1. F

    Browser source audio mutes when selecting "control audio via OBS"

    I have been trying to find a way to make my sound alerts come through on my stream without having my desktop audio enabled. I don't want to enable my desktop audio because I have my game/music audio tracked separately so I don't have music appearing my my twitch VODs. However, now my alerts do...
  2. DraycosDragon

    Audio heard in streams but not in OBS Studio (Windows 10) since recent updates occurred

    I've been streaming (via Twitch) for months with pretty much all the same setup since 2018 on Windows 10 (I say "pretty much" because I changed stream sources from StreamLabs to StreamElements in 2021). I have not changed any settings since mid 2021. And for some reason, ever since the most...
  3. A

    Power Point Audio not showing in OBS - MAC

    I have a PowerPoint presentation that has certain videos embedded. I can show the slides in OBS, but it does not seem to capture the audio of the embedded clips. I am aware that I could just use the video clips directly in OBS, but for the sake of streamlining my workflow I would like to keep...
  4. Boernstain

    OBS is using ~35% of CPU after 10 min, resulting in audio problems and crash

    Hello, when I start OBS, the CPU and GPU utilization values are completely within limits. About 6% CPU utilization without stream, about 11% with stream. But after about 10 minutes of streaming, the CPU utilization goes up to 35% and sometimes 40%. Which is really weird, since I'm coding over...
  5. Slykilla

    OBS NDI Plugin Static in Audio issue

    SInce the new OBS update the Audio from the NDI source sounds completely static. -one thing i have notice that fixes this is moving the Balance to the Left all the Static is gone but when i place it in the middle on balance or to the right it sounds like static again please help me fix.
  6. shijoy


    Presently recording in OBS captures screen and audio simultaneously. The volume of the file is bigger, as this also captures, screen, camera, image etc. It is difficult to EXTRACT AUDIO from the video file from the recorder. Extracting audio is a time consuming process Please therefore add an...
  7. M

    First time going live each day causes bitrate to drop

    Good afternoon, I am having an issue where the first time I start stream each day, the bitrate will drop anytime audio is captured, even my mic audio from me talking causes the bitrate to drop. The weirdest part is that if I stop stream and start again, everything works just fine. I have...
  8. F

    Sound issues with my Elgato HD60X

    Hi there, Long story short, I really like streaming on twitch and I wanted to upgrade my gear and use an acquisition box to be able to broadcast all the next big ps5 exclusives. So I took an Elgato HD60X released at the start of the year, I set everything up correctly, the console is...
  9. A

    Can't hear my medias after installing vb-cable

    Hi, in order to stream on streamyard I needed to have the same voice effect that I have when I record on OBS. To do that, I installed vb-cable and set it as an output and this works properly (here is the tutorial I followed ) Now the problem...
  10. G

    Audio Issues

    Hi all, I'm having audio issues when recording. Here is the the raw video which I've recorded as an example which showcases the audio problems. It isn't just static, it's popping and crackling sounds that isn't associated with clipping or other issues. I...
  11. B

    Audio, how many encoders?

    Hi. Got this audio chain using Streamlabs. Ipod using music in MP3 format to Streamlabs to Youtube. How mant lossy encoders do the audio stream go thru? Obvious the source playing MP3 format, but does Streamlabs encode before Youtube? Does Youtube also encode the audio on a live stream? Worst...
  12. D

    Recording in OBS window capture. No audio

    When I record in OBS a window capture Youtube video or Skype, I cannot record the audio. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  13. W

    Audio Processing Issues Specifically With Davinci Resolve

    I have been having some issues processing OBS recordings with Davinci Resolve specifically. When I upload media to Davinci Resolve the audio waveforms don't show until about 20 seconds into the clip and the audio is kind of messed up. I have Remuxed it to mp4 and mov files but nothing seems to...
  14. S

    Not hearing Streamlabs audio after adding an Elgato HD60X to my mix

    So a little background, I mainly stream PC games and use a GoXLR mini to control all my game audio. I went to windows sound settings and enabled the "Listen to this device" option and gave the HD60X to my GoXLR's game audio channel. Everything was working fine I was able to adjust my audio and...
  15. 1

    Free 1Lt_Jackmute | Toggle and Switch JACK connections (Linux) v0.2

    1Lt_Jackmute is a JACK client which enables you to toggle and switch JACK connections via shortcuts. I developed this application for my live streaming audio setup, to be able to mute my microphone and system audio via my keyboard whenever i need and to redirect my microphone to different ports...
  16. Fuggschen

    Need help with full Audio Buffer

    Hello, I'm using the new Audio Sources for programs to capture my audio and change the volume for each individually instead of using voicemeeter. It all works fine until some random point my discord audio source starts lagging for the users in the stream. The Logfile says that the game audio...
  17. DCODE5

    No me funciona la opción de audio Monitorización y salida.

    Estoy ajustando un nuevo micro y al activar la opción monitorización y salida no me escucho. Hay alguna forma de arreglaro?
  18. U

    What are encoding settings for audio only still image recording?

    I am looking for settings recommendation to record the best quality audio in video container with light file size. 30 min - 60 min duration. I've set audio bitrate to 320, sample rate 48kHz & stereo. What are best settings for modern codecs available now in general for this type of thing? Does...
  19. B

    OBS Not Capturing Audio From Rodecaster Pro I

    Hi, OBS was working fine for months and months with my hardware setup. Now, it is not capturing the microphone audio from my rodecaster Pro I. We are using the rodecaster as both an audio monitor (desktop speakers and microphone input. This was working until we tried to integrate streaming...
  20. M

    Im Having Audio Problems

    my audio works but the problem is i cant hear what characters say or my characters movement at times. I started playing Luigi's mansions 3 and the first cutscene all i can hear was the audio the characters grunt were non existent but when i get to the playable part of the game everything goes...