1. RMF_AndyPlayz

    Question / Help Audio Problems

    Hello people, I'm trying to record a piece of music I composed just using OBS. The first time I recorded and looked at the final product, the audio is HORRIBLE. So I looked up some tutorials and followed them to increase my audio bitrate. But its STILL HORRIBLE even though I changed it to like...
  2. M

    Question / Help Independently activate or deactivate the sound of a video

    First of all, sorry for my bad English. My problem is maybe ridiculous but I don't find the solution :( I have the same video in two scene and I want to mute it just in one the scene. When I deactivate the volume of the source it happen the same in the second scene. You'll tell me that's normal...
  3. O

    Question / Help YouTube music audio is too loud to viewers

    Hello, I've been streaming for roughly 5 years and have usually been able to troubleshoot my own issues with a simple Google search or some tinkering of my own. This current issue has left me stumped. I recently set up a NDI plugin with two PCs and aside from some microphone and camera audio...
  4. K

    Question / Help OBS makes computer quiet without lowering mixer volumes

    When OBS runs on my computer, all system sounds become much quieter. Other sounds (e.g. apps, games) stay the same. I have found forum threads where this was due to OBS lowering system / mixer volumes - however, in my case, the mixer value for system sounds stays the same, but they actually...
  5. X

    Question / Help Audio Monitoring issue

    Hi, I've attached logs from 2 streams I just did (two because my pc crashed) so I've attached logs from both. I can't get my audio monitoring to work. Eg. I have an mp3 song playing at one point via obs and I have it set to "monitor and output" so both viewers and I can hear what's playing on...
  6. HowlRound Theatre Commons

    Question / Help Using an audio source to appear across all scenes, seamlessly

    Hoping you all could give me advise for a seemingly simple workflow that I haven't been able to test out yet: I will be using the following software and hardware: macOS Catalina version 10.15.2 on a MacBookPro 13" (2019) OBS Studio version 24.0.6 Elgato CamLink 4K (that will be capturing the...
  7. T

    Question / Help Audio Randomly Cuts Out

    Hi all, Sometimes when I stream, audio cuts out from my head set for a few seconds, then returns extremely delayed (by like 2 or 3 seconds). I looked through the log file attached and I noticed 2 lines that say the headset gets "invalidated" and then reconnects. The headset is running the most...
  8. W

    Question / Help Audio Help: Trying to split aux jack to separate headphone and mic source

    My headset mic quality isn't the best, but I have a lapel mic that sounds good, so I was trying to use that but I still need headphones. Both of these use the 1 aux port I have on my laptop. I've tried before but OBS doesn't seem to register it as both a mic and headphones, even when I select...
  9. Aar

    Question / Help Audio Latency on OBS Studio with Elgato HD60 S?

    Hey, I recently got myself a Carby to use with my GameCube. It's been a fantastic device, but it seems like my HD60 S doesn't want to play nice with it. In OBS Studio, I have to use the DirectShow video capture because the regular Game Capture HD source crashes the program. After five or so...
  10. B

    Question / Help Problema con el audio.

    Hola, llevo ocupando Obs hace como 2 meses. Pero no pudo grabar de buena manera. Mi problema es el siguiente al grabar sea gameplay o escritorio todo se graba a excelente calidad y estabilidad pero el audio se graba de mala manera con demasiado retraso y entrecortado. No se si alguien más le...
  11. P

    Question / Help When streaming, no audio thorugh twitch but people in game can hear me.

    Not sure why this is happening, if it helps I use two tracks when recording. But the output for streaming is set to one track. And the mic/aux is popping up like it is responging. Just strange. Any advice? The mic is the default on the computer and in obs. Also it records fine with it...
  12. R

    Bug Report OBS Youtube Livestream Audio Delay due to Superchats and Membership

    Hi there, I really have a weird one here. Whenever I start a Youtube Livestream using OBS it works with the audio 100% in sync, however, whenever a Superchat or new Membership comes through on the livestream, that creates a countdown bar at the top of the Youtube comments then the audio goes...
  13. aLx257

    Question / Help Gamesound audio issues

    Hello, So here's an example clip where you can hear a slight reverb. Like it's a little bit muffled. The game sound just doesn't sound right. All my friends say it's not that bad, some even say that they don't hear it at all, but personally it really upsets me. On my headset the game sound is...
  14. akriegman

    How to stream music so that each listener is in sync?

    My objective is to have a bunch of people listening to the same music stream on their phone using headphones so that everyone is in sync. This way we could have a silent dance party. One way to achieve this would be for the stream to have no latency, but that is hard. Another way would be for...
  15. V

    Question / Help Audio Skips/Drops for a Frame

    Hi, you may have seen me posting regarding audio skips that I have been experiencing. Originally, it was my capture card (which I ended up fixing), but now rewatching my test rebroadcasts I am encountering minimal skips that I cannot seem to eliminate. The weird part is, I am monitoring...
  16. V

    Question / Help Audio Popping No Matter What I Do

    Alright guys, I've hit the breaking point with OBS and I simply do not know what is causing this or how to fix it. I've been experiencing audio popping while monitoring my Elgato Capture Card through OBS for playing Nintendo Switch games and it just won't go away no matter what I do. It does...
  17. L

    Bug Report Audio not recorded

    I recorded a video with OBS, but when I open the file with VLC (or similar software) it appears to be no audio. I can't explain what happened. The audio source was connected to the computer. I saw the level bars moving. I heard the audio monitoring. And the source was set on track 1, the same...
  18. athenaorerica

    Bug Report AVerMedia LGP Lite Stream Engine causes crackling audio in 64-bit OBS.

    AVerMedia claims no issue on their end, and I'm inclined to believe them since there is no issue whatsoever when using the same source on Xsplit, RECentral, VLC, or any other DirectShow-compatible application I could find. This can all be worked around by using WaveOut or DirectSound...
  19. E

    Question / Help 16 audio channels stream

    Hi! I want to stream up to 16 channels by OBS to my own platform. Is there some way to do it? I´ve tried some plugins but it doestn´t work. Thank you!
  20. Y

    Question / Help There's no "Desktop Audio" in my Audio Mixer.

    The only option in my Audio Mixer is Mic/Aux, and there seems to be no way to record audio coming from my desktop and not outside of it. Log file: