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    Crackling/Popping sound every hours ( since I installed Wave Link )

    Hello, I have had a sound problem since December 2023: When I stream, my audio crackles every hour on my stream, then stops after a few minutes. I don't hear it personally but you can hear it on my stream I was capturing audio with win-capture-audio, which is a plugin to capture each source...
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    OBS and Wave link software compatibility issues

    I have been having a rather unique issue with wave link software and OBS software. I had everything set up, all audio inputs in the wave link software connected to a different app. Music, browser, game and voice all were connected and working fine in OBS. I did a stream and all audio was...
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    Audio recorded/streamed with OBS heavily distorted

    Hi, I have an issue with audio when using OBS. My setup is really simple, just using WaveLink software and a Elgato Wave:3 for my audio processing/mixing and then sending it straight into OBS. When I go live or record a clip the audio coming from my voice is fine, but every other source is...
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    OBS Sound verzerrt

    Hallo zusammen. Ich habe seit einiger folgendes Problem: Sobald OBS aufnimmt, ist alles Soundtechnisch verzerrt. Voicechats sind so schlimm, dass man den Gesprächspartner gar nicht hört. Im Spiel (bsp. F1 2022) ist der Sound so schlecht, dass man nur kratzende Motorengeräusche wahrnimmt, die...