Audio recorded/streamed with OBS heavily distorted


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Hi, I have an issue with audio when using OBS. My setup is really simple, just using WaveLink software and a Elgato Wave:3 for my audio processing/mixing and then sending it straight into OBS.
When I go live or record a clip the audio coming from my voice is fine, but every other source is really distorted, kinda like if the source was underwater, with lows boosted and the volume rising and lowering on his own.
This only occurs with OBS. If I record or stream with Twitch Studio or other there is no issues.
Also, in the headphones and monitoring everything is fine as well, only in streamed or recorded audio there’s the problem.
I tried everything I could come up with, raising the bitrate of the audio, removing the 170 ms delay I have to match up with the camera, reinstalling OBS, updating to the newest release, ecc.
I really can’t find a solution.
I’m attaching the Log File and here’s a video example of the problem so you can hear.
Thanks to whoever will help!
Video Example of problematic audio


  • Log Obs.txt
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Hi there, did you ever find a solution to this? I'm having the exact same problem. Wave Link Stream in OBS is heavily distorted. The Stream within Wave Link itself is fine. Other applications it's fine. But OBS just butchers it for no reason. Frustrating trying to work this out