1. C

    choppy audio with blue snowball Ice

    I am using a blue snowball ice and voicemeeter and I am getting audio that cuts out a couple times a second. I have sampling rate at 44.1Khtz, and I have 2 video and 2 audio sources (computer audio and microphone) if there is any other settings/info you need to help me fix the problem I would...
  2. T

    Isolating Audio Channels via xlr/usb Interface

    Ok, so I've been running n to an issue and haven't seen this specific problem come up (maybe I missed it along the way). I have a Steinberg 2-channel audio interface, and when I want to try and record guitar/bass through channel 2 using a DAW or Neural DSP, the raw audio also comes through my...
  3. B

    Filters & Audio Not Saving Between Scenes

    I read the other posts on this topic but the suggested fixes are not working. :( I use OBS to stream live classes. I need to switch between filters and audio depending on the scene. In scene #1 I use desktop audio. In scene #2 I use mic audio. I created a 2nd profile for the 2nd audio needs...
  4. D

    Does anyone have any idea why my game & discord audio stopped working?

    So long story short, I en route all my games and discord audios to the built-in NVIDIA high definition audio in my normal sound settings (which is an imaginary route that doesn't actually play any sound). In my obs audio settings, I en route discord to the desktop audio (which I have muted all...
  5. L

    Microphone Audio turns Robotic when recording desktop audio.

    This problem has been happening for a while and it used to be really hit or miss but now it happens about 8/10 times. Today I just pout 2 and 2 together and realized that without recording desktop audio, my mic works perfectly fine, no issues at all. When I try recording sound however thats when...
  6. H

    Recorded audios are too quiet in my MacBook

    Hello, I have a problem that recorded audios are too quiet. I'm using MacBook Pro Mid 2015. This is not a problem of OBS but I thought someone in this community could have an answer or a hint to this problem. These are things that I've checked: * Does PRAM reset help? No. * Is it better in...
  7. W

    Discord audio intermittently echoing on stream

    Hello, I have an issue with my Discord audio intermittently/randomly echoing on stream. It's not my mic picking it up. It does not echo through my speakers, only on the stream. I have my game audio on the same source, and that does not echo on stream. It seems to do it pretty randomly, but I...
  8. H

    Recorded audios are too quiet in my macbook

    Hello, I have a problem that recorded audios are too quiet. I'm using Macbook Pro Mid 2015. This is not a problem of OBS but I thought someone in this community could have an answer or a hint to this problem. These are things that I've checked: Does PRAM reset help? No. Is it better in safe...
  9. Y

    Free AUDIO System routing / recording tool for Mac Big Sur (gc 1.0.2)

    GroundControl is a virtual audio driver for Mac OS X with control room monitoring options. The audio drivers allow applications to pass audio to other applications in 3 configurations (2 channels, 16 channels, or 64 channels). You can monitor the driver’s output through your computer’s...
  10. C

    OBS Laggy Audio (recording)

    Hello Guys, does anyone know how to fix this Audio problem? I cant find any solutions online, even in the OBS-Discord no one could help me... LOG: Video to hear the audio bug: Audiosettings:
  11. D

    No Sound in Video Editor?

    As usual, I recorded a .mp4 video using OBS (no addons) with two sound tracks (so in a video editor the computer sound and mic sound are separate). Usually when I play the recording using Windows Media Player I can only hear the computer sounds, but when I pop it in Olive (version 0.1, my video...
  12. X

    HDMI Capture audio isn't working as excepted

    I'm using OBS to record old family movies. I got a new HDMI capture device via USB. The OBS recognize, and I record great, but in last days, I was check the records and in the sound, I hear my self in the room, since the microphone was open. I try to mute all audio input and keep the HDMI...
  13. Shimushi

    OBS outputting audio, but no sound through my headphones

    Hey there! I'm quite new to OBS and am having a bit of an issue. So I want to Stream Destiny 2 and I have the capture all working through Window Capture (due to Bungie's restrictions). However, I cannot hear the game audio in my headset, whilst OBS is picking up and outputting the sound through...
  14. H

    Over-driven Audio

    Hi All, My church uses OBS to broadcast our services to Youtube. I've setup and tested the audio on our system thoroughly. Line level audio comes the soundboard to a dedicated sound card (Creative Sound Blaster Audigy FX). It is then inserted into the stream. During the service, someone noticed...
  15. M

    Audio Issues

    So ive been converting old video formats like vhs and minidv to digital files and recently i bought a new pc. I used to use quicktime player but for some reason on my new pc i cant use my capture card. I use an Elgato Video Capture and at first obs would pick up the audio, i dont know if i...
  16. math_man

    Push OBS audio to Skype. - or - Why do the memes don't play properly?

    So I'm giving some private tutoring via Skype. For that I use OBS to have a facecam and a timer on top of my screen. What I was doing until now was that I used OBS build-in virtual cam as video output and then in Skype just used my microphone directly as audio to talk with the student. How my...
  17. T

    Tin Can Audio

    Hi! I’m having a bit of trouble with OBS recording game audio. When I throw it into premiere, it sounds like all of it is being recorded in a tin can. The game audio sounds perfectly fine in my headset while playing the game, but there’s not enough eq filters in the world to fix it in editing...
  18. Z

    Even If I Manually muted my Audio Output Capture, My Mic is hearing the Music of YT

    I have this problem for a week and I haven't Stream yet because of it. Even If I manually Muted my Audio Output Capture(Or my Desktop Audio in OBS), When I test my mic for my voice, the mic picks up a faint but a bit loud sound of the music or game audio, even if the Audio Output capture is...
  19. A

    accidentally lost audio from capture

    I used OBS as I normally would, but when I checked the recording, my desktop audio was nowhere to be heard and the only audio that was captured was from my microphone. Is there anyway that I could possibly get my desktop audio back? :((
  20. G

    Audio Issues? Help plz

    I have been streaming for more than a year now using OBS with a Elgato HD60S and for whatever reason I have double audio playing from both the Video game capture and the Desktop Audio. I would originally just have to mute the desktop audio so that it wouldn't echo/loop. Any help would be...