1. louitoscccp

    Route OBS audio to other app

    Hello, here's my problem. I would like to send the audio from OBS to another application (in this case, Discord). After some research, I found the Blackhole software where, on their Github, they indicate that to route audio from one app to another, you simply need to select the ‘Blackhole’...
  2. B

    Only Channel 1 Audio works.

    With the six available audio tracks, I can record my microphone and/or my application to track 1 but can't record anything to tracks 2-5. I've tried all combinations. If I record them both to track 1 it's fine, but I wanted to split them up to make editing easier. I've looked at a ton of...
  3. G

    Unable to listen to my game audio - EVGA XR1 Lite

    I’m having a new problem recently. All of the sudden I’m unable to hear my Nintendo switch through OBS. You can see I’ve pretty much done all the typical fixes and still I cannot hear any audio. I’m using the headphones I always have. Nothing has changed minus setting up a new webcam and...
  4. pingburner

    I ask for plugin what can capture session of application what's audio has diversed by two devices with option choose stream of only device.

    I play in UE5 game where is option split streams by devices. Already I dump in-game effects in default device and VOIP in VAC to procces that with VST and have option to fade it from live viewers as respect to privacy of players around me or option vail from suddenly got licensed audio in VOIP...
  5. E

    Scenes in scenes, double audio?

    Hi! I've looked around the forum and didn't find and anwer, so apologies if this is a repost. I found a video a while back where someone added several copies of their main scene to a second scene as a source in order to use image masks and give them specific shapes for certain animations. It's...
  6. pingburner

    just started in need to separate streams of source by devices.

    In an UE5 game i set voip incoming stream to VAC device. Then i want use that VAC stream in OBS to process with dynamic decreasing filters, then put it in separate track for viewers and monitor for me with option to fade that from viewers. To do so i need separate streams by device in "app audio...
  7. A

    My OBS isn't capturing audio from my elgato.

    I bought my little brother a recording set up for his birthday. I've managed to get the microphone working and the elgato's footage shows on the obs screen too, the only problem is that the game audio is very buggy. You can only hear some dialogue sometimes and even then it cuts out and no other...
  8. L

    How to play audio from video capture device?

    I have a capture card for my Nintendo Switch, and it works just fine but I can't figure out how to hear audio from it. It seems like the audio goes to my channel when I stream, I just can't hear it from my computer. Is there a way to play the audio back to me in real time?
  9. R

    Microphone Randomly only coming through left ear, but other times working through both.

    As the title says, sometimes when streaming or recording - and this has only happened recently, in the past two months or so - my microphone is only coming through the left ear. All of the other audio is still balanced, but this just suddenly happens without warning. In addition, it also...
  10. S

    Volume issues that I can't figure out

    I like to use outplayed when I play games to make looking through footage easier and it became noticeable how low the game only recorded volume was in comparison to allowing the app to record the entirety of my desktop audio. I got help from overwolf support and they went through my obs but...
  11. M

    Feedback Loop When Streaming

    Hi OBS, I have a predicament which I can't seem to figure out. During my live streams, using OBS, I'm getting feedback loop on twitch live video. I have my friend with whom I'm using 'stream together' function on twitch. I say 'hi' and then my friend hears is a bit later. I'm aware some delay...
  12. CaseyStelken

    Elgato VCR Video Capture - OBS Audio Meter not responding

    Hey gang. Trying to digitize VHS tapes played on a JVC VCR through Elgato Video Capture via OBS. Running OBS 30.1.2 on Windows 10 Home. My OBS audio meters aren't showing anything. No bouncing bar, nothing. I've read countless posts from other users on various forums and tried all sorts of...
  13. N

    So many issues...

    Ok so first of all, these issues never happened in 28 or previously to 23. Second of all, this only happened just now, and I am still trying to figure it out, as I also uninstalled and reinstalled OBS so I don't actually have the logs prepared. First issue: OBS no longer lets me listen to USB...
  14. DoctorAm1r

    Free Youtube Music Desktop Application - Capture Audio OBS

    Introducing YouTube Music Desktop Application - Audio Capture! [Open Source] Attention all streamers and music enthusiasts! I am excited to announce the launch of YouTube Music Desktop Application V1, a sleek desktop application designed to revolutionize the way you capture music from YouTube...
  15. C

    Capture from VHS-recorder to iMac M1, perfect video but no sound on iMac

    Hello, I just found OBS to copy my old VHS tapes to my iMac. Everything looked great, but whatever I try, I have perfect video but no sound. What did I do wrong?
  16. V

    Split L/R channel to track

    I have a media source (incoming SRT with stereo sound. Left channel is Italian commentary and Right channel is English commentary. Then I have two OBS instances to restream with Italian (L channel only in advanced audio) and English (R channel only in advanced audio) to 2 Youtube streams. If I...
  17. Z

    Suddenly No Audio on VHS Transfers

    Good morning, I have been successfully transferring VHS footage through OBS, but suddenly it stopped transferring the audio. :'( Does anyone have ideas for troubleshooting this? I don't think I would have accidentally changed any settings, and I triple checked to make sure everything is set up...
  18. N

    audio is slightly sped up and crackling

    for the past 4 videos i tried recording the audio comes out normal but after a while the video beings to speed up slightly and and crackle through out the rest of the video. i have no idea why this is happening and i need this to stop, please help.
  19. K

    Can't Record/Stream Other Player when using Sonobus VST

    I use Sonobus and for live music sessions and am looking to record the audio/video of these sessions in OBS, and eventually stream live. I want to use Sonobus as the audio source in OBS, and have attempted to connect via the Sonobus VST plugin. I am doing something wrong, as all that...
  20. S

    Audio cuts in and out after upgrading CPU

    Hello, I recently upgraded my CPU and now I have audio issues in OBS. Audio from the capture card will play for a second or two and cut out for long periods of 30 seconds or more, play for another second, and then cut out again. In recordings the audio input from the mic and the desktop are...