Live view has significant distortion when compared to the preview panel on the source properties


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I would appreciate guidance in the use of OBS Studio from users that have worked with it.

I am using an AV to USB 2.0 Video Capture Device Source to transfer Video 8 to digital video. Planned workflow is to capture entire cassette in a single file using OBS at the best possible quality. After that in post processing the file will be edited and split into multiple files in the format and compression appropriate.

The Capture Device Source properties are the defaults with the only unique setting being the device. I've verified that the image quality is truly different by resizing the windows so that he video display is the same size. I haven't been able to produce a view in the studio view that is as as good as the viewer window on the source properties page (opens after selecting properties on the source). The source preview window is fairly crisp and clean. On the studio main page view it is less crisp. So I am losing image quality before I start! Using either "same as stream" (or Indistinguishable Quality) setting for Output recording the files created are no better that what is displayed in the studio view.

I've changed the base and output canvas sizes, never producing an image in the studio that is a clean as the input source preview on the properties page. Changing those settings does determine the aspect ratio, size of the video relative to screen, whether the video is "cropped". etc. Currently 320x240 is producing the best results.

I haven't really started to do much with audio but I've got some popping and had one test video file have a loss of audio after a "static" event several seconds into the recording.

Thanks for your time reading this and would appreciate your help.'