1. C

    MIC Audio Crackling ONLY in OBS

    Hello, I've been trying to fix this issue for weeks now, whenever I use my mic in OBS there is this crackling noise all the time. Only when using OBS to record or stream does this occur. I've done separate recordings on Audacity and talking through Discord everything is clean. I've messed with...
  2. ReperCode17

    Bug Report New OBS 25.0.4 has noisy, crackling audio on Windows 10? Oh yeah it's still crashing, when I delete any of the audio filters :(

    So I updated my OBS to the latest one today... I am sad to say all my previous audio setup is trashed! My stream was very noisy, lots of pops and crackles. I didn't not change anything from the previous setup. I am using an audio interface and I tried every possible combination of sample rate...
  3. BillyBob125

    Question / Help OBS Popping/Crackeling during recording

    Can I please get some help? Before I start I wanna say YES, I am on the latest version of OBS. So I'm using an EasyCAP (a cheap capture card) to record some footage, it records the visuals fine for the most part but for some reason it makes crackling noises when it's recording, especially when...