1. M

    noise supresion not working no matter what i do.

    Ive been trying to get noise supresion to work for 2 weeks now. At first i tried useing the normal filters but that was not enough, now i got a new amd gpu started useing its noise supresion and nothing, ive instaled reaper plugins and tried to substract the noise from the backround but it pick...
  2. I

    Audio has terrible static

    I could not find any info on this issue, if there is I apologize! For a little while now I have started having issues with my OBS audio. Specifically, from time to time my audio gets awful static. It's only the audio sources from "Application Capture" function, so not my Microphone input or...
  3. D

    Issue: crackling noise after in output file

    Hi, I'm trying to do some recording with my Sony Alpha 6400. My target is to record my guitar playing passing from my Neural Quad Cortex (48Khz) as input guitar, to my UAD Apollo 8 audio interface and then passo to OBS. I've watched arount YouTube and did the best settings for 4K videos. Till...
  4. D

    Chroma/Luma noise reduction filter

    As the title says, this kind of plugin on the video filters would be helpful and needed. I do see often that some cheaper/older webcams are prone for introducing a lot of chroma noise that is impossible to get rid of. There is plugins like these for video editors, so I bet that there is...
  5. M

    Electronic echo/distortion only audible on YouTube

    During a livestream of our church service last Sunday, at various points, the audio in the YouTube stream became massively distorted. It started quietly and quickly built up to overwhelming. But, I didn't hear this at all in the monitor output. I've linked to a clip exhibiting the problem, it...
  6. S

    Pc noise not going away

    Hye! I have tried to adjust the filters of Audio Input capture. But the pc noise is not going away. Here is the video : Recorded video from Obs studio I have to explain lectures to students and I want to deliver a crystal clear voice to them. Please help! Regards!
  7. anshuman111291

    Weird Robotic noise in reording, only when I am speaking

    Hello People I am using a wired collar mic for recording my voice, while recording he screen. Nothing else is connected to the laptop, except my headphones (via bluetooth). When I am not speaking, all is fine, but when I speak, there's a weird robotic noise attached to my voice. I am...
  8. M

    high frequency noise when recording only

    hi guys, registered just for this cuz i cant bear it anymore in recordings (and only in recordings, its fine with streams) i will always get weird high frequency beeps on the right side of my headphones. ive asked multiple people if they can hear it too but apparently they cant. but i can, and...
  9. P

    Webcam causing popping/static noise in my headset

    Hello, I tried a lot of fixes found in previous posts but none worked for me so I'm making a thread myself. I recently got a webcam and added it to my scenes (that had no static noise issue before that) and ever since I hear a very annoying popping/static noise in my headset. The noise only...
  10. R

    someone can help ? audio Noise and Looping

    i got audio looping and high frequency noise only, it happen when i streaming only but when i recording sound is normal no noise and looping sorry my english bad
  11. W

    Live view has significant distortion when compared to the preview panel on the source properties

    I would appreciate guidance in the use of OBS Studio from users that have worked with it. I am using an AV to USB 2.0 Video Capture Device Source to transfer Video 8 to digital video. Planned workflow is to capture entire cassette in a single file using OBS at the best possible quality. After...
  12. C

    Clicking noise while streaming or recording

    I've been reading posts on this forum but I haven't found anything similar to my issue. Basicaly there's annoying clicking noise when I'm streaming or recording, and it exists only in OBS. Here's a clip as an example It only started...
  13. S

    How to boost mic without noise??

    Hello. My external Sandberg semi-pro mic is too silent.. I literarly have to almost eat it to make my voice disctinct. My Windows 10 options of this mic are 100% volume, 48khz / 24 bit - then I put it to 192 Khz/ 24 bit. It seems to work fine in other aplications such as Skype. But when I talk...
  14. A

    reducing noise

    can anyone tell me that how to reduce surrounding noise by wearing earphones.... I am already using earphones but still some audio is being recorded so any idea how to reduce it more? tell me settings and functions for it.. thanks you in advance.
  15. T

    Audio noise even when using camcorder mic input with no mic

    Hello, I wonder if any other obs'ers observed this. My streaming setup is: capture card (EZCAP U3), a Sony CX160 camcorder, and windows 10 or mac laptop running OBS. If I use the 3.5mm mic input on my camcorder as my audio source I notice noise on the audio channel, even if there is no audio...
  16. sparrow_2

    hiss sound when talking

    Hi, I have hiss sound when I talk. I have noise gate/suppression filters on, but still have a hiss sound only when I'm talking. What should I do? I''ve attached the file.
  17. Y

    Question / Help Noise when using XRGB color format

    Hi, I searched around for anything relating to this issue before posting this and I couldn't find anything. I'm getting a bunch of noise all throughout the footage when using XRGB in the properties of my video capture device in OBS. I will attach screenshots of all my settings as well as a video...
  18. hollowsaibot

    Bug Report Screen Capture with strange effect when many windows opened

    Hi, when I record the screen instead a specific window, this effect happens and it is recorded in the video (meanwhile you as user don't notice). I think it can happens when any window, FilesExplorer, browser, app running on Wine. It is annoying. but I don't know if it is reported or there is...
  19. M

    Question / Help Weird Background Noise When Recording

    So I have been noticing that when I start a recording, I can hear some weird background sounds. I used to have to issue before then it just disappeared and I just ignored it. Now it comes to haunt me again. I would really appreciate the help. ✌ Here is the sample of my recording, my log file...
  20. B

    Question / Help Noise one hour into session

    Hi there. About one hour or so into every session a terrible noise appears in the audio and makes the recording unusable. Exiting and relaunching OBS Studio makes the audio good again, until the noise reappears. I am getting my audio through a BMD DeckLink Mini Recorder 4K. I have used other...