1. Krusty4President

    Having the Tracks routing table as a dockable object?

    Hi. Often I need to change tre routing of audio tracks depending on how many audio sources I need to record. Is there a faster way than going to Advanced audio properties every time? Can I get it as a dock you think?
  2. A

    OBS Lua Automatic Mute 1.0.0

    OBS script for muting/unmuting audio sources when specific scenes are transitioned to/from. Up to 20 scenes can be selected and one audio source. This is exceptionally useful if you want to mute/unmute a microphone when transitioning to/from a video Usage Download this script to a safe...
  3. S

    Selective Audio Crackling?

    Recently I have been preparing my OBS Studio to start streaming again and in all of my test streams I have had this same, strange issue. All of my mic and source audio is coming through perfectly clean, no issues, except for my computer audio. This also only happens in the recording itself, on...
  4. teisen

    Recommendation for audio capture from mix board (church)

    Hello, so far i have been using the line in on the motherboard to input the sound from the analog sound mixer at our church for the livestream. It seems to be ok for spoken words but as soon as there is music it's getting all gargled up. I assume a proper audio capture device would help, but it...
  5. P

    Microphone Audio Stopped Working in OBS after Months of Working!

    To start I will explain my current Setup: I have a Tascam 4x4 audio interface with a Wireless Microphone system plugged into it. Previously I have had to keep Pro Tools open with a Track Record Enabled for the Input of this Microphone to be sent to the Mixing Driver 1 of my Tascam 4x4. The...
  6. L

    OBS Audio Distortion

    When recording desktop audio in OBS the audio becomes louder and screechy. When using Windows Xbox Game Bar the audio seems to be almost perfect in comparison. Solutions I've Tried Checking For AAC Encoder Disabling Windows Audio Ducking Using Filter Tried Changing Audio>General>Sample Rate...
  7. M

    Distorted Audio from Black Magic Web Presenter HD

    I have been using the older version of the Web Presenter which takes a SDI video/audio input and converts it to a USB webcam feed that I have as a video and audio source in OBS. This works great but I recently updated to the Web Presenter HD to try and gain 1080 streaming. No matter what I do...
  8. M

    OBS can’t stream/record any audio from Quicktime Movie recording

    Hi guys, I used Quicktime (movie recording mode without recording) for mirroring my mobile game for streaming, I can hear it normally from quicktime app but OBS seem not detecting any audio (shown just a picture). The audio drop-down list has just these 3 items “default, external microphone...
  9. B

    No sound

    Hi I have problems, the sound of the game and my desktop is not captured in the recordings as in the streams. However the devices are associated with the right output. What can I do?
  10. X

    Use filters on a recorded file?

    Hi, I love the noise supression algorithms for audio, the problem is I might record something in my video editor and I don't have those noise cancelation algorithms there, so right now the workaround is playing the audio and record the sound from windows while there could be a faster way...
  11. O

    Нет звука в наушниках (No sound in headphones)

    Добрый день, при запуске программы в bluetooth-наушниках пропадает звук, но в микшере показывает, что звук идёт. Пыталась через настройки всё уладить: включала "по умолчанию" и выбирала конкретно эти наушники (sony wh-ch500). Результат один - звука так и нет. Один раз эта проблема разрешилась с...
  12. T

    Game Chat Audio Not Coming Up

    I play on Xbox Series X and I have had the Elgato 60HD S+ for about a year now and I have yet to figure out why it’s not capturing game chat audio. Let me clarify it’s NOT the Xbox Party Chat audio, that picks up just fine; it’s the actual in game chat that doesn’t want to pick up. Like if I’m...
  13. scaled

    Image Reaction 1.2

    Image that reacts to sound source. It change picture from one to another based on volume. Installation: For Windows, Move the contents of plugin into your obs installation directory. It usually installed into "C:\Program Files\obs-studio". For GNU/Linux, put "libimage-reaction" folder into...
  14. S

    M1: Crackling audio w/ NDI source?

    I have natively compiled obs-studio and obs-ndi for my M1 Mini, and it works, but I'm getting a lot of crackling with any NDI source. The overall volume also seems very attenuated. OBS 27.0.1-169-g94009535c-modified (mac) obs-ndi version 4.9.1 My previous streaming box rendered from this same...
  15. B

    Distorted audio issue (intermittent)

    I run the live stream at my church and most of the time the audio sounds great (it comes into the streaming PC via USB from the built in sound card of a Midas X32 sound board). Unfortunately there are times when the audio distorts and sounds like a robot filter is applied. The audio isn't...
  16. B

    Intermittent audio glitches (sounds great the rest of the time)

    I run the live stream at my church and most of the time the audio sounds great (it comes into the streaming PC via USB from the built in sound card of a Midas X32 sound board). Unfortunately there are times when the audio distorts and sounds like a robot filter is applied. The audio isn't...
  17. C

    To many audio tracks

    Hello. I just want to record my display with mic and desktop sound and when I put the video in premier it looks like this but I want it to show only 2 layers: desktop and mic
  18. Liegreys

    OBS Audio Tracks With FFMPEG Wrong Times

    So I recorded some CS:GO with the boys, was gonna edit it into a vid for yt. Turns out obs or ffmpeg didn't want that to happen. I use 3 audio tracks, desktop 1 (1st audio track, game audio), desktop 2 (3rd audio track, discord) and my microphone (2nd audio track). I split the tracks using an...
  19. L

    Audio No Sound - Voicemeeter to OBS

    Hi everyone, I hope I got the correct forum to ask for help and PLEASE do not ask me to go discord. I was told to go there beginning for the year, even those I didn't want to and ended up doing it anyway. when I got there - no one in the chat. So I gave help asking, but now I am at it again...
  20. bozbez

    win-capture-audio v2.2.3-beta

    An OBS plugin similar to OBS's win-capture/game-capture that allows for audio capture from a specific application, rather than the system's audio as a whole. This eliminates the need for third-party software or hardware audio mixing tools that introduce complexity, and in the case of software...