1. A

    Live audio crackling occasionally

    Hey ! I'm having some issues with OBS and it's been going on for a while now. I know a few people that have the same issue but there is no response on the internet for this matter : So the whole audio of the live is, sometimes, crackling (!! NOT Including my microphone!!). So deezer music, game...
  2. G

    Mic and Youtube window crackle when recording

    Hello. I'm getting crackling from all of my audio. My setup is: Interface (audiobox96 from presonus) Headphones out the back Rode NT1a mic Osmo Action 3 camera (in webcam mode) The problem I'm getting is when I turn on the camera, all of the audio coming from my mic and from my YouTube window...
  3. C

    Dumb audio question. Help appreciated :)

    Hey guys! Quick and to the point: -- link to a shortened unlisted video with the issue. -- The log file is attached below. I can do the basics with audio.... any issue that pops up, I won't have a resolution for. So, apologies for a potentially dumb question...
  4. G

    Mic crackling only when recording a game

    Hey! I've a problem with my mic (USB Auna) when I recording a game. At higher voice levels it's crackling and ruining the whole voice recording. First I thought it might could be a bug from the "source record"-plugin but when I tried to instances of OBS to record game and cam separately the...
  5. S

    Selective Audio Crackling?

    Recently I have been preparing my OBS Studio to start streaming again and in all of my test streams I have had this same, strange issue. All of my mic and source audio is coming through perfectly clean, no issues, except for my computer audio. This also only happens in the recording itself, on...
  6. K

    PLEASE HELP! OBS Recording Issue

    I use OBS to stream our church services and Record the files. The Stream audio and video are perfect, but the audio on our recording is distorted and crackly. We use a program called Boxcast to broadcast our services using HDMI. To record, we save to our hard drive in MP4 format. I have...
  7. C

    Clicking noise while streaming or recording

    I've been reading posts on this forum but I haven't found anything similar to my issue. Basicaly there's annoying clicking noise when I'm streaming or recording, and it exists only in OBS. Here's a clip as an example It only started...
  8. D

    Detroit: Become Human voice Crackling

    Hello! I know someone who wants to record a Detroit: Become Human Video. But his Voice is crackling when he tabbs into the Game. When he play any other games he dont have the issue. Its just at this Game. His Microphone is connected on a USB-2.0 Slot. The newest OBS Version is installed
  9. O

    Question / Help Random terrible crackly sound when streaming

    Hello, my boyfriend streams on Twitch, he has quite a good equipment that he keeps upgrading, but unfortunately there is a huge problem that he has been having for two years and has been unable to fix, despite all efforts. Completely at random, while streaming or recording with OBS, comes an...
  10. V

    Question / Help Audio Popping No Matter What I Do

    Alright guys, I've hit the breaking point with OBS and I simply do not know what is causing this or how to fix it. I've been experiencing audio popping while monitoring my Elgato Capture Card through OBS for playing Nintendo Switch games and it just won't go away no matter what I do. It does...
  11. athenaorerica

    Bug Report AVerMedia LGP Lite Stream Engine causes crackling audio in 64-bit OBS.

    AVerMedia claims no issue on their end, and I'm inclined to believe them since there is no issue whatsoever when using the same source on Xsplit, RECentral, VLC, or any other DirectShow-compatible application I could find. This can all be worked around by using WaveOut or DirectSound...
  12. Sparktite

    Question / Help Hey guys having a weird audio issue, any ideas why? (FIXED)

    EDIT: Go check my last post on this thread for my solution if ur having the same issues. TLDR: When im running obs i get a lot of audio issues where popping, crackling, and audio leaks start happening, why would OBS be doing this? Hey guys so ive been trying to figure out this audio issue for a...
  13. S

    Question / Help OBS/V'meeter Banana/Spotify/Youtube - audio crackles NOT fixed by lower w/cam res. HELP!!!!

    Hello, you lovely lot! I'm so close to being able to stream properly but, of course, I have a last minute audio hitch - it crackles. And it drives me crazy. OK, let me provide some context... I'm using OBS alongside Voicemeeter Banana so I can have all my audio channels separated. I also am...