Crackling/Popping sound every hours ( since I installed Wave Link )


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I have had a sound problem since December 2023:
When I stream, my audio crackles every hour on my stream, then stops after a few minutes. I don't hear it personally but you can hear it on my stream

I was capturing audio with win-capture-audio, which is a plugin to capture each source separately, and I now use OBS's built-in application audio capture, but that doesn't change anything.
What I am sure of is that this problem happened when I changed my microphone to an Elgato Wave 3 and installed the Wave Link software.

I tried to use the microphone without software, but it was buggy (microphone not detected on discord or obs)

I also tried to increase the audio buffer in wave link, I deactivated all the virtual audio tracks created by this software, but nothing helped

I also have a new filter that serves as a De-Esser on OBS, but I don't think that's where it comes from.

Has anyone ever had a similar problem?

Thanks in advance


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I didn't found a solution for this problem, but i've finally leave OBS separate audio channels to set it with elgato wave link application.
It's easier and i don't have sound problem since i use wave link


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THIS IS THE EXACT PROBLEM IM HAVING. I can’t find a fix yet and it’s so irritating
Hi, having the same problem I think I found the solution, at least it works for me. What I did was to do all my windows update in the first place and then I turned this thing off for my primary speaker.

Let me know if this works for you !