIP was produced to solve my own problem of minimal desk space and, while having the requisite speakers to plug into a monitor, not having enough space for them. As you might imagine there was audio that needed to be shared in a local setting. Fortunately enough I have a small network...
  3. L

    Audio recording while speakers are muted in Kubuntu

    Hi! I am trying to record video with sound while my speakers are muted. In this case no sound is captured. Is there an option how to record video with sound while my speakers are muted? this is a new issue for me in Kubuntu 20.10. Thanks!
  4. tja

    Audio Issue on restart

    Hey We've got the problem at our church, that the audio input, which comes from a USB Audio Interface is working, but every time you restart the computer the audio isn't working anymore, until you click at the settings icon of the audio channel in obs. Does anyone know this issue and does anyone...
  5. A

    Youtube Livestreaming - Audio drops when going live

    Hi, I have a Signature 12 soundboard with a usb port to the computer to feed audio for recordings. It works well for recording into the computer, but suddenly when trying to run a test on YouTube it drops the audio (it is no longer picked up by OBS) and it won't work unless I restart the...
  6. K

    Seeking audio solutions!

    Hey everyone, I'm new to OBS and this thread but confident someone here can help. I'm moving my church's service from the Facebook Live app on my phone to stream to Facebook Live via OBS. I've ran into 2 main audio problems during testing. 1. I'm up in a booth and the phone (using OBS Ninja) is...
  7. A

    OBS Audio Fade in/out

    Hello, I have an Audio Source on my Mixer Audio tab called SPOTIFY. I use VR Cable to capture audio from Spotify and send it to OBS. It works fine, cause I can menage volume and mute controls from Spotify as I do for my microphone. Is there a away I can menage fade in/out volume from my SPOTIFY...
  8. S

    Sound issues?

    I have two microphones, one of them is studio grade and the other is on my usb webcam. Whenever I create an audio input channel and designate it to my studio microphone, it still somehow picks up my webcam mic as well. This may be because I'm using my webcam as well, but only for a video...
  9. S

    Audio Output Capture on Windows Partition Needs Resetting Every Time?

    I run OBS on a Windows partition on my Mac. Any time I turn on OBS or switch scenes, the only way I can pick up desktop audio is by making a new audio output capture. And I have to do it every time. It shows that audio is being picked up on the meters, but my stream wont have it. Anyone else who...
  10. P

    Audio stucks when I'm live and have my SxFi Headset selected

    Hey boys and girls, I have problems with my audio, when I set up my desktop audio on my new SxFi Headset, the audio stuck (sounds like electricity ) all audio also another mic. But when I select another Audio output, all works fine. And this happens just when I'm live (on Twitch) Can someone...
  11. R

    URGENT!!! Audio works in OBS but we aren't getting audio on the stream!

    This started happening recently. Ive looked at tones of other forum post related to this problem but none of the "fixes" helped us. Audio and video comes from our BlackMagic Web Presenter. Media sources like .mp3 files play audio correctly on the stream but not our Web Presenter. We have all...
  12. J

    Audio Monitor

    Hey I’ve be looking through the forums and some videos to understand the audio monitoring feature in OBS. My primary use for OBS is for my church service. I would like to monitor the audio that is coming from my digital mixer. I am not able to monitor from the mixer because the livestream setup...
  13. A

    Audio level on second screen

    Hello everyone. I've recently started using OBS for Facebook and YouTube streaming and I'm using a second screen to view the image that's live. But I would like to have it shown there the audio level too. I know that I can just drag the Audio Mixer from the main screen from OBS, but I would like...
  14. H

    Problems with game audio: Warzone

    Hi, the other day I was playing and streaming on Facebook Call of Duty: Warzone and out of the blue the game audio could not be heard anymore. More specifically the shots, explosions, ambient noise, etc. Other audio like my friends voices through the game voice chat could be heard normally. My...
  15. H

    OBS Playback help

    Hi Guys, This is my first post. I am currently trying to get OBS software to work with a church mixer. Currently we have a win10 pc hooked up to a Mackie FX Pro 22 v2 board. I am not a sound person so I dont know much about the sound board at all. Currently I got the program to record but when...
  16. L

    Recording from Powerpoint

    Hi, I'm trying to record a powerpoint presentation. Someone has ben very creative animating slides and recording voice overs, but for reference a movie is requested rather than the ppt. However I'm having trouble recording audio. I'm using: Windows 10, OBS 26.1.0 (64-bit) What I've done after...
  17. Z

    mycapture card is capuring video but no audio

    so my capure card model is the JVA04 HDMI and it's capturing the game just fine but there is no audio my vioce from my my mic is being captured as well but still no game audio
  18. A

    Audio Issues through PS3

    An issue regarding audio on my PS3 capture began happening randomly a few weeks ago and I'm kind of at my wits end trying to figure out how to fix it and really hope someone here can help. I'll post all the information I know about it here. Firstly, here's an example of the issue happening. I...
  19. A

    Audio Suppression turning off when I talk

    Hello! This has probably been addressed before but I am setting up my microphone and it's quiet. Recording doesn't have any background noise and it's great. But when I stop the recording I notice the level is moving again and I'll do another silent recording and there's noise. I have to go...
  20. tobisk

    Audio Out over HDMI into ATEM Video Mixer

    I am using OBS for Graphics/ video playback for Live productions and Live-Streams, straigt out of the HDMI port of my Nvidia Graphics Card into the ATEM video Mixer. However I am having issues with also outputting Sound over that HDMI (while sound works when outputting to a normal Screen) TLDR...