1. C

    Having a bit of an issue with audio channels.

    G'day. I'm a new member (and by that, a new user of OBS) I've been trying to configure my audio channels so that one has my friends on discord talking, one for the game that I'm playing, and one for the microphone that I am using. I used one setup which I thought worked, but it ended up...
  2. R

    OBS, separate audio track but mic is still capturing desktop noise

    I record on MKV and remux it to MP4. I've also split the tracks(2 tracks). When I go into Movie Studios Platinum 17. The 1st audio track has my mic and desktop audio while the 2nd track has just the desktop audio. I don't understand what I'm doing wrong here. Is it because my mic is close to my...
  3. J


    My setup has a webcam that by default has a delay of 1250ms. So to match my audio in OBS I set a 1250ms delay on my audio. The problem is when I go to show a video using display capture the video doesn't match with the audio. Is there a way I can put a delay on my display capture? Or is there...
  4. S

    Audio Mixer showing no Sources

    I recently decided to swap from SLOBS over to OBS - I followed tutorials/help guides in case I was missing something, but anytime I try to add any audio input/output from any source, nothing shows up in the audio mixer. The only thing that did was "video capture device" for my webcam, then...
  5. AceOfJ

    Control audio via OBS

    Hey so I'm a streamer but I have this issue with my audio. I use a lot of browser sources to display when I get new followers or subs and I've recently added sound redemptions with Blerp but I can't hear any of them. I think the reason is to do with the setting "control audio via OBS" as I can...
  6. K

    OBS monitoring mic even when all audio sources are disabled

    Hello, OBS is always monitoring my left channel (it's an XLR mic), even when all global audio sources are disabled and there are no sound devices in sources. I've found a solution but it requires me to disable my mic in Windows sound settings, then turn it back on. That fixes it until I close...
  7. P

    Easier access to advanced audio properties for audio source

    Advanced audio properties are hidden on right click menu on Audio mixer. It would be helpful if advanced audio settings are actually available on each audio source in it's existing properties dialog.
  8. N

    problem with the audio

    Hello everyone, im new with all this and i recently try to stream on twitch but the problem is that after i say samething, whatever i say it keeps repeating all the time. If someone could help me i would be really grateful
  9. D

    Mic Popping/Cutting Out During Streaming or Recording

    Hi all, thanks in advance for any help. I've been having a problem for a few weeks now where my microphone will just cut out parts (or all) of words, and there's lots of crackling and popping. The game audio is fine, there's no dropped frames or anything, and it happens even when I'm not...
  10. P

    How do I record a video in OBS Studio without any audio track?

    Is there a way to record a screen without any audio track? So that, when I import a file into some video editing software, like Adobe Premiere Pro, it imports without any audio at all – just a video track.
  11. C

    Obs audio extremely quiet

    Hi I'm getting desperate here, So I have had OBS for a while and everything has always worked fine but today I wanted to record a new video and like every time I checked to see if everything was working and noticed that I am extremely quiet and I don't understand why. have reinstalled it to...
  12. A

    Noise suppression without filters

    So I'm having a problem where OBS is suppressing my mic audio when I'm too loud, but I don't have any filters on it. I was fine with it at first because I get how loud audio can be annoying but I've changed my mind. I would rather people hear me regardless of my volume instead of getting...
  13. C

    New User looking for help setting up audio

    Hi guys, I'm very new to recording / streaming. I am using the microphone auna MIC-900B with physical pop filters with following OBS filters: Gain (7,7 db) Noise Suppression (RNNoise) Limiter (-6 DB) Noise Gate (-32db / -26 db) Compressor (ratio 10:1 / Threshold -18 db / Attack 6 ms / Release...
  14. T

    Browser source crackle/stutter on monitor audio

    I've had this problem for a while where alerts, media share and browser source with audio alerts crackle or stutter when played. The funny thing is that it's only on monitor only and not on the actual output. My stream is set up this way: All browser sources is set to monitor (mute output) My...
  15. jbwong05

    obs-pulseaudio-app-capture v0.1.0

    Similar to the win-capture-audio plugin by bozbez that allows for the capturing of audio from specific applications except for systems that use PulseAudio as their main sound server. NOTE: This plugin is still experimental and under development. Bugs are expected. Please submit any bugs here...
  16. Fabioioioioio

    About application audio recording

    When you share screen on discord, if you choose to only share a certain application, it will only capture the audio of said app, is it possible to implement this same functionality on OBS or is there something different about discord's screen sharing that makes it not possible?
  17. H

    Level in recording louder than level shown in Audio Mixer and VST Filter monitoring

    Trying to figure out what I'm missing. All audio is routed via Wave Link to a single input capture, Wave Link Stream. To that Wave Link Stream input capture, I apply two VST Filters: an EQ and a Compressor/Limiter. The Comp/Limiter (TDR Limiter 6) has a loudness meter and true peak meter...
  18. Lucos_X

    Multiple Audio Volume Sources Control

    Hi guys, I would have to ask for technical help. I would like to use and control the following audio sources during the stream: - Game audio - Music Audio from Spotify, Twitch Soundtrack or more The problem is here: The audio tracks of Desktop 1 are merged into that of the game and the...
  19. G

    Monitoring Device not playing audio after upgrade to Windows 11

    Hello all, I recently updated to Windows 11, and found that sources I have set to "Monitor and Output" are not being played through my monitoring device - in this case, my browser-based alerts. I did a test recording and found that they were being included in the video/audio output - so they...
  20. O

    Window not registering after closing and reopening

    I've been having an issue where, for context, I want to capture audio from Spotify. I can do that, but if I close Spotify and reopen it, its like obs forgets the window and I have to reselect it in the properties, then restart obs.