1. P

    Editing Audio Levels in Post

    Greetings, I think I know the answer to this question, but I'll go ahead and ask anywhere in case there's something I dont know about. I recorded about 2 hours of gameplay today, using 3 captures: Screen capture, Microphone audio input capture, and Audio Output capture. Unfortunately, I didn't...
  2. prankfarsons

    OBS only receives mono audio from Yamaha TF Mixer Board

    Hi I work for a church that has been livestreaming its services on Facebook during the COVID pandemic. OBS is such a great tool for us, but lately we've had some problems connecting our existing audio system. For awhile we were using the mic attached to a webcam, which sufficed for a month or...
  3. T

    OBS not recording or even detecting Desktop Audio output

    I have OBS 25.0.8 (64-Bit) running on Windows 10 v1909 on a Laptop with a USB Logitech G35 Headset on. I am able to record video with my microphone input captured successfully, but System/Desktop audio output (e.g. a YouTube video playing or a Skype call with someone else) directed to my headset...
  4. D

    OBS Python Mute Indicator v1.0.0

    This is a Python script for OBS Studio that tracks the 'mute' state of an audio source. When the source is muted or unmuted, the script sends that state as a string over serial to a microcontroller to set a physical indicator. Version 1.0.0 includes the microcontroller (Arduino) code for three...
  5. C

    Não escuto áudio do meu computador ao gravar/streamar com obs! // I don't hear audio from my computer when recording / streaming with OBS!

    Quando vou gravar no obs, ele grava o audio do meu mic, e do meu computador, porém eu próprio não escuto os sons de meu computador (observação: eu uso headsets bluetooth) (translated by google translate) When I record on the obs, it records the audio from my mic, and from my computer, but I...
  6. ScottBrio

    Mic audio is fine then starts to crackle and degrade?

    HI! When I checked the recording of my last podcast with OBS, the audio from my mic started to degrade (like a digital distortion) and cut out around 45 minutes in. Fortunately I was also recording with Voicemeeter Potato which turned out fine so I was able to swap the audio. I'm confused why...
  7. S

    Need Help With Streaming Audios I Have No Headset/Just Basic Headphones W Mic

    Hey guys I’ve been struggling all night with this. I personally have a pair of Skullcandy headphones (wire ones- not headphones that you wear on your head but ones you stick in your ears). Anyways I have utilized “iShowU Audio Capture” with my app “Audio MIDI Setup” and at first when I followed...
  8. Z

    Distorted Audio

    Hi all, Looking for any help as this is driving me nuts. I do a live music stream weekly. I have a Digidesign MBox as my Audio in. In to this, I run a mixing desk that has my mics and instruments. I then have the MBox set as an audio-in source on OBS. I use Restream to simultaneously...
  9. A

    2 layerd sound recording

    Hi, I used to be able to record my video's in a way that my mic and my bg audio would be seperated automaticly. One day I just recorded a video as usual without touching the audio settings and it just stoped recording the audio seperetly. If I record with my bg and mic on seperate tracks (1 and...
  10. benoitvm

    Can I / How do I use Mid-Side audio with OBS ?

    I have raw M+S audio embedded in a connected HDMI input device 'stereo' channels : is it possible to dematrix M+S into a suitable stereo audio input ? I see there a ' invert polarity' filter, but I need to figure out how to split the side mic channel to two separate mono tracks then add them...
  11. R

    No output audio but there's audio on recording

    Hello! I am new to live streaming and my friends recommended me to use OBS. I am playing via my PS4. It worked fine except for the audio. In my livestream, the audio is there but while I'm playing I don't have any audio. Is it something to do with the audio input/output capture? Btw, I am...
  12. KOALLA

    Capture last seconds of an audio in a recording in progress

    Hello people. All right? I was looking for a plugin that would capture and convert to an audio file the last seconds of an ongoing recording in OBS Studio via a shortcut. Can anyone tell me if this already exists?
  13. L

    iPhone Audio Issues

    Hey, so I stream Call of Duty: Mobile from my iPhone 7 Plus through OBS on my Macbook Pro 2016, I normally stream via cable through the "Video Capture Device" setting. I understand that OBS reads the iPhone as a webcam w/o a mic. Is there a way around this? Because when I stream, there's no...
  14. D

    Switching Dj Controllers - No Audio

    Hello all, I have been using OBS since March with a Pioneer DDJ-SX with no issues. I recently bought a brand new controller (DDJ-SZ2) and when I did my first live stream with this new controller the audio on the OBS was not working (I noticed after, that I had the AUDIO settings set for the...
  15. Robertjm

    No audio captured from mp4 video played in ProPresenter 7

    Hi all, I'm trying to capture an mp4 video being fed from ProPresenter 7 on a networked MacBook Pro. The visual component comes through just fine. However, there is no sound. When I play the source material within ProPresenter 7 there is definitely sound there. Within my Audio Mixer I have an...
  16. V

    Scarlett 2i2 Audio drop

    Hello Everyone, I am new to this forum and OBS. I recently purchased a Scarlett 2i2 for recording interviews on my Macbook Pro 15 inch (2018) model. Everytime in the middle of a record the audio incoming from my scarlett just stops. Although the Scarlett is still connected and a=passing audio...
  17. T

    Streamlabs Alert Echo

    Hello, I've looked everywhere and done just about everything to get this fixed. When someone follows me on Twitch I get an echo. I'm using Streamlabs alerts as a browser source and for all of my scenes the box is checked to shutdown source when not visible. I've muted all audio except for...
  18. P


    Hello! Please add an equalizer to the filters. It is very necessary to reduce the low frequencies on the microphone.
  19. S

    I don't know what's wrong with my OBS/Elgato

    I'm trying to capture game audio to my xbox one using Elgato and running it through OBS. It has worked perfectly in the past. I switched it to my playstation and it also worked fine. I tried switching it back to my xbox one and now there's no audio coming through. I went back and checked my...
  20. P

    Audio recording only

    Hello! Add the ability to record audio only.