1. P

    Question / Help Audio dops and gltiches (audio lag) while recording FIX

    I was using my Windows 10 laptop with OBS to record footage from a camera. I went HDMI out of the camera into an HD Video Capture box going USB 3 into the laptop. For audio I ran an audio cable out of my mixer and into a Behringer Audio box that went USB 2 into the laptop. At first, in OBS, I...
  2. B

    Question / Help Help - no audio (external) all of a sudden.

    Please help.. For for about five years I have been using OBS without even a sniff of a problem, it was so reliable for my needs that in all this time I never saw the need to update... That was until yesterday, well last week to be exact. I have a couple of soundcards (Focusrite 8i6 and maudio...
  3. A

    Question / Help Audio/Mic issues streaming with Xbox to HD60pro

    Hey guys, I have come across a few issues when streaming to my PC using the internal HD60pro - when streaming I need to use a ChatLink cable in order to have the Xbox Party Chat. My issue is the ChatLink cable is picking up my voice from my headset mic and as far as I'm aware that's not supposed...
  4. D

    Question / Help Need Help

    Whenever I start recording my audio keeps cutting in and out, any ideas why this is happening? Also happens while streaming
  5. V

    Question / Help Issue With Muffled Audio

    I have been experiencing muffled audio. When I finish recording and look at the mp4 file the audio founds like someone put the audio under water or put a hand on top of it. Here is a log:
  6. M

    Question / Help Weird Background Noise (Update)

    When I am running this particular game called "The Theater", I get a strange audio in the background. It kinda sounds like a wavy frequency of noise. (No I am not joking and trying to scare anyone) I was able to suppress the weird audio a little bit so I can do a full let's play of the game. So...
  7. M

    Question / Help Weird Background Noise When Recording

    So I have been noticing that when I start a recording, I can hear some weird background sounds. I used to have to issue before then it just disappeared and I just ignored it. Now it comes to haunt me again. I would really appreciate the help. ✌ Here is the sample of my recording, my log file...
  8. L

    Question / Help Audio issue

    I am using a display capture but I don't know what happens with this like my audio always break in between whole this process. There is no issue in the window capture but when I am putting a voice behind this it always breaks. I tried it all the methods like syn etc. but nothing is working.
  9. I

    Question / Help Friends in Discord don’t sound very good on Twitch stream

    While streaming on Twitch I am trying to figure out why my friends in discord sound perfectly clear to me through my headset but on my stream their voices do not sound very clear. How can I make them sound crisp and clear on stream like they do in my headset?
  10. T

    Question / Help Desktop audio only picks up certain tabs

    Hey guys, so I haven't used OBS in some time and my desktop audio has been weird since. My desktop-audio only picks up certain programs (??) -> Google Chrome and media player's audio is used, Spotify and in-game audio not. I've looked into many different threads and could not find any fix for...
  11. B

    Question / Help OBS and Dante Virtual Soundcard

    Hi, is there a way to tell OBS to listen to anything other than Channel 1 & 2 of Dante Virtual Soundcard?
  12. V

    Question / Help OBS - Audio sounds base / treble boosted - logitech issue ?

    Hello, Ever since I formatted and installed win10 onto my pc, the audio got worse on OBS than it did on win7. Whilist testing between my Logitech G930 headset and speakers while recording, the audio seemed bit more"muffled"or bass/treble boosted when i was recording game audio through the...
  13. N

    Question / Help No Audio, Elgato, XB1, mac and game capture.

    Hi, im new too this So im unsure if ive posted in the right area! I have an ELGATO HD60. This is connected with the 2 hdmi's and the usb cable. All working and Displaying in elgato's Game capture software. No matter what i do and how ive tried the sound doesnt work on OBS. I have set the video...
  14. D

    Question / Help Settings issue with Audio involving Microphone and Desktop Audio

    At least I think that's how I'd describe the problem? Basically I'm trying to record for a lets play on YT and I'm stuck in a catch 22 where 1. I'm barely audible in comparison to the game/desktop audio. 2. I'm perfectly and clearly audible but the game is extremely quiet or straight up muted...
  15. BennnnDaniels

    Question / Help Glitchy Audio // OBS Crashing

    Hey guys, up until a month or so ago streams were fine, suddenly at random intervals the stream audio will go glitchy, I confirmed it in recordings too, unplugging my audio devices/restarting my pc/OBS fixes it. But I want to trace the issue and get it sorted. I've attached a couple of logs and...
  16. A

    VST3 Support

    Hi. Any possibility to make VST 3 being supported would be awesome <3 I think you had issues with Steinberg API or SDK license. But now isn't it free? Please make it happen. :-)
  17. H

    Question / Help Gameplay audio sync issues

    Hey, I have been trying to stream my Xb1X gameplay through a magewell cap card. I would like to stream and record locally, but even doing one of them I have gameplay audio sync issues. Here is my log I have been stream on and off for over a year and...
  18. L

    Question / Help Is my Macbook Pro garbage? Audio Issues

    Hey! I made an account just so I could try to get some feedback on whether or not my computer is just not made for streaming. First off, I think I know a little bit about computers but I'll probably come to find out I know next to nothing. I stream through Mixer from my Macbook Pro using an...
  19. W

    Question / Help Crackling audio from HD60 Pro switch capture in obs

    hello, i've been searching for a week now and tried everything i could but nothing worked. So here's the problem. When i try to capture gameplay from my Nintendo Switch with my Elgato HD60 Pro to OBS, i get constant crackling audio after a minute or two of having obs open. I tried messing with...
  20. A

    Question / Help Adjusting Windows master volume effecting OBS Desktop Volume.

    I've been using OBS for years, but for whatever reason suddenly when adjusting my Windows master volume it automatically adjusts the Desktop Audio in OBS to the same level as my master in real time which totally defeats the purpose of the volume slider for Desktop Audio. Normally I'd just adjust...