How to boost mic without noise??

Hello. My external Sandberg semi-pro mic is too silent.. I literarly have to almost eat it to make my voice disctinct. My Windows 10 options of this mic are 100% volume, 48khz / 24 bit - then I put it to 192 Khz/ 24 bit. It seems to work fine in other aplications such as Skype. But when I talk in OBS, it is very silent. I tried to use gain filter, even with +7 db the sound is not very loud, but the quality goes down significantly. I don´t know what to do anymore. Any suggestions? (I use USB microphone Sandberg ) It should be far better than regular built-in mics in webcameras. Thank you for any tips!


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Try downloading Equalizer APO and its plug-in Peace. You can set the sensitivity and other characteristics of any microphone. I use this to boost the input from a USB mic and it works perfectly. It does it by changing registry values, so the settings are remembered whenever you use the microphone.