1. F

    Bug Report VLC source no sound

    Hello, I discovered a problem with the VLC source. I need to stream one TV program via DVB-T card. For a long time it worked through a VLC source. I use the M3U file: # EXTM3U #EXTVLCOPT: program = 8452 dvb-t: // frequency = 666000 It always worked great, but now only video works, but the...
  2. R

    Question / Help Audio issues

    I'm not really experienced with OBS in general, I just want to have it to record game clips/memes or stream gameplay sometimes I am having an issue where my desktop audio and mic audio bars are lighting up like the program is hearing the audio, but upon playing back my recordings and listening...
  3. G

    Question / Help Ps4 audio

    Another basic question I could do with some help with if any one would be kind enough to answer I'm trying to get audio from my ps4 to my xenyx 802 usb mixer then from the mixer in to obs. Problem being is that my mixer is plugged in via usb to the ps4 so i can chat in game and hear audio but...
  4. 2

    Question / Help Two Capture Cards Audio Issues

    I have two Elgato HD60 Pros in my tower and I am able to capture two different games in two different scenes. My bro and I want to stream the same game but with our own perspectives and switch between the two. The problem is whenever we switch scenes, OBS only detects one capture card's audio...
  5. S

    Question / Help No game audio in OBS while using Elgato

    When I play back the video, there is no in game audio like the music, sound effects, voices. When I'm recording, it show's that there's sound coming through from the Elgato but when I click on stop recording and look at the recording there's no game sound, but the weird thing is that sound was...
  6. DrewDoesThings

    Bug Report Audio Desync in recorded file when using "Automatically record when streaming".

    I was just now retooling my OBS Studio settings to incorporate some settings recommendations by EposVox ( After messing around with settings, I would stream to my test Twitch account and record a file at the same time using the "Automatically record when streaming"...
  7. H

    Question / Help I have a beep in my tone

    hey people as I have already described in the title, I have a beep in my tone. I really do not know what else to do, I've just tried over an hour and it just will not go away. I stream on two pages once with obs and once without and on the other side everything works fine only obs program is...
  8. I

    Question / Help [Avermedia] Weird audio echo from device - how to fix? :(

    Hello everyone - for some reason I have this really weird audio echo from my Avermedia LGP lite. I have it set up so it goes from PS4 > Avermedia, TV > Avermedia, Avermedia > laptop, all with HDMI obviously. I have tried messing with some audio settings in OBS but it doesn't stop it. When I...
  9. Zach C.

    Question / Help Audio File (Media Source) drops down to 0 decibels after a few hours, but is on loop and still shows that its playing in the Mixer. (solved)

    Audio File (Media Source) drops down to 0 decibels after a few hours, but is on loop and still shows that its playing in the Mixer. Any solutions?
  10. S

    Question / Help Sending desktop audio to speakers

    Is “outputted”(as in: not “monitored”) audio only listenable via stream or playing back a recording? Is there some way to have the “outputted” audio play live from a connected audio device? I get that I can set something to be monitored to be able to hear it, but my setup is a little weird. I’m...
  11. cdtommy

    Question / Help OBS mutes Desktop Audio when mic is activated

    Don't know why this is happening, but whenever OBS activates my headset mic, all the sound through my headset is muted. I've done the Sound -> Communications -> When Windows Detects Microphone nonsense also tried messing with all the settings that Realtek would let me mess with. I honestly...
  12. R

    Question / Help Dual PC Capture Card Problems

    I have a dual PC setup for recording because I was getting horrible framerate drop when I was recording on my gaming PC. Originally my only problem was audio was going through and I could hear it from my capture PC while recording but then the audio was not being recorded, now I am getting no...
  13. EdwardNottingham

    Question / Help Looking for a way to record Audio only (Using Muxer settings maybe?)

    Hi! I've been looking for a way to do this for quite a while. The output panel has settings that allow us to record video and multi-track audio using the mkv encapsulation. This is great, and I love it! However, a nice addition would be the ability to record only the audio tracks and disable...
  14. S

    Question / Help HQ audio and video, cant have both?

    is there any way record high quality audio while also recording video in high quality? Whenever i use "standard" type with NVENC h.264 (new) i get amazing video recordings however the audio quality is not and i need the audio to sound high quality while i'm recording a game that is based around...
  15. C

    Question / Help advanced audio properties - monitoring audio disabled by default

    Hi, I used OBS for 3 years and monitoring audio setting in the advanced audio settings tab was set by default on (i'm translating from italian): "monitor audio and send to exit channel" now it is set on "disabled" by default everytime and since i have to add many scenes on the go for my event...
  16. P

    Question / Help Audio Device

    Whenever I try to select a mic it just says disabled. Nothing a can do to actually enable it.
  17. J

    Question / Help Corrupted recording: after ~30 mins the audio loops the same ~1sec

    First time using OBS as a trial run for an upcoming multi-camera recording of our podcast: Video continued recording just fine. Encoding settings were Simple, Software (X264), High Quality MKV with no custom settings and no Replay buffer. CPU never went over 40%. Audio set-up was two XLR mcis...
  18. A

    Question / Help Separate audio track issues

    Hey guys, this is my first post. So this is the problem: I cannot get my microphone and desktop audio to be recorded on different audio tracks. Actually I cannot seem to get different audio tracks period. I know with 100% certainty all my equipment is working, as I have no problem at all...
  19. S

    Question / Help Capture audio direct from Google Hangouts Meet, bypassing computer mic?

    Hi all - I run the digital platforms for a national nonprofit multimedia network, and we've been using OBS (currently OBS version 23.0.1 on MacOS Mojave 10.14.4) to facilitate remote live split-screen interviews on Facebook Live. We usually have our guests join a Google Hangouts Meet, then route...
  20. ShmmnTks

    Question / Help [Solved] Audio issue after switching from windows 7 to windows 10

    Have this issue for a long time, now decide to posted after search without results. When using obs studio on windows 7(video: ), all audio what i record same what i hear in my headphones and everything good, but when i trying to switch to windows 10(video...