Clicking noise while streaming or recording


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I've been reading posts on this forum but I haven't found anything similar to my issue.
Basicaly there's annoying clicking noise when I'm streaming or recording, and it exists only in OBS. Here's a clip as an example
It only started happening today. I've been streaming with my current rig for over 2 years and it's been fine. I upgraded to Focusrite 4i4 from Solo and got a mixer couple months back, but still worked great. Today - nope, suddenly noise.

Now some details: Noise happens only when talking to mic or playing drums. On my desktop mic, same thing. Doesn't happen with desktop audio tho.
That doesn't happen outside of OBS. Nothing on Discord, nothing when recording in Reaper. I checked cables, they're fine. Mics are fine too.
And yes, I tried pluging out and in my interface. I did change cables. I did reinstal OBS. Nothing helped.
Not sure if useful, but here's log from short recording with issue present