Live audio crackling occasionally


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Hey ! I'm having some issues with OBS and it's been going on for a while now. I know a few people that have the same issue but there is no response on the internet for this matter :
So the whole audio of the live is, sometimes, crackling (!! NOT Including my microphone!!). So deezer music, game audio etc. It usually lasts like 30 seconds of everything cracking and then back to normal for a few hours. I started timing it and it usually appears on average every 3 hours or so. Only the viewers hear it, on the live session + on the clips and recorded videos, in my headphone everything is fine. I haven't been able to see if my CPU or GPU was having a hard time during these crackling but it also happens when i'm just chatting, so it would be weird.

what I already did/changed :
-I did change my GPU (from AMD 6700xt to an NVIDIA 4070 ti) recently (not for this matter) and there is no difference. (so now I'm encoding with nvec)
-I'm lauching OBS as administrator
- I looked into the parameters and put what I found online (the screenshots are attached, it's in french sorry but the parameters are the same)

Do you have any idea of what could be the problem and how I could change that ? It's really annoying, twice a live a need to mute everything in a hurry for 10 seconds in order to keep the viewers ears healthy (and most of the time, they tell me it's crackling a bit late so they have to endure 20 seconds of awful sound)

Thank you !


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I downloaded the log file from last night's live. This problem happenened at 12h17 but it doesn't show in the logs I think. (sorry for the overcrowded log, it seems that I have a problem with a streamlabs source)
What do you mean by audio source ? I wanted to attach an audio file when the audio is crackling but the file is too heavy.


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Tomasz Góral

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11:48:45.025: samples per sec: 48000

11:48:49.745: sample rate: 44100

How is possible ?
Main settings 48kHz, something device 44.1kHz.


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Thank you for your answers. I did have the same issue today so I can provide a clip where we can hear the crackling. We can see that it's in fact crakling on the game audio and not my microphone + that I cannot hear it
Thomasz Goral, I don't know what these frequencies are regarding, can you enlighten me ?
FYI, I did try to change the type of audio capture with "audio capture" and "audio capture from an app" it doesn't change anything. Suslik, the link you sent seems to be regarding specifically audio from Discord with the "audio from app", so unfortunatly it doesn't seem to be the same issue:/


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Oh I just looked it up and "11:48:45.025: samples per sec: 48000" correspond to the audio capture from app and "11:48:49.745: sample rate: 44100" from my camlink 4k -> it's my camera but I only keep the image and do not us its audio.

Suslik V

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Only the viewers hear it, on the live session + on the clips and recorded videos, in my headphone everything is fine...
Potential sources of "crackling":
11:48:50.376:         - source: 'Deezer SON' (wasapi_process_output_capture)
11:48:50.376:         - source: 'Stream_Deck' (wasapi_process_output_capture)
11:48:50.376:         - source: 'Voicemod' (wasapi_process_output_capture)
11:48:50.377:     - source: 'Son Discord' (wasapi_process_output_capture)
11:48:50.378:         - source: 'disc' (wasapi_process_output_capture)
11:48:50.378:         - source: 'jeu' (wasapi_process_output_capture)
11:48:50.378:         - source: 'disc' (wasapi_process_output_capture)
11:48:50.380:     - source: 'Capture audio d'application' (wasapi_process_output_capture)
You may try to route all these sources (wasapi_process_output_capture) to dedicated sound track of OBS (do not mix them with other plain sources of audio) - this will be more robust test for have you "same issue or not".


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What do you mean by routing these sources ? You mean place them on different tracks (the tracks that go from 1 to 6)?