1. Krusty4President

    Sound check on "Starting soon" stream in Studio mode?

    Hi. How can I check the audio levels of my guests before we go live on live stream while I have a "Starting soon" - scene is streaming? While that starting soon scene is active, only the audio meters for that scene is visible. I would at least like to be able to see the meters for the inactive...
  2. K

    OBS Lua VAPS - Volume Automation Per Scene 1.1

    Reads a text file of scene names with audio automation parameters for each audio source in each scene. With the checkbox unchecked, create a scene list text file in "Scene List to Save" by "Browsing" to a folder and enter a file name. One by one, select each scene in your Scenes dock...
  3. Carlfortune

    Discord Sound Issue

    Hello, buddies. Which way are you? I'm a new member of this forum, and this is also my first post. Guys, I've recently been having a problem with Discord. There is no other sound coming from my machine in Discord. I've made efforts to repair the problem, but to no avail. Regarding this, I have...
  4. R

    Problem with registration audio

    Hi, I have problem with OBS, I can't undestand why. When I save the file I see that the audio is not ok, after 1 or 2 minuts the audio go in 2x. I try to attach the video but I can't because is "too large"...3.5MB file....too .zip....ok?! My CPU when I save file go to max of 40% of...
  5. L

    Separate audio

    So I separated my audio before in OBS Studio however when playing Warzone or even Call of Duty games on my PC that I ALSO stream and record from and when I kill someone and they give me a "death comm" where I can hear what they said once I kill them I can hear it BUT my stream or the recording...
  6. G

    Audio cutting in and out(mostly audio out)

    Hi I recently got a Capture card and have started to use OBS to stream it to my laptop. But the audio keeps cutting out and cant find a way to fix it. I have a video to help explain what's going on. Video
  7. L

    No sound on stream below 480p

    Hello i have a problem. If someone watch stream at 360/240 or below they dont hear a stream sound, its just gone on 720/480 or any higher sound is fine This is my output/audio settings
  8. S

    Weird Audio echo(?) while streaming. HELP

    I am utterly confused on why the audio is in such a state where without fail it will come out like this. I have double checked obs audio settings and Windows audio settings and adjusted it the best I can. Still the end result is this Couldnt find a way to...
  9. T

    OBS crackling noise in background

    Hello, I was wondering why when I open OBS it has a white noise sound faintly going in the background. It's only when I open OBS and continues even if I don't have any sources added. Even without anything plugged in except for my headset, OBS still has the background static. It seems some others...
  10. J

    Monitoreo correctamente pero el audio sale desfasado

    Hace unas semanas estoy utilizando el plugin de monitoreo de auidio (en versión OBS 27.2.4 64 bits windows), funciona muy bien y ayuda mucho. El problema es que al comenzar a transmitir, en algún momento se corta muy brevemente el audio de la transmisión (menos de 1 segundo) y vuelve, pero...
  11. P

    Using Nested Scene for Audio sounds great for me but can't be heard by stream.

    Hi! I saw a youtube video teaching you how to use a nested scene for your audio and I thought that looked dope! It's called "5 ADVANCED Features You SHOULD Be Using in OBS Studio" by Gaming Careers if you're curious. I followed the instructions and everything looked great in OBS. The mixer bars...
  12. D

    How to Hear/Pickup Discord audio?

    Good Afternoon, The primary issue I seem to be running into is making sure that those in my discord chat are able to be heard when I'm recording/streaming. If OBS is closed, I can hear discord just like normal with my headset and use my headset mic. it's an arctis pro wireless, if that matters...
  13. F

    Only mic audio gets recorded

    No other sources in obs are recorded other than my mic. I can see the Desktop Audio green bar go up and nothing is muted. I run obs as admin, checked settings a bunch and nothing seems to fix it. I was using multiple audio tracks before it broke and they worked. I've tried changing the audio...
  14. L

    Multiple Audio Problem

    Hello! I went through all the steps to enable multiple audio tracks (I want to record screen sharing audio and microphone audio separately). My two sources show up just fine and both show activity in Audio Mixer. As is recommended, I labeled them as separate Tracks (Microphone is Track 1 and...
  15. R

    Recorded video does not capture separate audio tracks.

    im trying to get a video file that has seperate audio tracks within so i can edit them, but when i look at the video only one track can be heard. heres the video and some screenshots:
  16. 700hours

    Free Yet Another Audio Duplicator 1.1 patch

    Yet Another Audio Duplicator When using a capture device and working with HDMI audio routing, typically the capture device needs the audio to flow through the HDMI connection. If the idea is to hear the audio from the source device and capture it, an alternative from listening to the device on...
  17. ZDMD

    No OBS Audio when using headphones on my iPad

    This sounds very confusing when I explain it. I will try my best I stream using a MacBook Pro which takes my input through my iPad Pro. Without headphones, the audio from my iPad to OBS is completely fine, as soon as I connect my AirPods to my iPad, I can hear the audio but it no longer works...
  18. R

    Audio change when launching OBS

    When I launch OBS my audio instantly goes tinny. I've added "Noise Suppression" and "Noise Gate" to all of the audio devises as well as disabled monitoring.... halp please...
  19. S

    When using OBS cause static over audio.

    Hello Everyone, I am having a problem where every time I use OBS, it degrades my audio. I get static over my audio coming through my headphones, and it is only my headphones. Stream Audio is fine, and microphone is fine. It only happens when I have an Audio Interface plug in, it does it on my...
  20. T

    still need help with audio

    I don't know which things to change? I want to have audio on my desktop audio and my mic audio? I don't have speakers built in so i have usb speakers and a usb mic, what do i change so that obs picks up both and doesnt erase one over the other?