1. ShmmnTks

    Question / Help Audio issue after switching from windows 7 to windows 10

    Have this issue for a long time, now decide to posted after search without results. When using obs studio on windows 7(video: ), all audio what i record same what i hear in my headphones and everything good, but when i trying to switch to windows 10(video...
  2. V

    Question / Help Best obs audio settings for Amazon mic?

    Hi guys! How are you? I’m here to ask a question. I’ve bought this mic ( from Amazon and sounds quite good, but i think it could be even sounds better with some adjustment on OBS. So, Which could be the best settings in OBS for this microphine? Thanks :)
  3. W

    Question / Help Jittery Microphone Audio

    When recording audio, despite the desktop audio being perfectly fine, the microphone always does this Audio Example If someone could help that would be amazing. Thank you very much.
  4. H

    Question / Help Listen to video in OBS while streaming?

    How can I listen to the video in OBS to understand when it is about the end and to activate a new source? Listening in Youtube is always long behind and not a good hint when to change things in OBS. Thanks for the answer heidi
  5. R

    Bug Report OBS doesn't capture audio

    I read many posts about this problem but I wasn't able to fix it. I use OBS only to record webinars and the audio doesn't work. I've used it for a long period without any problem. Two weeks ago I changed my pc and it doesn't work anymore. I spent a fortnite looking for a solution but nothing. I...
  6. S

    Question / Help No Desktop Audio

    I really need some help please. I have looked everywhere and cannot find a resolution to my issue. I am trying to record my laptop screen and the audio that is coming from my speakers. Everything was working fine until 1-2 weeks ago. If I have not given enough info, please let me know. I'll...
  7. Parallax Abstraction

    Question / Help HD60 Pro Audio Delay Between Device and Monitoring

    Hey all. I searched around for this particular issue without much luck. I just bought a new Elgato HD60 Pro to use for capturing console stuff. I don't have an easy way to monitor the audio coming off the HDMI passthrough so rather than do that, I was just going to use the Project Source option...
  8. W

    Question / Help Unable to hear audio in real time from gaming PC on streaming PC

    I am using NDI to send audio/video to the streaming PC and everything works fine except I am not hearing any audio from the gaming PC on the streaming PC. I see the audio bar moving up and down according to the audio from the gaming PC, but the sound is not played. If I record, audio is...
  9. muazamkamal

    Question / Help Audio recording only (FFmpeg)

    I'm having an issue with audio recording using the FFmpeg custom output. I chose the container format "adts (audio)" with CoreAudio AAC encoder installed. But when trying to stop the recording, the button is stuck at "Stopping Recording..." until I press it again. Basically, I have to press stop...
  10. B

    Question / Help Noise one hour into session

    Hi there. About one hour or so into every session a terrible noise appears in the audio and makes the recording unusable. Exiting and relaunching OBS Studio makes the audio good again, until the noise reappears. I am getting my audio through a BMD DeckLink Mini Recorder 4K. I have used other...
  11. N

    Bug Report Audio for Monitor Device Becomes Delayed

    After a few minutes the audio that obs sends to my monitor device becomes out of sync (delayed). The audio stays in sync for the recording but not for the audio monitor device. So I think I figured out the problem. I had my sample rate set to 48khz in obs when the issue was occurring. I changed...
  12. P

    Question / Help Pre-Echo?

    Any audio played from my desktop but NOT my mic is echoing, I guess, before the actual audio. Or after like a normal echo, I'm not really sure, because the first one is a really quiet version of the second piece of audio (the second piece sounding like what I heard when I was actually recording...
  13. D

    Question / Help Audio Input - No specific channel can be selected

    Hi, I have an audio interface that has multiple audio in and outputs and I have my mic for example on channel 3 and another one on 5 and some stereo in on 1+2. OBS does not let me choose the channel. There is only a general audio input and output to select but no details. I have to do a...
  14. R

    Question / Help Microphone silenced when switching to game window while recording

    Hi all, I'm using my headset's microphone to record my commentary by setting that microphone as the device for "mic/aux" in the Mixer window. When i watch my recording back though, it seems that my voice is picked up fine until i switch to the game window. Then, the game audio is being recorded...
  15. A

    Hotkeys for filters

    I've added a reverb VST to my microphone, but when I'm streaming/recording I want this to only be active while I'm singing & not while talking. Currently I'd have to go into the audio filter settings each time and click the eye icon. Ideally I should be able to use a hotkey to toggle the filter...
  16. deltasierra

    Question / Help [AUDIO] 2-person stream w/ Scarlett 6i6

    A buddy and I want to set up a stream together. We have our PCs set up in the same room and use a third dedicated streaming PC. In terms of audio, our idea is to use something like the Focusrite Scarlett 6i6 in lieu of a more involved mixer setup for streaming, recording and monitoring purposes...
  17. B

    Question / Help OBS inative source audio muted.

    Hello there, I need assistance please! When using my OBS only the active source (preview item) audio is active with the rest muted but i want for instance the audio of a camera to still be playing even if its not active in the preview.
  18. A

    Question / Help Record/Listen to Internet Radio, Audio using a VST Plugin as filter.

    I recently downloaded OBS and tried this having followed a link, but became befuddled with the settings. Simply put is there a preset? ie. browser / internet radio in -> vstplugin filter -> wav/ogg/aac/mp4/opus etc out.....?
  19. F

    Question / Help How can I increase my volume in OBS without clipping?

    So recently, I've noticed that when I record a video in OBS and move it to Premiere Pro, it's very quiet. I understand I could just increase the volume (in either program), but by doing so the audio distorts, peaks, clips etc. Is there a way I can increase the volume in OBS without distorting...
  20. O

    Question / Help How to mix the game volume with shortcuts ?

    Hi everyone, I'm looking for a simple and practical solution to mix the audio of my live streams without necessarily going through a dedicated mixing interface. The idea would be to be able to adjust the sound of a game or any other windows sources on the fly with a simple keyboard shortcut. A...