1. QuantumV

    Application Audio capture (beta) not working with web browsers

    as the title says Application Audio capture (beta) doesnt work with web browser ( I tried firefox and edge, the only two avalible I had installed) it does work with things as games, spotify and discord so it seems an thing with the web browser how could i fix it Log ...
  2. githubchr

    No audio recorded on Windows 11? Check this

    Hello everyone, if you suddenly do not have audio anymore on your recordings, check the Soundmixer in Settings: the "OBS" entry must be unmuted and the slider turned up to 100%. It seems this setting controls both audio output and input for this application! I suddenly had no more audio in my...
  3. J

    OBS Crashes while using Waves StudioRack and adding a Plug in

    Hello all I'm using OBS version 30.0.0 on windows 10 When I add Waves Rack Studio to an audio source, StudioRack loads fine but when I add a plug in, OBS Crashes Im attaching an image and a copy of the log. Waves Central version 14.4.3 Waves Gold Bundle 10.0.0 Any help would be appreciated
  4. M

    I don't want to hear myself but then the video has no audio

    I am trying to record a video but I have to listen to myself talking while doing so, I figured out that you can turn Monitor Off but doing so cuts all audio away from the video. am I missing something ? Please help.
  5. J

    Spotify static noise while using application audio capture(New PC, Fresh Install W11, OBS 29.1.3x64)

    Hello, I have been having audio issues for almost a year now. Any source captured by application audio output capture(game audio, Discord, Spotify, Chrome, etc) randomly goes static with no pattern that shows in between each occasion. However, I never hear any program going static on my side...
  6. R

    Gameplay audio pop in and out on MW3 when I shoot my gun. See my video above. It happens during stream when I shoot my guns, I've also noticed it when in a party chat (PS5) and streaming, my friends voice cuts out immediately whenever they talk, but the main issue is the...
  7. K

    I can't record audio using OBS; it gives me a video without sound.

    Here is the Log file:
  8. G

    Monitoring Audio through the headphone jack on my USB mic

    Hello! I’ve been trying to record gameplay footage from my PS5 with audio both from the console and a USB mic I have connected to my laptop running OBS. In total I have: - an Elgato HD60X capture card, - A Blue Yeti USB mic, and - two pairs of headphones (3.5mm). I would like to be able to...
  9. D

    OBS Mic having issues with playback audio

    Last night i was changing/adding filters for my mic, stopped to continue the following morning to finish tinkering with making my mic sound decent for streaming and recording videos. Now i cant hear myself at all while trying to setup my filters. I can hear my mic after i tested recordings. But...
  10. A

    Microphone noise when I set a synchronisation balance in the audio settings

    Hello, I sync my audio to my camera, but now I have the big problem that I have bad noise in my audio when I set a synchronisation balance in the audio settings. I type in 150 ms. When I set it to 0 there is no noise there. What can I do to fix that problem? How should I sync now my camera with...
  11. I

    Audio has terrible static

    I could not find any info on this issue, if there is I apologize! For a little while now I have started having issues with my OBS audio. Specifically, from time to time my audio gets awful static. It's only the audio sources from "Application Capture" function, so not my Microphone input or...
  12. G

    Echo in my videos?

    Hi, I've been having this issue now for a while now. Whenever I record something, my desktop audio seems to echo. I only notice it in the finished recording and I have no clue why this is happening. I feel like I've tried everything from every post regarding this issue yet nothing has worked...
  13. V

    How to select audio inputs?

    I have been experiencing inconsistent operation with OBS and my MOTU M4 for months. In the past, OBS would only allow me to use inputs 1 and 2, inputs 3 and 4 were always completely disregarded by the application. There is no way to select any inputs, just which interface, and it would always...
  14. V

    How to select specific audio inputs in OBS with MOTU M4

    I am trying to record a video with OBS using 3 channels of audio into my MOTU M4. For some reason, OBS only lets me select the interface I want to use for audio input, but not which inputs on that interface. In the past when trying to use my M4 with OBS, I was only ever able to use inputs 1 and...
  15. M

    Feature Request for Mac - Add Audio Input by application

    Windows has this and I am overwhelming jealous that I can't add my Discord and Spotify set-up through my Rodecaster Duo from my streaming Mac to my Gaming PC. Mac needs the "ADD Audio Input from application window" like PC has. This seems like the only thing missing from being able to stream...
  16. A

    Audio is not synced to the video

    Hello, I have the problem that the audio and video is not synced. Microphone: Shure SM7B Camera: Sony Alpha 6600 Settings for sync: -Puffer in the camera setting is on automatic -0 delay for the synchronisation balance on the camera or mic -device time stamp for the microphone is off. Here is...
  17. R

    Error audio gameplay

    Español Buenas, tengo este problema en la grabación de un juego, al momento de jugar no se escucha ningún problema con el audio, pero al ver la grabación el audio se escucha distorsionado y con una especie de estática, alguna solución? gracias. English Hello, I have this problem in the recording...
  18. R

    Impossible to stream/record at the same time with 2 PC Config

    Hi guys, i'm totally insane finding a solution to this problem. I hope we could find a solution together. I have a 2 PC setup and I'm doing these things at the same time: Streaming 1080/60 on Twitch Recording 1080/60 20000 kbps Recording Replay Buffer 25s Streaming 1920/60 on Tik Tok using...
  19. K

    Audio Monitoring cuts out when I switch scenes or activate/deactivate source

    Like the title suggests when I switch to a new scene and come back to the original one the audio that I have set to monitor to my headset stops play. The file is still playing and the levels are active but I am hearing no audio. I can fix it by turning monitoring off for the media and turning it...
  20. yuma

    Unreliable Sound Capture

    I primarily use OBS for clipping and it's included in my autostart with replay capture enabled. My setup includes four distinct sound sources: Game, Chat, Mic, and Music, all sourced from Steelseries GG. However, out of the five clips I clipped yesterday, four only had my game sound...